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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sulu Armed Intruders ~ Welcome to Malaysia 2013?

MILF troops filepic
Malaysia must surely be ruled by sissies! An armed foreign group intrudes into our country's State of Sabah and our armed forces and police are playing footsie with them! 


What the hell is going on? 

The PDRM will go bananas when some criminal gang with guns and stuff show up on our streets in KL or any other town here in Malaysia but our so called 'ball-less' leaders are 'entertaining' these 100+ heavily armed so called Sulu Sultanate soldiers who have set up base at the home of a local villager called 'Ahmad Bom' in Kampong Tanduao, Felda Sahabat 20, Lahad Datu, Sabah ???

Who gives a rats' ass about the Sulu Sultanate or what the hell ever? So many of these chaps are claiming all kinds of things lately!

Check out this claimant!

Here's another fellow claiming Sabah as part of his 'Sultanate of Sulu'!

Those are all sultanates of the past and there are many Sultan Sulu's cropping up now and then claiming this or that!

These are foreign armed intruders! Blast them to kingdom come for daring to trespass into our country!!!

They came in heavily armed with M16 military assault rifles and other weaponry which in normal cases worldwide would be met by lethal counter offensives but with this 'Ah Kua' government they are being guarded with the Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Police Force personnel!

I wouldn't be surprised if the Malaysian Tourism Ministry would be more than happy to entertain these Sulu armed intruders with the local Malaysian dance performances, fete them with our excellent Malaysian food and see to their needs without any hindrances!

Hell! With the current insinuation that foreigners in Sabah can get MyKad's as easy as ABC, chances are that the National Registration Department officers could also be camping out near the area with their Mobile Registration Office trucks to make those Sulu armed buggers our citizens as well since the Malaysian 13th General Elections is said to be anytime soon!

Entrepreneurs could also make a quick buck selling those Sulu armed intruders 'Welcome to Malaysia' tee shirts, eh?

In the meantime, you can bet that our two quivering cousins 'in power' at the Prime Minister's Office and that of the Home Ministry will be having a case of the shrunken gonads in trying to deal with this 'cry'sis!


Firdaus said...

Tuan,can you who is these "sulu sultanates"..if possible from the lod history

MAHAGURU58 said...

Baca :

satuduatigaempatlima enamtujuhlapan said...

Sabar.. sabar tuan...

Perkara ini melibatkan nyawa, hubungan diplomatik dengan Filipina (yang mana bermakna ada kaitan dengan hubungan diplomatik dengan sekutu kuatnya Amerika Syarikat), imej Malaysia di peringkat Antarabangsa termasuklah dengan negara-negara Islam . Juga rasanya kalau salah langkah boleh beri kesan kepada pilihanraya akan datang.

Yang paling penting mereka itu orang Islam juga tak kirala mereka salah atau membuat tuntutan palsu. Bukan mudah hendak tembak begitu sahaja.

Rasanya banyak maklumat atau kisah-kisah sebalik kemasukan ini yang umum tidak tahu. Tidak wajar kita memberi penghakiman ke atas pihak keselamatan atas maklumat di internet sahaja. Kesian diaorang.