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Friday, April 12, 2013

PAS Sec-Gen caught committing adultery on crystal clear hidden cam but Hadi Awang denies it!

Blogger Cili Padi has uploaded it in full color and clear audio here but as usual with the 'holier than thou' fornicaters masquerading as our nation's Gatekeepers to Allah's Paradises, the dimwits deny it as simply as that!

These fornicating great pretenders think we are still living in the 'dark ages' and mouth off as if the rest of the IT-savvy Malaysians are as lamebrained as they are when it comes to facing the facts before us?

Hello there Mr.Deny It All! Who the hell are you guys kidding?

Medan Info has the background info on the fornicating woman with Mustapha Ali here. These fornicating 'Islamic Party' leaders have no sense of shame at all! Their hides must be damn thicker than that of a rhinoceros or elephant!

One thing for sure is that they are damn lucky to be living here in Malaysia where despite all clear proofs, the powers that be seldom go after them to uphold justice! 

The so called Syariah Courts of our country are practically toothless and can't do nuts about clear evidence of Zina @ Adultery as has been captured here! Even if anyone follows up on this expose of the PAS Secretary-General's clear adultery case, the police won't be able to do much!

I don't know if JAKIM has the gonads to do what's right but as for me, as of this day and time, I implore Allah the Almighty to teach these fornicating shysters a severe lesson!

Whomsoever still believes in these devils are surely having a clear case of being deaf, dumb and obviously blind to the TRUTH even if the truth is smacked right across their hypocritical faces!!!

Damn you all who deny the obvious!!!

May you all face the wrath of Allahu Ta'ala soon and lose in the coming GE!!! Ameen!

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