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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Malaysia's Slippery than an Eel Corrupt Politicians

If there is one thing that many of us citizens are exasperated with nowadays is to see a number of Malaysian politicians who despite being accused of nefarious activities that involve criminal activities ranging from squirreling away hundreds of millions if not billions of money that should have gone into the coffers of the Federal and State Government's Treasury getting away with it by just shrugging off any such accusations against them! 

The recent surfacing of a video posted by an international environment group called Global Witness exposing cousins of Sarawak's Chief Minister Taib Mahmud stating on video captured by a hidden camera in a sting operation by the said group seems not to arouse even the slightest whimper by this country's so called Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission or any follow up by the Federal Government's Banking or Financial authorities.

Here is the said video: 

Think that by now, the Malaysian authorities would be up and about with their crack squad to apprehend the swindling cousin sisters of Taib Mahmud or go on the hunt for their lawyer who bragged to the Global Witness sting operative of having funneled away hundreds of millions of ringgits in the form of RPGT @ Real Property Gains Tax monies that should have gone into the Malaysian government's Tax coffers but now safely banked into their offshore accounts set up in Singapore?

No sirree! Nothing of the sort!

Not a news media or even those social media such as pro government blogs are keen to even publish a teeny meeny sentence highlighting such an explosive expose about the financial crime of this decade where Sarawakians are being explicitly robbed of hundreds of millions of ringgits whch could be used to enrich the lives of the millions of poor Sarawak natives and citizens of the largest state in the Malaysian Federation!

All these years we have been reading about the humongous wealth of Taib Mahmud and his family who are said to have amassed billions of ringgit's worth in properties and assets overseas by sucking out the juice from Sarawak but till yesterday no one had succeeded in obtaining such damning evidence like what Global Witness have succeeded with!

You think the old man would be perturbed or crestfallen having such an expose laid out in the open like what has taken place yesterday?

Nah! The chap just pooh poohed away the evidence and drove off like it is nobody's business to question him and his family's 'ill gotten gains'. Watch:

As mere citizen's there's not much that we can do! As a blogger, this is the most that I can as an independent Malaysian Muslim blogger share from sources that are readily found on the internet and after checking with my sources as to the authenticity of the above published videos in You Tube with you, my reader.

The onus is now upon the Malaysian authorities if they are really truly serious about eradicating any such wrong doings in their administration to do something about a swindling case as serious as this! 

I leave it to you to decide what you are going to do about it as well.

Now, apart from the swindling sisters as in the case above together with their clearly conniving advocate & solicitor who is caught so clearly on the first video confessing to have swindled away hundreds of millions in ringgits that should have been paid to the Malaysian Federal Government's Treasury in the form of Real Property Gains Tax money and now safely stashed in their offshore accounts set up in Singapore, Asia's newest 'Swiss banks', there is another notorious politician who can be best described as the one who is more slippery than a Sarawakian eel!

This bloke is accused of so many vile things that would make the world's worst crooks go red with embarrassment for their failure to keep up with him.

He is currently in the mainstream news again for sordid reasons. Malaysia has got into the wrong kind of news worldwide because of this chap. He is officially earning just a measly ringgit as the Selangor Government's financial adviser but jet sets like nobody's business.

Goes around the country like American President Barack Hussein Obama Jr in a luxurious bus with all the trimmings of a billionaire's RV. Has been accused of being the brains and financier behind the recent Sulu Syaitan's armed intrusion of Sabah's Lahad Datu and other areas. 

As usual, he has vehemently denied all such accusations and claims that all these are the work of UMNO and their agents, trying to plaster him with accusations ranging from being the main man who has sold out our country's State of Sabah sovereignty to his MNLF friend, Nur Misuari and the annoyingly dubious and fake Sulu Sultanate claimant, Jamalul Kiram III. 

Now, several photos showing what appears to be images of him having a homosexual tryst with a Caucasian looking male is being plastered all over the cyberspace in a move seen to derail his credibility as the Malaysian Opposition's choice to be their Prime Ministerial candidate IF they ever win in the coming 13th Malaysian General Elections!

Personally, I pray that such a calamity never befalls our country! 

The BN aren't exactly squeaky clean as we all know by now but given the alternative set of so called leaders making up the loose Opposition coalition consisting of the DAP demons after power, the kowtowing PAS holier than thou gang and the don't give a rat's ass retinue of LGBT loving riff raff of the PKR, I'd still vouch for the current BN coalition.

Yes, we can use a brand new BN PM and a new Home Minister who'd have the guts or the balls to do what we all expect a Home Minister to wield in times of crisis but its not in our power to do all that.

All we can do is to vote for whom we believe will still deliver despite their shortcomings but we will definitely not allow any of the Pakatan Penyamun's to have it their way in the future.

Every Malaysian citizen worth his or her name who has the faculty of sight, hearing and ability to think clearly and rationally will know not to ever repeat the mistake of voting in the slippery than a slimy eel kind of politicians who are being referred to here in this article.

No more for the swindling bugger over there in Sarawak or the nefarious one over here in the Peninsular. The Malaysian Federal authorities should really go after the one who has funneled away the hundreds of millions if not billions in ringgits of RPGT monies into the Singapore offshore accounts which they have confessed to setting up in the secretly recorded video.

As for the swinging randy andy who has been featured in many of such scandalous exploits that can't be accepted of one who seeks to be this nation's next premier, I leave that to you the Malaysian voting public to decide as to how you will vote come the 13th Malaysian GE?

Its like a now you see them ; now you don't with these videos. This afternoon, they were gone. Now they are available again! What gives?

Anyway, here's one from Al Jazeera showing us some portion of the now missing from You Tube video :

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim nyanyi Sabah Dah Hilang 6 Bulan lalu!

Jika sesiapa yang tidak tahu realiti semasa tentang keadaan politik di Malaysia ini menonton siaran video Bloomberg TV diatas, ada kemungkinan mereka akan berpendapat bahawa Anwar Ibrahim adalah seorang yang sedang berusaha untuk menyelamatkan Sabah dari hilang ke tangan Sulu akibat kelemahan pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan Barisan Nasional Malaysia!

Cara dia jawab soalan soalan hos Bloomberg TV diatas seolah olah dia tak ada kena mengena langsung dengan krisis pencerobohan pengganas2 Sulu di Lahad Datu baru baru ini.

Namun hakikat sebenarnya pada 14hb Oktober 2012, di program Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat, Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang yang ia adakan, Anwar Ibrahim telah menyanyikan lagu dibawah dengan lirik rekaan nya sendiri yang berbunyi "Tanya sama Najib, mengapa kau goyang? Nanti jawab Najib, Sabah dah HILANG!!!"

Tuan tuan dan puan puan, sidang pembaca yang saya hormati. 

Didalam perancangan politik tanahair yang semakin hari semakin kotor dan penuh dengan komplot dan kontroversi, perbuatan politikus pembangkang seperti di atas ternyata menerobos pelbagai macam pantang larang siyasah yang negara ini belum pernah menyaksikan.

Penggunaan media massa semakin hebat dan persepsi rakyat tentang itu dan ini mudah di olah dan disiarkan untuk mempengaruhi mereka yang tidak sedar akan pelbagai kaedah mempengaruhi minda masyarakat umum untuk bertanggapan sepertimana kehendak mereka yang mempunyai sesuatu agenda dan rencana untuk mendapatkan kuasa pemerintahan didalam negara kita ini.

Sebelum ini, tak ada sesiapa pun yang pernah berkata bahawa Sabah akan hilang dari jajahan takluk negara kita ini. Tak ada.

Walaupun tuntutan Filipina itu terhadap Negeri Sabah sudah pernah tercatat didalam sejarah, ianya sudah lama dilupakan kerana Mahkamah Antarabangsa telah membuat keputusan bahawa Filipina tidak ada hak sedemikian dan bayaran tahunan saguhati kepada Kesultanan Sulu hanya sebagai bayaran ehsan dan bukannya bayaran sewa seperti di salah anggap si Jacel Kiram III yang perasan dirinya sebagai puteri 'kesultanan Sulu' yang sudah tidak di iktiraf oleh Kerajaan Filipina sendiri yang merupakan sebuah republik.

Anwar Ibrahim menyanyikan lagu di atas dengan lirik bahawa Najib dah goyang sebab Sabah dah hilang menimbulkan persepsi tentang nasib Sabah yang berkemungkinan hilang dari kuasa Kerajaan Malaysia yang kini dibawah pemerintahan Barisan Nasional dan diterajui Perdana Menteri Mohd Najib Tun Razak?

Tidak timbul soal bahawa BN mungkin kalah didalam mana mana pilihanraya ke apa tetapi yang dinyanyikan Anwar adalah 'Sabah dah hilang'! 

Soalnya sekarang apakah maksudnya itu bahawa Sabah 'dah hilang'?

Ini yang patut kita semua tanya? Apa sebab ia berkata 'Sabah dah hilang'?

Hilang macam mana yang ia maksudkan?

Hilang ke tangan kuasa asing?

Hilang dari kuasa BN?

Hilang apa ke jadah Syeikh???

Takkan perkara seperti itu pun pihak Kerajaan Malaysia di bawah pimpinan PM Najib Tun Razak tak reti nak tanya Anwar Ibrahim?

Apa jenis Kerajaan Malaysia ini yang masih dok nganga tak sudah sudah sedangkan Ketua Pembangkang tersebut boleh selamba derk saja bercakap kepada media antarabangsa begitu begini menonjolkan dirinya seolah olah pejuang hak itu ini bagi pihak rakyat walhal dia sendiri yang dilaporkan media Filipina sebagai orang yang telah berunding dan merancang dengan wakil MNLF Nur Misuari tentang apa ke benda yang kita semua belum tahu?

Jangan nanti Najib tercelik mata dan mendapati bahawa nasi sudah menjadi bubur dan walaupun ia menang sorak ; kampongnya sudah tergadai???

Sampai bila Najib Tun Razak serta Kerajaan Malaysia akan terus mengidap penyakit sindrom 'membiarkan Si Luncai terjun dengan labu labunya' ; 'kaduk naik junjung' atau 'ular lidi menjadi naga'?

Takkan yang tu pun kami nak kena ajar???

Google Glass - Wearable Future Technology Available Today!

Boon or Bane? Well, it all depends on how one uses it? The video below shows how a guy misuses it dating a woman by getting info about her using the space age technological wonder that's making sci-fi into virtual reality today!

Fuyoo! Watch this and marvel!

Even before the official launching of this Google modern day wonderful gizmo, there are already places in Seattle, USA banning the wearing of this  technological device in their premises for fear of intrusions in the privacy of their clients who might be photographed or video recorded using Google Glass!

I can already visualize Google Glass being banned in all government offices, universities, colleges, schools and practically any place where it might be misused to record live streaming video and broadcast sensitive visual data to the whole wide world through the device!

Those taking tests or exams might be able to access the internet archives through Google Search and use the stored online data to cheat! Hehehehe.. That is seriously quite possible dear readers. 

An unlimited treasure trove of info would be visible right before the wearer's eyesight and he or she be able to use such data to write down or type in the correct answers thus be able to pass their exams with not only flying colors but be entered into the book of records for scoring faultlessly!

I can safely assume that happening due to the possibilities of Google Glass being so misused. On the positive side, there are just so many other definite advantages of using Google Glass in the field of medicine, research, business, daily life and various activities.

Imagine a surgeon wearing Google Glass being able to share his or her work with his mentors or colleagues live where they can guide one another when handling complicated surgeries although they may be in different locations right across the whole wide world?

Or corporate business executives being able to simultaneously take part in live virtual conferences discussing issues without having to all sit together at the meeting rooms?

Each can be at his or her office room and virtually discuss with each other using Google Glass!

The possibilities are just endless. Environmentalists and scientists exploring the planet will be able to transmit and record just about anything effortlessly using Google Glass and share it with anyone across the world!

Augmented reality glasses that will enable the wearer to share whatever it is that they are seeing with their own eyes with anyone they wish? 

Soldiers in combat operations would be able to transmit back to their command headquarters what is really taking place at the warzones. 

Covert operations that used to be secretive and where any such operations rely on photographic material or secret recordings that would need to be processed before be able to be sent back to headquarters would be a thing of the past as such sensitive data be able to be transmitted over the airwaves in a jiffy!

I mean the possibilities would just be endless! Google Glass dear friends will be signalling the end of exclusivity in so many areas of our lives that it's simply mind boggling!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Pencerobohan Sulu di Sabah rancangan SUARAM 6 bulan lalu?

Ng Lum Yong, Presiden Jaringan Cina Malaysia telah mendakwa bahawa beliau mendapat maklumat melalui emel dari seorang rakan nya yang berada di Manila, Republik Filipina bahawa serangan pengganas2 Sulu di Lahad Datu, Sabah adalah hasil perancangan SUARAM sejak 6 bulan dahulu dengan pembiayaan kos serangan itu sebanyak US$2,000,000 oleh 9 pertubuhan Yahudi yang mempunyai kaitan dengan seorang manusia yang terlalu obses untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke 7!!!

Memang ada logiknya jika kita fikirkan akan bagaimana sebuah gerombolan pengganas2 Sulu yang hidup kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang boleh mampu untuk membeli segala peralatan senjatapi canggih seperti raifal M16 keluaran Amerika Syarikat dan pelancar roket serta keperluan lain untuk masuk menceroboh perairan Sabah kita jika tidak ada pihak seperti di atas membiayai mereka?

Si Jamalul Kiram ke3 yang hidup miskin di perkampungan setinggan Manila sudah tentu tidak mampu untuk membiayai operasi sebegitu dan membayar upah penyertaan gerila2 Sulu yang seramai 400 orang lebih!

Jika diteliti akan kenyataan Encik Ng Lum Yong bahawa sejak kebelakangan ini manusia yang sering dikaitkan dengan nyanyian lagu di ceramah2 Pakatan Pembangkang bahawa Sabah akan hilang dari Malaysia adalah tidak lain tidak bukan tetapi orang yang dirakam dengan jelas didalam video dibawah ini:

Lirik yang dinyanyikan nya : 'Tanya sama Najib apa sebab goyang? Nanti jawab Najib, Sabah nak hilang!'

Takkan perkara sebegini jelas pun tak boleh dijadikan bukti oleh pihak Kerajaan Malaysia bahawa pemimpin pembangkang di atas telah sedia merancang pencerobohan pengganas2 Sulu untuk merampas Sabah dari Malaysia?

Cuba Polis Di Raja Malaysia selidik sama ada benar ke tidak apa yang di nyatakan Ng Lum Yong terhadap peranan SUARAM?

Ini bukan perkara kecil yang boleh dibiarkan begitu sahaja! Nyawa 8 orang pegawai PDRM telah melayang angkara petualangan mereka ini yang menjadi ejen kepada kuasa asing terutamanya Amerika Syarikat untuk mengadakan penukaran kerajaan di negara kita!

Bukti akan perancangan sulit Amerika Syarikat bagi membiayai penumpasan mana mana kerajaan negara negara di seluruh dunia yang tidak akur dan mengikut telunjuk Washington diterbitkan didalam bentuk video seperti dibawah ini:

Agensi Perisikan Pusat Amerika Syarikat atau CIA tidak lagi perlu menjalankan operasi mereka secara sulit tetapi kini mereka menggunakan agensi agensi kerajaan Amerika Syarikat seperti USAID dan NED untuk membiayai badan badan bukan kerajaan negara negara asing bagi menjatuhkan kerajaan kerajaan sah di seluruh dunia yang berpendirian tegas terhadap agenda Washington.

Terbukti bahawa gerakan anti-kerajaan persekutuan yang diadakan oleh pihak pembangkang dibiayai agensi2 asing yang didedahkan melalui video ini:

Video video ini adalah dari tahun 2009. Setahun selepas pihak pembangkang menang di beberapa buah negeri di Semenanjung pada PRU ke 12 dulu!

Berikut pula adalah bukti akan penyertaan Ketua Pembangkang hari ini terlibat dengan agenda NED Amerika Syarikat untuk melakukan perubahan kerajaan persekutuan di Malaysia:

Sebelum ini sudah terdedah bahawa pihak pakatan pembangkang didalam negara kita yang menggunakan NGO2 seperti SUARAM dan portal media sosial seperti Malaysiakini telah mendapat tajaan dari pihak NED Amerika Syarikat dan tidak dinafikan mereka.

Saya dah terbitkan artikel saya berkenaan perkara ini disini dahulu:

Malangnya Kerajaan Malaysia masih lembab macam nak mampus untuk menangkap setiap individu yang terlibat didalam gerakan subversif terhadap negara kita!

Memang terbukti bahawa Perdana2 Menteri selepas Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad terdiri dari kalangan mereka yang boleh dikatakan jenis lemah pendirian dan sering mengambil sikap sama seperti perumpamaan ' Si Luncai terjun dengan labu labunya!' ~ 'Biarkan! Biarkan!'


Cacing cacing kerawit tempohari kini dah membesar membiak menjadi naga naga yang sanggup membakar negara kita demi mahu mencapai matlamat duduk memerintah di Putrajaya!

Nak buat macamana?

Peribadi manusia bukan boleh di ubah didalam sekelip mata! Kepimpinan itu kadangkalanya sedia ada didalam diri seseorang itu sejak lahir.

Jika yang berkuasa hari ini terdiri dari golongan aristokrat yang tak pernah merasa susah sejak kecil maka segalanya akan di ambil secara mudah dan kata kata mereka itu sekadar permainan bibir sahaja.

Bila mereka bercakap, kita tak akan rasa pengucapan itu menusuk masuk ke dalam kalbu dan jiwa kita. Tak meremang bulu roma. Tak ada izzah didalam pengucapan berbanding kata kata pemimpin tulin!

Bilamana seseorang itu bercakap tidak dari hati maka kata kata nya itu tak mungkin melepasi cuping telinga kita. Sebaliknya bila pemimpin sejati berucap, maka sikerdil pun akan mampu berubah menjadi raksasa garang dan mengecutkan perut mana mana musuh durjana!

Ini dia perbezaan nya.

Saya berharap sangat bahawa kepimpinan negara ini akan mendapat teraju baru. Jika masih berketuakan jenis yang terus berdondang sayang bagai 'Darai Lorong Gaharu' maka cita cita musuh2 negara seperti USAID dan NED serta Pakatan Pembangkang mungkin tercapai? Na'uzubillahiminzalik!!!

Tetapi saya rasa kemungkinan itu terlalu tipis. Rakyat Malaysia hari ini sudah ramai yang celik IT dan di antara kelompok masyarakat dunia yang terlalu aktif mendapatkan maklumat terkini melalui laman laman sosial seperti Facebook dan blog serta tahu akan siapakah dia dalang dalang harami yang telah khianat terhadap kedaulatan negara kita???

Walaupun tak ramai yang gemar benar dengan ketua kerajaan persekutuan yang sedia ada tetapi untuk berperdana menterikan seorang yang sudah terang lagi bersuluh terbukti berperanan untuk menjahanamkan Malaysia tak mungkin sama sekali!

Bersamalah kita menegakkan kebenaran demi melihat Malaysia terus berjaya!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nak tahu siapa Dalang Dajjal disebalik Krisis di Sabah?

Andaikata susah benar nak teka sampai ke saat ini akan siapakah dia Dalang Dajjal disebalik krisis pencerobohan pengganas pengganas KeSyaitanan Sulu di Sabah, maka nya saya mempersilakan tuan puan warga Malaysia yang masih ada akal dan waras fikiran untuk mengenal pasti penyanyi lagu bahawa Sabah nak hilang ini!

Tak ada hadiah untuk anda yang berjaya mengenal pasti akan diri Sang Dalang Pendajjal ini.

Cumanya bila sampai waktu Pilihanraya Umum ke 13 nanti maka terpulang kepada tuan puan samada masih mahu mengundi dan menyokong Dajjal ini yang telah mengakibatkan 8 nyawa anggota pasukan Komando Polis Di Raja Malaysia kita melayang dan begitu ramai pula yang cedera!

Dajjal ini adalah diantara beberapa orang lagi Dajjal Laknatullah yang masih hidup memporak perandakan kehidupan kita semua warganegara Malaysia.

Andai Dajjal ini dan dajjal dajjal lain sesyaitan dengannya mampus hari ini maka esoknya akan saya merafakkan Syukur Alhamdulillah kepada Allahu Rabbul Alamin.

Berwaspadalah semua akan petualangan Laknatullah ini semua. 
Nak buat macamana kita masih di perintah 2 sepupu yang jenis tak reti untuk mencantas semasa sesuatu masaalah masih di peringkat baru nak bertunas?

Blogger GAP tepat sekali menyalahkan Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn kerana kedangkalan fikirannya menyalah anggap terhadap pengganas pengganas KeSyaitanan Sulu tempohari:

Akibat kelembapan bertindak dua sepupu ini untuk menggunakan kuasa yang ada pada diri masing masing, lapan nyawa polis kita melayang akibat dibunoh pengganas pengganas KeSyaitanan Sulu Laknatullah itu!

Maka tuan tuan dan puan puan warganegara Malaysia yang saya hormati, jangan sekali kali salah pilih semasa PRU ke 13 nanti. 

Nak tangkap Dajjal Dajjal Dalang Laknatullah ini, terpulang kepada 2 sepupu yang kununnya berkuasa ke atas negara kita ini!

Ada kuasa tak reti nak guna...yakpursalam betui....

Monday, March 04, 2013

Mantan Ketua2 Polis Negara Malaysia Bersuara!!!

Mantan2 Ketua Polis Negara Malaysia bangun bersuara membantah keceluparan beberapa pemimpin politik pembangkang Malaysia memperlecehkan pengorbanan perwira perwira anggota Pasukan Polis Di Raja Malaysia di Sabah sekarang ini!

Jangan main main dengan mantan2 Ketua Polis Negara Malaysia!!!

Mereka takkan takut untuk datang mencari kamu wahai bangsat2 pengkhianat negara!!!

Sulu Syaitan's Princess Cyber Warfare Exposed!

Blogger Gelombang Wangsa Maju has timely exposed the Sulu Syaitan's daughter @ so called Princess Jacel Kiram attempt to bullshit the media into accepting cropped photos of dead Thai soldiers as visuals of our Royal Malaysian Army soldiers in her vain attempt to demoralize the spirits of our troops!

See for yourselves this report showing this Sulu so called princess caught showing the cropped photo of dead Thai soldiers and trying to pass the same photos as evidence of our Malaysian troops killed by her fellow Sulu terrorists in Sabah!

This bullshitting sorry excuse for a bloody Sulu princess thinks that she can get away with her stupid attempt to hoodwink the press into accepting such images as the latest evidence of her Sulu terrorists success in killing our troops over there in Semporna, Sabah!

The reality is that these are photos taken from this website which clearly shows the same photos but with the 14th June 2007 date stamp on them!!! Here are the very same photos for all to see : 

The world needs to know how to differentiate between these photos of dead Thai soldiers and our Malaysian soldiers who have yet to be actually deployed at the crisis areas!

Resemblances between the dead Thai soldiers and our Malaysian soldiers faces can be quite misleading but then again both the media and us bloggers aren't easily fooled!

With 'Sulu Syaitanate's Princess Jacel Kiram's vain attempt to hoodwink the media being exposed wide for the whole world to see, I hope that the Malaysian authorities will waste no time in taking all available legal action to press criminal charges against her and her equally guilty father for waging war against our country!!!

That is if our Malaysian Prime Minister and Federal Malaysian Government ministers and officials have it in them to pursue both the military offensive and civilian legal actions against these Kiram terrorists!!!

In these times and age where we can easily trace the source of every published photo or visual image back to its origin, the general public must not jump to conclusions and accept as the truth any such purported images to represent what is exactly taking place over there in Lahad Datu or Semporna, Sabah.

The Kiram terrorists masquerading as the Sulu Sultanate who are in reality the Sulu Syaitanates must not be let off easily! We must see to it that they pay for what they have done and are doing to our fellow Malaysians!

She has the cheek to adorn a scarf addressing her nation's media as if she is a God fearing Muslimah when in actuality she is a scheming she devil who adopts all kinds of slimy tactics in order to help her screwed up ailing father in trying to regain their lost sultanate when in reality their forefathers had already ceded off North Borneo way back then!

From day one, I have been of the opinion that our Malaysian government needs to be firm and resolute against giving any leverage to these Sulu Syaitanate!

If only Najib Tun Razak and his cousin brother Hishamudin Tun Hussein had it in them to give the go ahead to our Royal Malaysian Police and Royal Malaysian Army to whack the Sulu bastards as soon as they had landed at Lahad Datu with all that they have at their disposal and to heighten the military and maritime agencies border control of our waters, things would not have deteriorated to the current stage we are all witnessing today?

Anyway, what's done is done and now we have all the legal rights to blast these Sulu syaitans to kingdom come with all our sovereign rights to protect our country from foreign invaders!

Seek and destroy each and every Sulu Syaitan who have infiltrated into our country!!!