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Friday, December 21, 2012

Ugandan Pastor Reverend Martin Ssempa smashes LGBT activist!!!

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I take my cap off to Ugandan Pastor Reverend Martin Ssempa for having the gonads to blast LGBT activist Pepe Onziema live on Ugandan TV for her supporting sodomites and lesbians in their chosen accursed lifestyles!

Uganda needs to celebrate and support Reverend Martin Ssempa for his no nonsense approach in calling a spade just that!

Listen to how he lays it down to Pepe Onziema who is lost for words and flustered upon being flummoxed by the pastor's onslaught! :P

The TV Host surely must be regretting for having invited the powerhouse young reverend who didn't kowtow to his dictates and attempts to rescue the lesbian in distress from being slam banged non stop by the pastor! 

Woo hoo! Its not always that one gets to see something as dramatic as this!

Good for you Reverend Martin Ssempa!

Sock it to the sodomites! 

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