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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Malaysian Politics of Perceptions.

Whether we realize it or not, the Malaysian political world today is determined by what we come to think of the personalities who are being prominently discussed about in our mass media?

Every form of media regardless of it being the traditional print and broadcast media and now the internet based new social media zeroes in on practically every aspect of our Malaysian politicians life and even if they screw up in the slightest manner just this second, it will be headlined in almost every news portal in the next few minutes!

Politics of perceptions! 

What the average Malaysian citizen thinks of just anyone who is in office or running for it will be the deciding factor when the 13th Malaysian General Elections takes place in the coming month or so?

Each and every opportunity in painting a picture of dependability is conjured up by the prevailing political parties and not a jot is spared by all those concerned in trying to make themselves desirable to the nation's registered voters who are itching to cast their votes and chart the next course for this country's 13th federal and state governments.

What the average Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy decides when casting their votes at the country's ballot boxes will determine who gets to warm the ruling coalition or opposition parliamentary seats and in all the other state assemblies?

This in turn will determine as to who gets to be the next Prime Minister or remain as it is now?

We have seen how there have been some of these politicians who waste no time in stirring up trouble disregarding the dire consequences of instigating a backlash against our fellow Malaysian citizens who differ from us by ethnic origin or faith!

Whether or not we agree with some of the issues they raise which have relevance to our own creed or color, we can't just blindly rush into rampaging against others for there will be serious repercussions of any actions done in haste!

Pain transcends every ethnicity or creed. We are all human beings. There is none who doesn't feel hurt seeing our loved ones suffer before our very eyes unless that someone who remains indifferent is really a screwed up sick son of a what the hell ever?

If I am to list down and expose to you who these troublemakers and shit stirrers are, then this article will go on forever because the list is endless. Its enough to say that most of us who do keep ourselves informed with all that's taking place here in Mamluk Al Malaisie know very well as to who these political opportunists are?

We just have to accept that these buggers are part and parcel of our country's political circus! The main point is that we must remain alert and not be taken in by their endless political promises. The following photo sums it all up nicely as to the real state of their promises?
Political Promises Reality
From my point of view, I'd very much like to see a change in our country's leadership still from the current coalition but some fresh new faces in the Prime Minister's Office and in the beleaguered Home Ministry!

Judging from the way, the incumbent ones are playing footsie with our nation's honor and integrity, we are all feeling a deep sense of disgust and disbelief seeing how the two cousin brothers are sort of bending over backwards in not being firm with the armed foreign intruders claiming to represent the lost empire seeking Sulu Sultanate's!

No other self respecting ruling leaders in the world would be kowtowing to these invasion of a 100 over armed intruders who have landed and occupied a village over there in Lahad Datu, Sabah, West Malaysia as what Najib and Hishamuddin are doing???

So, whether we like it or not, those of us who are just citizens of Malaysia have no choice but to observe what these chaps are going to be doing next?

There's talk in the social media that all these is but a charade by all the parties concerned but to those of us who do give a damn as to what goes on in our country, I am sure that we do not like seeing what's taking place there in Lahad Datu, Sabah!

From what I have read in the media, Najib and his cousin brother Hishamuddin  do not wish to see bloodshed as a result of this crisis, but in reality these fellas are setting a very dangerous precedent for further intrusions into our country's sovereignty by giving room for the many other claimants to Sabah from the various other persons declaring themselves to be the legitimate Sultan of Sulu!

Whether they realize it or not, their inaction and feeble mindedness in not being firm with these Sulu foreigners is going to cost them aplenty in the next GE!

Problem is that the prevailing culture amongst our Malaysian politicians is not daring to rock the boat or be willing to bite the bullet so to speak in both the BN and the Opposition coalitions!

Those who might have it in them to take charge often prefer to toe the line and humble themselves to the whims and fancies of those who are at the top of their political parties and in doing so, rob us of a better and more vibrant political leadership.

We are all forced to suffer in silence as the ones in power continue to fatten their butts at the people's expense and live shamelessly in a lifestyle that is full of pomp and self exulting pageantry that at times overshadows the equally wasteful ways of the royals who are at times merely nothing more than icons and symbols of a feudal era that deserves to be in the folds of history!

Malaysians are being subjected to the dictates of the perception forming kingmakers of today. These are the ones calling all the shots from behind many a think tank that feeds and fattens itself on grants and funds that is derived from the federal largesse under many different forms and budgets each with an official and legitimate sounding title.

Today, we are witnessing many such allocations and cash distributions which belie the fact that all such funds has to come from none other but what the tax paying public are being forced to pay for in the first place and from which a certain sum is then just redistributed to the gullible ones who will in one way or another feel indebted to the ruling ones and subtly be induced to return the favors at the ballot box.

Yet if we are to consider the ramifications of bringing into power those who have been proven to be mere sweet talking devils in disguise, then we would all be in deeper trouble in the next four to five years?

We all know that much of our nation's forests and highlands have been stripped of precious timber and their irreplaceable flora and fauna due to the voracious and frenzied greed by those who fattened their wallets and bank accounts at the country's expense.

The remaining little that our country still has stands in danger of disappearing if we are to vote in the next group of thieves and robbers masquerading as the next lineup of Malaysian leaders!

Wrongful perceptions that this fella is good and can be trusted and that chap is not can come and bite us back in the coming future. Try not to be bowled over by the ongoing gifts and cash distributions by those whose sole agenda is to either remain in power or to be voted in but do your own studies and research as to whether we can trust so and so or be in for a new era in misery and suffering because we screwed up at the voting station.

I for one did so when I voted for the one who ran for parliamentary office at my constituency in Bandar Tun Razak! The incumbent MCA guy Tan Chai Ho at that time was a no shower in my area hence I thought why not try this PKR guy Khalid Ibrahim for a change?

Bad choice.

But then, the MCA chaps to this day haven't learned from this episode and remain incognito to us Bandar Tun Razak residents. UMNO doesn't own this parliamentary seat and are thus reduced to being mere lackeys for the MCA towkays.

We are sort of caught between the PKR devil and unperforming MCA guys. Who the hell are we supposed to vote for?


On one side we have this fella who has not done much for us since we voted the bugger into office and on the other hand we have these MCA guys who are just missing in action!

The chap simply has not performed as we expected and hasn't turned up at our parliamentary to serve us all these years since 2008.

Whatever it is, I know deep in my heart that as long as our country's politicians continue to eat humble pie and dare not stand up for what is right, things will never really change and we will be stuck with all these lackluster politicians pretending to represent us when in actuality all they are concerned about is their own fat wallets and luxurious lifestyles of the filthy rich and rottenly infamous!
They continue to spew lots of untruths and lie through their rotten teeth without a fear of The Almighty and put up a grand show of being good and reliable. Be careful dear fellow Malaysians. Vote with care. 
Politics of Perceptions dear brothers and sisters. A mirage of epic proportions that will disappear into thin air as soon as the election results are announced.

That's what we are all in for.


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