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Friday, February 08, 2013

Vishwaroopam ~ Kamalahaasan's Cinematic Demonization of Muslims

'Vishwaroopam' the highly controversial big budget Tamil film produced by the well known Indian actor and producer Kamal Haasan has set off an avalanche of criticisms and controversies for depicting Muslims as terrorists from the start to the end of the movie!

The State Government of Tamil Nadu had obtained a court order preventing the controversial movie from being screened in more than 540 cinemas throughout the mainly Tamil speaking state following the strong protests by Indian Muslim organizations there.

Kamal Haasan threatened to leave Tamil Nadu in protest against what he claims is a political sabotage by Chief Minister Jayalalitha! He even has the audacity to claim that he is a victim of 'Cultural Terrorism' staged by the various Muslim organizations of Tamil Nadu and that he stands to lose everything he has including his various properties which he has surrendered as collateral to raise the 100 crores of Indian Rupees to finance the making of his big budgeted movie!

This guy must think that just because he is a celebrated actor there in South India, he can get away with his character assassinations of the Muslim communities living there in India and neighboring Afghanistan! The preposterous act of shedding 'crocodile tears' by the said actor cum producer is just bloody pathetic!
Here is a self declared atheist who acts as a convert to Islam in the said movie, portrays his character to be a goody goody new convert to Islam from Hinduism, proceeds to portray other Muslim characters in his movie as deranged terrorists, grooming Muslim youths to turn into suicide bombers by detonating explosives killing themselves and others in the process!

How hypocritical of Kamal Haasan! He continues to lie in his many press statements that he has nothing but love and respect for his fellow Indian citizens who are Muslims but goes on and produces this highly instigative demonizing movie of them!

He is trying to make money out of such devilish portrayals and demands that the State Government of Tamil Nadu capitulate to his whims and desires. CM Jayalalitha has her points that it would be logistically impossible for the Tamil Nadu State Police to provide protection for all those cinemas with the current number of police officers and constables on active duty.

Kamal Haasan doesn't bother to take into consideration the disastrous impact and lasting negative perception that his 'Vishwaroopam' Muslim bashing movie is going to have on the Muslims living there in Tamil Nadu and all over the world!

As an atheist, he has no faith in God and thus doesn't give a rat's ass in making such a cruel depiction of others who happen to be Muslims!

He can try his level best to wriggle himself out of the piss hole that he now finds himself to be caught in but the reality that he has hurt the feelings of his fellow Tamil Nadu citizens from the Indian Muslim community will remain as a perpetual blight upon his career for the rest of his temporal earthly life here!

Another ridiculous attempt by Kamal Haasan to legitimize his royal screwup in coming out with this utter contempt for the Muslim population at large is his getting support from the Bollywood 'Khan's' to endorse his 'Vishwaroopam'!!!

Hello??? Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan are just actors! These chaps are not Islamic religious scholars, in a position to decide whether such a destructive depiction of Muslims in such a movie is allowable in Islam!

All these actors themselves have in many films committed the despicable accursed acts of 'Shirik' in their acting by portraying themselves as Kaffirs in the first place in many of such films. 

Shah Rukh Khan in actuality is married to a Hindu and has Hindu idols displayed prominently in his home! His children are left to their own devices and made to pray to the Hindu gods as well as turning the blessed Al Quran into another object of worship, placed alongside the Hindu deities!!!

Don't believe me???

Here. Take a look! Refresh your memories!!! I have also published an article here about his Shirik. He clearly committed Shirik when he associated Allahu Rabbul Alamin with the Hindu deities of Lakshmi and Ganesha!!! He desecrated the Al Quran by placing the Revelations of Allah alongside the Hindu idols!!!

Does Kamal Haasan think that by getting Shah Rukh Khan to throw in his support for the Muslim smearing 'Vishwaroopam' film, he is absolved of his vicious crime of character assassination of Muslims, even they be those Afghanistanis???

He is obviously delusional.

Yet in my heart, I have doubts in my heart as to the Madras High Court's resoluteness in upholding the court order preventing such a screening in a state or even obviously Hindu majority country?

India's current population is more than 1.24 billion persons as of 2012. Out of these billion over persons, the percentage of Muslims living there is only about 20% of the total Indian population. So we are talking about a seriously off balanced small community of Muslims caught in a sea of Hindus.

There is no way that the Muslims of India can block or stop the cinematic terrorization of the Islamic faith or character assassinations of their fellow Muslims in Indian Cinema. They are like our proverbial helpless cucumbers trying to stop the Hindu durians from running all over them.

They couldn't stop the rampaging Hindus from demolishing and obliterating the historical Babri Masjid in Ayodhya!

It is as what was prophesied by Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam that in these Akhirul Zaman, the ummah will be weak as the froth upon the ocean waves although they be large in numbers.

As far as India is concerned, the above prophesy has come true.

Over there in India, the majority of its people are easily swayed by depictions or characterizations portrayed in the Indian Cinema. There is a very thin line between fact and fiction. The average Indian is easily influenced by what he or she sees on television or screened in the hundreds of thousands if not millions of cinemas.

Most of the poor find escapism from the harsh realities of their daily life. The dream of many young Indians is to be a film star. Indian Cinema has a long history. It started a hundred over years ago. Even here in what was then British Malaya, the first local films were produced and directed by Indians from India.

People suffering from poverty and hardship sought escape by going to watch movies in the cinemas. Even many of us first watched black & white films starring the late P.Ramlee and others. 

Indians all over India cant go without watching movies and this is often shown via the many films depicting such a chosen vocation. Kamal Haasan might try to excuse his portrayal of the Afghanistan Muslims as being terrorists in real life but how could it be that a whole poor suffering country like Afghanistan be made out to be so?
What do you make out the above 'Muslim' character in 'Vishwaroopam' to be? A good or bad guy? Surely we will all choose to think of the latter!!!

Doesn't Kamal Haasan know that such a portrayal will eventually leave its mark on the impressionable minds of his film's Indian viewers that those 'Muslims' featured in his 'Vishwaroopam' are mere actors and not so in real life? 

That's the arguments being put forth by his Muslim detractors there in India. 

Yet as I type these words, I learn that the Madras High Court has lifted the ban on the movie and 'Vishwaroopam' will be released for screening without any delay from now on. Kamal Haasan can now smile all his way to the bank and make tonnes of money at the unsuspecting poor Indians expense!

Yes, despite what he bullshits about making an artistic statement with his Rs. 100 crore big budgeted movie released worldwide, he stands ready to be charged with instigating manslaughter of his fellow Indians soon enough IF THE INEVITABLE happens!!!

Remember the Bombay riots and Gujrat massacres?

'Vishwaroopam' will in one way or another ignite such tragedies once again. Kamal Haasan stands to have Muslims and Hindus blood on his artistic hands in the future if such a movie eventually comes to be taken to be real by his ever adoring fans all over India!

What will he have to say then???