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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Malaysian Opposition Diarrhea of the Mouth!

If we are to go the way Malaysiakini and Parti So 'sial'-lis Malaysia are crowing about ~ asking Malaysia to cut off all ties with the USA and to stop American Naval warships from berthing at Port Klang on their voyage to elsewhere, then it will be a classic case of the cucumber going against the proverbial durian!

These numbskulls keep frothing at their diarrhea stricken mouths demanding this and that but in actuality have done not a single thing for the country! 

What have these loudmouths contributed for Malaysia?

Please let us know!

These double faced traitors to the country would waste no time running to the American Embassy and seek help if their butts are about to be fried here in Malaysia for their frequent shit stirring and about to be hauled up by the Home Ministry or any other Malaysian law enforcement agencies!

Their often in the news leader makes so many frequent trips to America that he can now easily seek a green card and settle down over there permanently!

Yet these bozos are asking Malaysia to cut off ties with the US of A!

Who are the hypocrites, eh?

Try standing before the mirror before you accuse others of it!

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