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Monday, March 04, 2013

Sulu Syaitan's Princess Cyber Warfare Exposed!

Blogger Gelombang Wangsa Maju has timely exposed the Sulu Syaitan's daughter @ so called Princess Jacel Kiram attempt to bullshit the media into accepting cropped photos of dead Thai soldiers as visuals of our Royal Malaysian Army soldiers in her vain attempt to demoralize the spirits of our troops!

See for yourselves this report showing this Sulu so called princess caught showing the cropped photo of dead Thai soldiers and trying to pass the same photos as evidence of our Malaysian troops killed by her fellow Sulu terrorists in Sabah!

This bullshitting sorry excuse for a bloody Sulu princess thinks that she can get away with her stupid attempt to hoodwink the press into accepting such images as the latest evidence of her Sulu terrorists success in killing our troops over there in Semporna, Sabah!

The reality is that these are photos taken from this website which clearly shows the same photos but with the 14th June 2007 date stamp on them!!! Here are the very same photos for all to see : 

The world needs to know how to differentiate between these photos of dead Thai soldiers and our Malaysian soldiers who have yet to be actually deployed at the crisis areas!

Resemblances between the dead Thai soldiers and our Malaysian soldiers faces can be quite misleading but then again both the media and us bloggers aren't easily fooled!

With 'Sulu Syaitanate's Princess Jacel Kiram's vain attempt to hoodwink the media being exposed wide for the whole world to see, I hope that the Malaysian authorities will waste no time in taking all available legal action to press criminal charges against her and her equally guilty father for waging war against our country!!!

That is if our Malaysian Prime Minister and Federal Malaysian Government ministers and officials have it in them to pursue both the military offensive and civilian legal actions against these Kiram terrorists!!!

In these times and age where we can easily trace the source of every published photo or visual image back to its origin, the general public must not jump to conclusions and accept as the truth any such purported images to represent what is exactly taking place over there in Lahad Datu or Semporna, Sabah.

The Kiram terrorists masquerading as the Sulu Sultanate who are in reality the Sulu Syaitanates must not be let off easily! We must see to it that they pay for what they have done and are doing to our fellow Malaysians!

She has the cheek to adorn a scarf addressing her nation's media as if she is a God fearing Muslimah when in actuality she is a scheming she devil who adopts all kinds of slimy tactics in order to help her screwed up ailing father in trying to regain their lost sultanate when in reality their forefathers had already ceded off North Borneo way back then!

From day one, I have been of the opinion that our Malaysian government needs to be firm and resolute against giving any leverage to these Sulu Syaitanate!

If only Najib Tun Razak and his cousin brother Hishamudin Tun Hussein had it in them to give the go ahead to our Royal Malaysian Police and Royal Malaysian Army to whack the Sulu bastards as soon as they had landed at Lahad Datu with all that they have at their disposal and to heighten the military and maritime agencies border control of our waters, things would not have deteriorated to the current stage we are all witnessing today?

Anyway, what's done is done and now we have all the legal rights to blast these Sulu syaitans to kingdom come with all our sovereign rights to protect our country from foreign invaders!

Seek and destroy each and every Sulu Syaitan who have infiltrated into our country!!!

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