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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Malaysian Politics of Perceptions.

Whether we realize it or not, the Malaysian political world today is determined by what we come to think of the personalities who are being prominently discussed about in our mass media?

Every form of media regardless of it being the traditional print and broadcast media and now the internet based new social media zeroes in on practically every aspect of our Malaysian politicians life and even if they screw up in the slightest manner just this second, it will be headlined in almost every news portal in the next few minutes!

Politics of perceptions! 

What the average Malaysian citizen thinks of just anyone who is in office or running for it will be the deciding factor when the 13th Malaysian General Elections takes place in the coming month or so?

Each and every opportunity in painting a picture of dependability is conjured up by the prevailing political parties and not a jot is spared by all those concerned in trying to make themselves desirable to the nation's registered voters who are itching to cast their votes and chart the next course for this country's 13th federal and state governments.

What the average Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy decides when casting their votes at the country's ballot boxes will determine who gets to warm the ruling coalition or opposition parliamentary seats and in all the other state assemblies?

This in turn will determine as to who gets to be the next Prime Minister or remain as it is now?

We have seen how there have been some of these politicians who waste no time in stirring up trouble disregarding the dire consequences of instigating a backlash against our fellow Malaysian citizens who differ from us by ethnic origin or faith!

Whether or not we agree with some of the issues they raise which have relevance to our own creed or color, we can't just blindly rush into rampaging against others for there will be serious repercussions of any actions done in haste!

Pain transcends every ethnicity or creed. We are all human beings. There is none who doesn't feel hurt seeing our loved ones suffer before our very eyes unless that someone who remains indifferent is really a screwed up sick son of a what the hell ever?

If I am to list down and expose to you who these troublemakers and shit stirrers are, then this article will go on forever because the list is endless. Its enough to say that most of us who do keep ourselves informed with all that's taking place here in Mamluk Al Malaisie know very well as to who these political opportunists are?

We just have to accept that these buggers are part and parcel of our country's political circus! The main point is that we must remain alert and not be taken in by their endless political promises. The following photo sums it all up nicely as to the real state of their promises?
Political Promises Reality
From my point of view, I'd very much like to see a change in our country's leadership still from the current coalition but some fresh new faces in the Prime Minister's Office and in the beleaguered Home Ministry!

Judging from the way, the incumbent ones are playing footsie with our nation's honor and integrity, we are all feeling a deep sense of disgust and disbelief seeing how the two cousin brothers are sort of bending over backwards in not being firm with the armed foreign intruders claiming to represent the lost empire seeking Sulu Sultanate's!

No other self respecting ruling leaders in the world would be kowtowing to these invasion of a 100 over armed intruders who have landed and occupied a village over there in Lahad Datu, Sabah, West Malaysia as what Najib and Hishamuddin are doing???

So, whether we like it or not, those of us who are just citizens of Malaysia have no choice but to observe what these chaps are going to be doing next?

There's talk in the social media that all these is but a charade by all the parties concerned but to those of us who do give a damn as to what goes on in our country, I am sure that we do not like seeing what's taking place there in Lahad Datu, Sabah!

From what I have read in the media, Najib and his cousin brother Hishamuddin  do not wish to see bloodshed as a result of this crisis, but in reality these fellas are setting a very dangerous precedent for further intrusions into our country's sovereignty by giving room for the many other claimants to Sabah from the various other persons declaring themselves to be the legitimate Sultan of Sulu!

Whether they realize it or not, their inaction and feeble mindedness in not being firm with these Sulu foreigners is going to cost them aplenty in the next GE!

Problem is that the prevailing culture amongst our Malaysian politicians is not daring to rock the boat or be willing to bite the bullet so to speak in both the BN and the Opposition coalitions!

Those who might have it in them to take charge often prefer to toe the line and humble themselves to the whims and fancies of those who are at the top of their political parties and in doing so, rob us of a better and more vibrant political leadership.

We are all forced to suffer in silence as the ones in power continue to fatten their butts at the people's expense and live shamelessly in a lifestyle that is full of pomp and self exulting pageantry that at times overshadows the equally wasteful ways of the royals who are at times merely nothing more than icons and symbols of a feudal era that deserves to be in the folds of history!

Malaysians are being subjected to the dictates of the perception forming kingmakers of today. These are the ones calling all the shots from behind many a think tank that feeds and fattens itself on grants and funds that is derived from the federal largesse under many different forms and budgets each with an official and legitimate sounding title.

Today, we are witnessing many such allocations and cash distributions which belie the fact that all such funds has to come from none other but what the tax paying public are being forced to pay for in the first place and from which a certain sum is then just redistributed to the gullible ones who will in one way or another feel indebted to the ruling ones and subtly be induced to return the favors at the ballot box.

Yet if we are to consider the ramifications of bringing into power those who have been proven to be mere sweet talking devils in disguise, then we would all be in deeper trouble in the next four to five years?

We all know that much of our nation's forests and highlands have been stripped of precious timber and their irreplaceable flora and fauna due to the voracious and frenzied greed by those who fattened their wallets and bank accounts at the country's expense.

The remaining little that our country still has stands in danger of disappearing if we are to vote in the next group of thieves and robbers masquerading as the next lineup of Malaysian leaders!

Wrongful perceptions that this fella is good and can be trusted and that chap is not can come and bite us back in the coming future. Try not to be bowled over by the ongoing gifts and cash distributions by those whose sole agenda is to either remain in power or to be voted in but do your own studies and research as to whether we can trust so and so or be in for a new era in misery and suffering because we screwed up at the voting station.

I for one did so when I voted for the one who ran for parliamentary office at my constituency in Bandar Tun Razak! The incumbent MCA guy Tan Chai Ho at that time was a no shower in my area hence I thought why not try this PKR guy Khalid Ibrahim for a change?

Bad choice.

But then, the MCA chaps to this day haven't learned from this episode and remain incognito to us Bandar Tun Razak residents. UMNO doesn't own this parliamentary seat and are thus reduced to being mere lackeys for the MCA towkays.

We are sort of caught between the PKR devil and unperforming MCA guys. Who the hell are we supposed to vote for?


On one side we have this fella who has not done much for us since we voted the bugger into office and on the other hand we have these MCA guys who are just missing in action!

The chap simply has not performed as we expected and hasn't turned up at our parliamentary to serve us all these years since 2008.

Whatever it is, I know deep in my heart that as long as our country's politicians continue to eat humble pie and dare not stand up for what is right, things will never really change and we will be stuck with all these lackluster politicians pretending to represent us when in actuality all they are concerned about is their own fat wallets and luxurious lifestyles of the filthy rich and rottenly infamous!
They continue to spew lots of untruths and lie through their rotten teeth without a fear of The Almighty and put up a grand show of being good and reliable. Be careful dear fellow Malaysians. Vote with care. 
Politics of Perceptions dear brothers and sisters. A mirage of epic proportions that will disappear into thin air as soon as the election results are announced.

That's what we are all in for.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Sulu Armed Intruders ~ Welcome to Malaysia 2013?

MILF troops filepic
Malaysia must surely be ruled by sissies! An armed foreign group intrudes into our country's State of Sabah and our armed forces and police are playing footsie with them! 


What the hell is going on? 

The PDRM will go bananas when some criminal gang with guns and stuff show up on our streets in KL or any other town here in Malaysia but our so called 'ball-less' leaders are 'entertaining' these 100+ heavily armed so called Sulu Sultanate soldiers who have set up base at the home of a local villager called 'Ahmad Bom' in Kampong Tanduao, Felda Sahabat 20, Lahad Datu, Sabah ???

Who gives a rats' ass about the Sulu Sultanate or what the hell ever? So many of these chaps are claiming all kinds of things lately!

Check out this claimant!

Here's another fellow claiming Sabah as part of his 'Sultanate of Sulu'!

Those are all sultanates of the past and there are many Sultan Sulu's cropping up now and then claiming this or that!

These are foreign armed intruders! Blast them to kingdom come for daring to trespass into our country!!!

They came in heavily armed with M16 military assault rifles and other weaponry which in normal cases worldwide would be met by lethal counter offensives but with this 'Ah Kua' government they are being guarded with the Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Police Force personnel!

I wouldn't be surprised if the Malaysian Tourism Ministry would be more than happy to entertain these Sulu armed intruders with the local Malaysian dance performances, fete them with our excellent Malaysian food and see to their needs without any hindrances!

Hell! With the current insinuation that foreigners in Sabah can get MyKad's as easy as ABC, chances are that the National Registration Department officers could also be camping out near the area with their Mobile Registration Office trucks to make those Sulu armed buggers our citizens as well since the Malaysian 13th General Elections is said to be anytime soon!

Entrepreneurs could also make a quick buck selling those Sulu armed intruders 'Welcome to Malaysia' tee shirts, eh?

In the meantime, you can bet that our two quivering cousins 'in power' at the Prime Minister's Office and that of the Home Ministry will be having a case of the shrunken gonads in trying to deal with this 'cry'sis!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Vishwaroopam ~ Kamalahaasan's Cinematic Demonization of Muslims

'Vishwaroopam' the highly controversial big budget Tamil film produced by the well known Indian actor and producer Kamal Haasan has set off an avalanche of criticisms and controversies for depicting Muslims as terrorists from the start to the end of the movie!

The State Government of Tamil Nadu had obtained a court order preventing the controversial movie from being screened in more than 540 cinemas throughout the mainly Tamil speaking state following the strong protests by Indian Muslim organizations there.

Kamal Haasan threatened to leave Tamil Nadu in protest against what he claims is a political sabotage by Chief Minister Jayalalitha! He even has the audacity to claim that he is a victim of 'Cultural Terrorism' staged by the various Muslim organizations of Tamil Nadu and that he stands to lose everything he has including his various properties which he has surrendered as collateral to raise the 100 crores of Indian Rupees to finance the making of his big budgeted movie!

This guy must think that just because he is a celebrated actor there in South India, he can get away with his character assassinations of the Muslim communities living there in India and neighboring Afghanistan! The preposterous act of shedding 'crocodile tears' by the said actor cum producer is just bloody pathetic!
Here is a self declared atheist who acts as a convert to Islam in the said movie, portrays his character to be a goody goody new convert to Islam from Hinduism, proceeds to portray other Muslim characters in his movie as deranged terrorists, grooming Muslim youths to turn into suicide bombers by detonating explosives killing themselves and others in the process!

How hypocritical of Kamal Haasan! He continues to lie in his many press statements that he has nothing but love and respect for his fellow Indian citizens who are Muslims but goes on and produces this highly instigative demonizing movie of them!

He is trying to make money out of such devilish portrayals and demands that the State Government of Tamil Nadu capitulate to his whims and desires. CM Jayalalitha has her points that it would be logistically impossible for the Tamil Nadu State Police to provide protection for all those cinemas with the current number of police officers and constables on active duty.

Kamal Haasan doesn't bother to take into consideration the disastrous impact and lasting negative perception that his 'Vishwaroopam' Muslim bashing movie is going to have on the Muslims living there in Tamil Nadu and all over the world!

As an atheist, he has no faith in God and thus doesn't give a rat's ass in making such a cruel depiction of others who happen to be Muslims!

He can try his level best to wriggle himself out of the piss hole that he now finds himself to be caught in but the reality that he has hurt the feelings of his fellow Tamil Nadu citizens from the Indian Muslim community will remain as a perpetual blight upon his career for the rest of his temporal earthly life here!

Another ridiculous attempt by Kamal Haasan to legitimize his royal screwup in coming out with this utter contempt for the Muslim population at large is his getting support from the Bollywood 'Khan's' to endorse his 'Vishwaroopam'!!!

Hello??? Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan are just actors! These chaps are not Islamic religious scholars, in a position to decide whether such a destructive depiction of Muslims in such a movie is allowable in Islam!

All these actors themselves have in many films committed the despicable accursed acts of 'Shirik' in their acting by portraying themselves as Kaffirs in the first place in many of such films. 

Shah Rukh Khan in actuality is married to a Hindu and has Hindu idols displayed prominently in his home! His children are left to their own devices and made to pray to the Hindu gods as well as turning the blessed Al Quran into another object of worship, placed alongside the Hindu deities!!!

Don't believe me???

Here. Take a look! Refresh your memories!!! I have also published an article here about his Shirik. He clearly committed Shirik when he associated Allahu Rabbul Alamin with the Hindu deities of Lakshmi and Ganesha!!! He desecrated the Al Quran by placing the Revelations of Allah alongside the Hindu idols!!!

Does Kamal Haasan think that by getting Shah Rukh Khan to throw in his support for the Muslim smearing 'Vishwaroopam' film, he is absolved of his vicious crime of character assassination of Muslims, even they be those Afghanistanis???

He is obviously delusional.

Yet in my heart, I have doubts in my heart as to the Madras High Court's resoluteness in upholding the court order preventing such a screening in a state or even obviously Hindu majority country?

India's current population is more than 1.24 billion persons as of 2012. Out of these billion over persons, the percentage of Muslims living there is only about 20% of the total Indian population. So we are talking about a seriously off balanced small community of Muslims caught in a sea of Hindus.

There is no way that the Muslims of India can block or stop the cinematic terrorization of the Islamic faith or character assassinations of their fellow Muslims in Indian Cinema. They are like our proverbial helpless cucumbers trying to stop the Hindu durians from running all over them.

They couldn't stop the rampaging Hindus from demolishing and obliterating the historical Babri Masjid in Ayodhya!

It is as what was prophesied by Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam that in these Akhirul Zaman, the ummah will be weak as the froth upon the ocean waves although they be large in numbers.

As far as India is concerned, the above prophesy has come true.

Over there in India, the majority of its people are easily swayed by depictions or characterizations portrayed in the Indian Cinema. There is a very thin line between fact and fiction. The average Indian is easily influenced by what he or she sees on television or screened in the hundreds of thousands if not millions of cinemas.

Most of the poor find escapism from the harsh realities of their daily life. The dream of many young Indians is to be a film star. Indian Cinema has a long history. It started a hundred over years ago. Even here in what was then British Malaya, the first local films were produced and directed by Indians from India.

People suffering from poverty and hardship sought escape by going to watch movies in the cinemas. Even many of us first watched black & white films starring the late P.Ramlee and others. 

Indians all over India cant go without watching movies and this is often shown via the many films depicting such a chosen vocation. Kamal Haasan might try to excuse his portrayal of the Afghanistan Muslims as being terrorists in real life but how could it be that a whole poor suffering country like Afghanistan be made out to be so?
What do you make out the above 'Muslim' character in 'Vishwaroopam' to be? A good or bad guy? Surely we will all choose to think of the latter!!!

Doesn't Kamal Haasan know that such a portrayal will eventually leave its mark on the impressionable minds of his film's Indian viewers that those 'Muslims' featured in his 'Vishwaroopam' are mere actors and not so in real life? 

That's the arguments being put forth by his Muslim detractors there in India. 

Yet as I type these words, I learn that the Madras High Court has lifted the ban on the movie and 'Vishwaroopam' will be released for screening without any delay from now on. Kamal Haasan can now smile all his way to the bank and make tonnes of money at the unsuspecting poor Indians expense!

Yes, despite what he bullshits about making an artistic statement with his Rs. 100 crore big budgeted movie released worldwide, he stands ready to be charged with instigating manslaughter of his fellow Indians soon enough IF THE INEVITABLE happens!!!

Remember the Bombay riots and Gujrat massacres?

'Vishwaroopam' will in one way or another ignite such tragedies once again. Kamal Haasan stands to have Muslims and Hindus blood on his artistic hands in the future if such a movie eventually comes to be taken to be real by his ever adoring fans all over India!

What will he have to say then???


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tabung Haji beri Dividen 6.5% + 1.5% Bonus Khas!

KUALA LUMPUR. Khamis 7hb Februari 2013.
Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) hari ini mengumumkan pemberian bonus jubli emas yang dibuat oleh YB. Mejar Jeneral Dato' Seri Haji Jamil Khir bin Haji Baharom, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2012.
Majlis pengumuman itu diadakan di Dewan Besar Menara Tabung Haji yang terletak di Lantai 1. 
Pengumuman bonus jubli emas yang dinamakan sempena sambutan 50 tahun penubuhan TH ini memperlihatkan peningkatan kadar bonus sebanyak 0.5 peratus berbanding pemberian bonus sebanyak 6.0 peratus yang dibayar pada 2011. Sempena perayaan sambutan 50 tahun ini juga, para pendeposit turut menikmati agihan bonus khas sebanyak 1.5 peratus.
Majlis ini turut dihadiri oleh Pengerusi TH, YBhg. Tan Sri Dato' Sri Abi Musa Asa'ari Mohamed Nor, Pengarah Urusan Kumpulan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif TH, Dato' Paduka Ismee Ismail, Ahli-ahli Lembaga Pengarah TH, Ahli-ahli Panel Pelaburan TH serta barisan pengurusan kanan TH
Saya adalah satu satunya Blogger yang hadir pada majlis pagi tadi. Yang lain lain merupakan media media perdana. Bila saya bertanya kepada pegawai pegawai Tabung Haji tentang blogger blogger lain, jawapan mereka sama iaitu sudah di jemput tetapi tidak menghadirkan diri. Mungkin masing masing ada kerja lain. 
Apa apa pun, saya berpendapat bahawa pengurusan Tabung Haji sudah membuktikan tentang kebolehan mereka didalam menjana keuntungan berlipat ganda bagi Tabung Haji melalui rangkaian pelbagai perniagaan mereka didalam industri yang berasaskan Syariah Islamiyyah.


Gambar menunjukkan sebahagian pegawai2 tertinggi Tabung Haji yang hadir di majlis pengumuman Dividen + Bonus Khas sebagai agihan kepada para pendeposit TH bagi tahun 2012. 

Kelihatan Datuk Syed Salleh, Pengurus Besar TH (2 dari kanan) yang sentiasa tersenyum ceria. Saya amat bertuah dapat berkawan dengan beliau, seorang berpangkat besar yang tidak sombong dan amat peramah. Semoga Allah memberkati diri beliau sentiasa! Amin!

Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin
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Pembimbing Haji saya Tuan Haji Mohd Nasir (1 Dari Kanan) adalah Pengurus Media Tabung Haji. Beliau sangat berjasa kepada saya selama saya di Tanah Suci dan saya terhutang budi dunia dan akhirat kepada beliau. Semoga Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala akan membalas segala jasa2 Tuan Haji Mohd Nasir kepada kami pasukan media TH 1432Hijrah! Amin Ya Rabb!

Mudah2an Tabung Haji terus berjaya dan memartabatkan sistem pengurusan Haji Negara kita Malaysia sebagai yang terbaik di seluruh dunia!
Berkesempatan ketemui kembali rakan media Tabung Haji yang bersama sama mengerjakan Haji musim 1432Hijrah.
Rakan rakan media yang sempat saya ketemui di majlis pagi tadi.
Bangunan Menara Tabung Haji di Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

'Fatwa politik bohongi pengikut!' Dato Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi bersuara!

Parti-parti politik semakin rancak menjalankan operasi untuk mempengaruhi pengundi dengan pelbagai pendekatan. 

Asas utama untuk mendapat sokongan undi datangnya daripada penyokong tegar parti masing-masing sebagai simpanan tetap.

Penyokong tegar terdiri daripada pengikut yang taksub. Mereka akan mematuhi dengan penuh komitmen sebarang arahan dan pendapat daripada para pemimpin, biarpun pandangan peribadi kerana pemimpin telah menanam ketaksuban kepada pengikut.

Pengikut taksub akan akur pada setiap pandangan pemimpin mereka secara membuta-tuli, walaupun pandangan itu jauh tersasar daripada fatwa ulamak muktabar berlandaskan hukum agama, sebaliknya cenderung kepada hanya sebagai fatwa politik.

Pengikut yang taksub seperti ini amat sukar untuk digoyah kerana keyakinan yang amat mendalam kepada pemimpin, apatah lagi jika pemimpin itu dianggap pemimpin spiritual.

Dalam teori kepimpinan dan teori kepengikutan, terdapat dua elemen penting yang menjadi asas kepada kedua-dua teori ini, iaitu pemimpin dan pengikut.

Dalam bahasa mudah, pemimpin merupakan individu dan kumpulan yang memimpin. Pengikut pula merupakan individu atau kumpulan yang menjadi pengikut. Tiada pemimpin yang tiada pengikut, sebaliknya pengikut tanpa pemimpin boleh wujud secara bersendirian tanpa pemimpin.

Tidak seorang pun akan mendapat gelaran pemimpin jika tidak terdapat pengikut. Pemimpin dipilih, dilantik atau mengangkat dirinya sendiri untuk menjadi pemimpin.

Pemimpin akan mendapat pengiktirafan pengikut, sama ada secara terhormat atau secara terpaksa. Malah terdapat dalam kalangan pemimpin yang memaksa secara halus bagi mewujudkan pengikut tegar dengan mentaksubkan mereka untuk menerima apa juga pegangan pemimpin, biarpun menyalahi perundangan negara.

Sesebuah organisasi, apatah lagi organisasi politik akan mempengaruhi ahli-ahli yang menjadi pengikut untuk meyakini perjuangan politik yang dibawa dengan matlamat untuk mencapai cita-cita politik organisasi atau individu.

Pemimpin organisasi politik akan menanamkan keyakinan kepada pengikut yang menjadi ahli organisasinya dengan mewujudkan ketaatsetiannya yang tidak berbelah bahagi. Ia dilakukan melalui interaksi interpersonal dengan menjalin keakraban, kursus perkaderan dan latihan simulasi.

Segala-galanya digarap bagi menanam ketaksuban dan pada waktu yang sama menanam kebencian kepada musuh politik dan membenihkan ketaatan kepada pemimpin sendiri.

Ketaksuban yang melampau diindoktrinasikan agar pengikut mudah untuk diyakinkan bahawa sebarang tindakan yang mereka lakukan merupakan suatu jihad dan mendapat balasan syurga, biarpun sebenarnya tidak lebih daripada gimik politik.

Kerap kali juga terdapat unsur pemaksaan secara halus agar ketaatan dan ketaksuban dalam kalangan pengikut supaya mereka mudah mengikut arahan.

Unsur paksaan termasuk isteri boleh tercerai jika pengikut lari untuk meninggalkan jemaah perjuangan, tambahan pula jika lari mengikuti parti lain.

Mengugut dengan bai'ah (perjanjian) jika tidak mematuhi kepimpinan menjadi kelaziman dengan menggunakan ayat al-Quran untuk menghalalkan tindakan mereka.

Sedangkan hukuman yang terdapat dalam ayat al-Quran hanya menyentuh dalam kalangan mereka yang meninggalkan medan peperangan ketika zaman Rasulullah dalam memerangi golongan kafirun.

Jika terdapat di antara pengikut, biarpun mereka itu pernah menganggotai barisan saf kepimpinan utama, dihukum dengan mengambil tindakan menggugurkan jawatan kerana hanya mengikuti pemimpin parti lain untuk mendekatkan diri dengan kumpulan ulama di Makkah al Mukarramah atau mengikuti rombongan ke Gaza, Palestin atas asas menterjemahkan keprihatinan keperimanusiaan.

Menggantung keahlian menjadi tindakan lazim yang selanjutnya. Ia bertujuan agar pengikut akan meninggalkan parti tanpa perlu dipecat. Tindakan ini akan dipandang bahawa parti tidak zalim, tetapi sebaliknya pengikut itu yang menzalimi diri sendiri.

Tindakan selanjutnya adalah dengan memecat keahlian atau keanggotaan parti. Hukuman ke atas pengikut dilaksanakan sebagai langkah memurnikan keputusan jawatankuasa disiplin yang kononnya bagi memberikan hukuman terakhir dengan tujuan untuk mengajar ahli-ahli lain supaya tidak berbeza pendapat dengan pemimpin.

Pemimpin yang berstatus "maksum" dan dipercayai oleh pengikutnya tidak pernah melakukan kesalahan (can do no wrong) akan disanjung, seolah-olah sama taraf dengan Nabi yang bersifat sempurna.

Pemimpin akan menggunakan ketaksuban yang tertanam dengan kukuh dalam kalangan pengikutnya untuk mengiyakan sebarang lontaran pendapat seolah-olah sebagai fatwa, biarpun ia hanya merupakan pendapat peribadi.

Atas sifat ketaksuban, pendapat peribadi sering dirujuk sebagai fatwa mutlak, biarpun ia hanya sekadar fatwa politik. Malang sekali pengikut yang taksub tidak layak untuk mempertikaikan fatwa politik yang dikeluarkan, biarpun terkeluar daripada akidah Islam sebenar.

Lazimnya, sama ada di bawah sedar atau disengajakan, pemimpin maksum akan memberikan pendapat peribadi berdasarkan tafsiran sendiri terhadap makna sesuatu perkataan atau ayat yang hanya berlandaskan logik akalnya, tanpa terdapat relevansinya dengan ilmu mantik.

Ketika pemimpin menghadapi pengamal media sama ada media konvensional atau media sosial, kerap kali akan menghamburkan pandangannya dengan penuh emosi dan nada menyindir.

Pemimpin berkenaan akan memetik ayat- ayat Al-Quran tertentu sebagai sandaran untuk menyokong pendapat peribadinya. Ini dilakukan agar pendapat peribadinya kelihatan lebih berkredibiliti.

Pemimpin yang dianggap maksum akan menjatuhkan hukum dengan hukuman munafik atau murtad, jika pendapatnya disanggah atau bertentangan dengan tafsirannya.

Melalui badan syura, pemimpin akan mempengaruhi pengikut lain, apatah lagi di kalangan yang taksub untuk turut menghukum individu yang menyanggah dan berbeza pendapat.

Pemimpin akan menggunakan pengaruh dan kuasa dengan sepenuhnya. Melalui kedudukannya dalam parti, pemimpin utama akan menggunakan platform kuasanya atau portfolio berpaksikan hujah untuk menjatuhkan hukuman.

Kerap kali kerana terasa tercabar kredibilitinya sebagai pemimpin maksum, pemimpin akan terus menggunakan kedudukannya melalui portfolio yang diketuainya untuk mengesahkan hukumannya dengan menggunakan rakan-rakan seportfolio dengannya supaya menyetujui tindakannya.

Jika pemimpin itu menyedari pendapatnya tidak diterima atau bercanggah dengan hukum Islam sebenar, pemimpin itu akan menyalahkan pihak lain terutamanya media perdana, jika pendapat dan fatwa politiknya bersalahan dengan kehendak akar umbi atau majlis syura.

Malang sekali, biarpun bersalah dalam fatwa politiknya, pemimpin-pemimpin berkenaan tidak menarik balik kenyataan, jauh sekali daripada meminta maaf jika fatwa politiknya terpaksa ditukar.

Pemimpin politik yang mengetuai organisasi politik yang bukan berasaskan agama akan dituduh munafik dan berfikiran jahiliah serta taghut jika menyanggah kenyataan pemimpin parti yang berasaskan Islam.

Biarpun pemimpin yang bertopengkan ulama terus membohongi pengikut, tetapi mereka terus dianggap memperolehi hidayah baharu untuk menjustifikasikan pendirian baharunya kerana fatwa politik terdahulu bertentangan dengan hukum sebenar.

Fatwa politik digunakan untuk membohongi pengikut. Pembohongan yang dilakukan semata-mata bagi mencapai matlamat politik, membohongi pengikut dengan menggunakan agama untuk mencapai matlamat politik.

Sepatutnya platform politik digunakan untuk memperkuatkan agama bukan sebaliknya. Jelas, Islam melarang sama sekali penggunaan agama untuk memperkukuhkan kedudukan politik.

Kesedaran baharu yang timbul dalam kalangan ramai pengikut menyebabkan pemimpin resah dengan mengambil langkah- langkah menyerang musuh politik sebagai kafir.

Sedangkan tindakan mereka bersekongkol dengan pemimpin parti lain yang terang- terang tidak menyetujui keputusan majlis syura terus menjadi teman sejati.

Tunggulah ketikanya, apabila pengikut yang terus dibohongi akan menghukum pemimpin mereka melalui peti undi.

Artikel ini dikarang oleh Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Dr. Haji Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yang merupakan Naib Presiden UMNO dan juga Menteri Pertahanan Kerajaan Persekutuan Negara Malaysia.

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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Islamic Aqeedah @ Foundations of Faith of a Muslim

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!
May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you!

I greet you in the name of Allah, God Most Compassionate, Most Merciful and am grateful to Him for still allowing me to be alive here today and share with you what I have come to learn and know about the building blocks of my faith in Him and what He has revealed to us, the Children of the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam (upon him be Peace) through His Final Messenger for all Mankind, the blessed Greatest Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Dear brothers and sisters,

To all those of us Muslims who have attested to the Oneness of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and have come to declare that we believe Muhammad al Mustafa (The Chosen One) Khatamun Nabiyyi Sallalahu to be Allah's Servant and Messenger, it is important that we know for sure as to what we believe in in terms of our Aqeedah @ Foundations of our Faith in Islam?

I have found many amongst both Muslims and the Disbelievers @ Kaffirs to have no notion at all as to what they misconclude as to what Islam is really all about?

First and foremost despite living today in these Last Ages @ Akhirul Zaman where information is so easily available to those of us who have a personal computer, laptop or desktop pc, tablet pc's, smartphones and the likes connected to the now unfathomable archives of the world wide web network called the Internet, there are still millions if not billions of people who have no inkling at all as to how to get the true facts concerning Al Islam, the birthright of all mankind?

Yes! Islam is the birthright for each and every human being who came to be and need to know in truth as to Who is our Creator and how should we submit ourselves to Him in our worship and as to how we should live our lives?

We are human beings. The offspring of Adam Alaihis Salam and Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha. Our Father and Mother. All tribes and nations of human beings have come to be and existed from the lineage of the First Man whom Allah created from Earth which was taken from all parts of the planet by one of Allah's mightiest Malaikats @ Angels ~ Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam.

The Creation of Adam is explained in Surah Al Baqarah Chapter 2 Verse 30 in the Blessed Al Qur'an Al Karim:

Wa-ith qala rabbuka lilmala-ikatiinnee jaAAilun fee al-ardi khaleefatan qalooatajAAalu feeha man yufsidu feeha wayasfiku addimaawanahnu nusabbihu bihamdika wanuqaddisu lakaqala innee aAAlamu ma la taAAlamoon
Muhsin Khan
And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: "Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth." They said: "Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, - while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You." He (Allah) said: "I know that which you do not know."

Those of you who have yet to study or delve into the Spiritual Study of Al Islam which is termed as Tasawwuf would not have come to learn about the details of such information because it is a matter which is only studied by those inclined to know more about their faith in Al Islam.

They do not teach these in the kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges or even in the common universities. Islamic Theology is separated into so many categories of academic studies nowadays that most students and professors who are in such places of higher learning rarely go into the fathomless oceans of spiritual knowledge that such a study contains.

One might just end up deluding oneself that one has reached the utmost plane of religious consciousness and thus get mired in self alluded illusions of spiritual grandeur and declare oneself to be the appointed Spiritual Viceroy of both Almighty Allah Himself and the representative of the Blessed Greatest Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam here in this current earthly realm.

Such a narcissistic condition is exposed when one titles oneself as the Sultan of the Awliya's, Spiritual Chief of the world's Believers and so on. At times, the delusional individual can't be blamed totally for being in such a state of self grandiose! 

It is the fanatical extremists amongst his supporters and followers who heap untold praises upon his fragile ego thus adding on to the narcissistic heart which was supposed to have reached the lowest levels of religious submission instead gets so pumped up with the humongous evil of self pride and extreme over glorification of one's own self!

Is it any wonder why the Blessed Prophet Muhammad al Mustafa warned against those who over praised anyone that it would be better if they did not go overboard in acknowledging the goodness of anyone to such extremes?

The reason was that they'd end up making the one being praised grow so bloody grotesque swelled up with pride that it destroys the very goodness of the individual that elicited such praise in the first place? Ego is not good for the submitting soul. There are so many instances in human history that records the ultimate end for all those who got so puffed up with pride that it led to their downfall eventually.

The Only One worthy of Pride is none other but Our Supreme Lord and Creator, Allahu Ta'ala! Each and every member of the humankind are all created beings. We are created first as formless souls and then imbued into our mortal self when Allah the Almighty consents to our coming into being upon our conception in the womb of our respective mother's. This takes place during the 4th month of our being in the fetal stage.

We who are merely created beings owe our existence to none other but Allah the Almighty. Whether we are born as royals or commoners, we all owe our faculties of perception and sensory to Him, Allah Azza Wa Jalla, the Most Supreme Creator.

There are those amongst us who are given extraordinary capabilities and there are also those who are born deprived of even the most basic of our functional organs or attributes. Who else can accord to us our sight, hearing, feelings, sensory of touch, smell, capabilities to think and rationalize, to imagine, to foresee or visualize this or that save for Allah the Almighty, Most Merciful God of us all?

Islam came to be revealed to us Mankind when our Father the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam was created by Almighty Allah from earth taken from all parts of the planet which was collected by Malaikat @ Angel Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam. All other malaikats @ angels failed to complete the mission of collecting the needed earth because they did not possess the extraordinary strengths imbued upon Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam by our Lord!

You can learn about all these if you study the Qur'an and the authentic hadiths @ sayings of the Blessed Greatest Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ~ Sayyidina Muhammad al Mustafa, Sayyidul Mursalin. For us to realize our temporal life here on Earth, we need to study and learn about the 5 stages of our existence as human beings.

We are all first created as Ruh ~ the Soul. This is the 1st stage of our being. 

This living Ruh @ Soul is then imbued into our coming into existence in the physical form when we are formed as a fetus when the union between our father and mother takes place. We are imbued into our fetus stage at the 4th month of our being in our mother's womb. This life in our mother's womb is the 2nd stage of our being. 

We are then born into this earthly life when our mother delivers us. We are currently living our life at the 3rd stage of our existence. It is our parents who decide as to what they want to raise us up as? 

Whether we are taught to be Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever is up to our parents or if our parents abandon us or pass away before we grow up as a child, then it is up to those who have authority over us @ our guardians who take up that responsibility!

In reality, once we pass or enter the age of maturity, it is we who decide as to what we wish to be? We can't shirk such responsibility of knowing who we are, what we wish to be or believe in upon becoming one who is 'baligh' @ sexually mature.

If we are blessed to be one who is capable of deciding rationally as to be able to differentiate between what's right or wrong, then it is incumbent upon our own self to learn about our God Almighty. We can't live life as we please and forget our responsibility to our self. 

Faith is an important and integral part of our human existence. We all know that even in the deepest jungles where there are some human tribes who live a primitive life, they too believe in something. You can call them as being animists or superstitious savages but still the aspect to worship a superior being exists even in their primitive minds.

To those of us who live in civilized societies, we are held accountable for what we believe in? Those of us who are Muslims @ Believers, we worship only Allah the Almighty. We are those who follow the teachings of Allah's Greatest and Final Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

To be a Muslim is to :

  1. Utter the Shahadah @ Testimony of Faith : " Asy hadu alla ila ha ill lall Laah ; Wa asy hadu anna Muhammad Rasul lul Laah!" which means ' I declare that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger!'
  2. To submit to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala our 5 daily Solats @ Prayers according to what the Blessed Messenger has taught us at the onset of each prayers being the Fajr prayers, the Dzohor prayers, Asar prayers, Maghrib prayers and the 'Isha prayers preferably in congregation.
  3. To fast @ Saum from the start of Dawn ~ before the Fajr prayers - abstaining from food, drinks and not committing any acts that nullify such fasts until breaking it at sunset when Maghrib sets in.
  4. To pay Zakat according to one's affordability or as per what is ascribed by the Islamic authority to which one is subject to.
  5. To go perform the Hajj @ Pilgrimage to the Kaabah @ House of Allah in Makkah al Mukarramah at least once in our lifetime during the month of Zulhijjah if we are able and can afford to do so.
A Muslim is also to believe in:
  1. Allah [ in His Existence, His Oneness in His Attributes, His deserving to be worshipped and supplicated to and in His Right to legislate].
  2. Allah's Malaikats [ Angels - beings created from Nur @ Light who obey Allah and carry out His Orders or Will!]
  3. Allah's Revelations to Mankind throughout the Ages [ the Taurat @ Torah -revealed to the Prophet Musa (Moses) Alaihis Salam ; Zabur @ the Psalms of Nabi Daud (David) Alaihis Salam ; 'Injeel @ Gospels revealed to Prophet Isa ibnu Maryam ( Jesus son of Mary) and ultimately in the Al Qur'an al Karim which abrogated all the earlier scriptures and which was revealed to the blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam  ~ Allah's Final and Greatest Messenger to all Mankind and the entire universes of Allahu Rabbul Alamin.
  4. Allah's Rasul's @ Messengers [ the first of them was Prophet Nuh Alaihis Salam
  5. The Last Day @ Yaum al Qiyamat. Doomsday. This is the day when all Life on Earth will cease to exist! I have written about it here before. 
  6. Qada' and Qadr'. [Divine Preordainment]. Nothing takes place without the consent and Will of Allah. 
These are the Bedrock of Faith for anyone who declares him or her self as a Muslim. A Believer in Allah the Eternal, All Knowing, Almighty God of us all. It is incumbent upon any one of us Muslims to know for sure what we believe in?

You can't be a Muslim if you are without Faith and do not know as to Who is Allah? You'd be one who lives a lie if you fail to observe each and every facet of our Aqeedah @ Creed as a Muslim. Do not fret if you didn't know. Allah asks us not to give up and to keep asking for His Forgiveness as long as we still can do so!

Allah the Almighty loves us and He has promised to Forgive us each time we repent and realize our mistakes. The only sin Allah will not forgive is if we commit the Major Sin of Syirik ! The act of associating Allah with any other imagined deity or object of worship besides Allahu Ta'ala!

Strive to improve our levels of Iman @ Faith and Amals @ Worship of Allah the Almighty so as to add value to our being Muslims and Insya Allah to be better Mukmins.

All we need to do is to focus on acquiring the right and correct knowledge of Al Islam and not be led astray by the many 'wise guys' sprouting up amongst the ummah of our nation and elsewhere.

Its easy to spot these 'wiseguys'. The minute they start condemning others as being this or that, then it should signal you to watch out from being taken for a ride by these 'johnny come lately's'.

May Allah bless and guide us all.


Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.