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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Google Glass - Wearable Future Technology Available Today!

Boon or Bane? Well, it all depends on how one uses it? The video below shows how a guy misuses it dating a woman by getting info about her using the space age technological wonder that's making sci-fi into virtual reality today!

Fuyoo! Watch this and marvel!

Even before the official launching of this Google modern day wonderful gizmo, there are already places in Seattle, USA banning the wearing of this  technological device in their premises for fear of intrusions in the privacy of their clients who might be photographed or video recorded using Google Glass!

I can already visualize Google Glass being banned in all government offices, universities, colleges, schools and practically any place where it might be misused to record live streaming video and broadcast sensitive visual data to the whole wide world through the device!

Those taking tests or exams might be able to access the internet archives through Google Search and use the stored online data to cheat! Hehehehe.. That is seriously quite possible dear readers. 

An unlimited treasure trove of info would be visible right before the wearer's eyesight and he or she be able to use such data to write down or type in the correct answers thus be able to pass their exams with not only flying colors but be entered into the book of records for scoring faultlessly!

I can safely assume that happening due to the possibilities of Google Glass being so misused. On the positive side, there are just so many other definite advantages of using Google Glass in the field of medicine, research, business, daily life and various activities.

Imagine a surgeon wearing Google Glass being able to share his or her work with his mentors or colleagues live where they can guide one another when handling complicated surgeries although they may be in different locations right across the whole wide world?

Or corporate business executives being able to simultaneously take part in live virtual conferences discussing issues without having to all sit together at the meeting rooms?

Each can be at his or her office room and virtually discuss with each other using Google Glass!

The possibilities are just endless. Environmentalists and scientists exploring the planet will be able to transmit and record just about anything effortlessly using Google Glass and share it with anyone across the world!

Augmented reality glasses that will enable the wearer to share whatever it is that they are seeing with their own eyes with anyone they wish? 

Soldiers in combat operations would be able to transmit back to their command headquarters what is really taking place at the warzones. 

Covert operations that used to be secretive and where any such operations rely on photographic material or secret recordings that would need to be processed before be able to be sent back to headquarters would be a thing of the past as such sensitive data be able to be transmitted over the airwaves in a jiffy!

I mean the possibilities would just be endless! Google Glass dear friends will be signalling the end of exclusivity in so many areas of our lives that it's simply mind boggling!

1 comment:

Firdaus said...

All the geeks like me loved it..
I think malaysia will quickly get to use this technology. Useful for IT people

And i have just sign up as google glass explorer. Might be useful for my Final Year Project.. :)

mamu try la apply