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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Change of Heart - A Muslim Short Film. Nobody's Perfect!

I strongly recommend each and every Muslim, male and female to watch this short film on how hypocritical we can be at times?

We expect our partners in life to be picture perfect and free from blemishes whilst we used to run wild and boast of our conquests during the dark ages of our own times!

No one is perfect in these End Times. Even if you are so you do not have the right to look down and criticize others.

Only Allah the Almighty is All Perfect. We are not.

Learn to accept the realities of our lives and move forward together in seeking His Forgiveness.

Allah Al Ghafoor. Allah Ar Raheem.

It's okay in Malaysia? A Muslim's Dilemma....

dilemma (Greekδί-λημμα "double proposition") is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. One in this position has been traditionally described as "being on the horns of a dilemma", neither horn being comfortable. This is sometimes more colorfully described as "Finding oneself impaled upon the horns of a dilemma", referring to the sharp points of a bull's horns, equally uncomfortable (and dangerous).
The dilemma is sometimes used as a rhetorical device, in the form "you must accept either A, or B"; here A and B would be propositions each leading to some further conclusion. Applied incorrectly, it constitutes a false dichotomy, a fallacy.
That's what the definition of the word 'dilemma' is according to the Wikipedia.
Many a times I have come across my fellow Muslims visiting this country go about as if they aren't so by the way they are dressed!
By that, I mean not Shariah compliant. Especially the ladies.
Our local Non Muslims themselves would not dare to show such amount of flesh given the current tendencies of some young folks go about 'dressed but 'naked'.

Just as what the Blessed Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied a thousand four hundred over years ago!
The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam said: “There are two types of the people of Hell that I have never seen: people with whips like the tails of cattle, with which they strike people, and women who are dressed but appear naked, walking with an enticing gait, with their heads looking like the humps of camels leaning to one side. They will never enter Paradise, nor even smell its fragrance, although its fragrance can be discerned from such and such a distance.” [Muslim]
We all know that in these End Times, what the Prophet mentioned 14 centuries ago has come to be realized in our life nowadays fulfilling his prophecy as to the mannerisms of people who are living in the 21st century today.
As for those of us who testify to be believing Muslims, it is important for us to put to practice what we claim to believe in? We can't claim to be one thing here but do otherwise when we are elsewhere!
Just like that Arab whom I met many years back at Suria KLCC when I was working at a jewelry store there when I first moved to KL from Penang back in 2001.
The fella was dressed normally like you and me but his missus was dressed in a barebacked dress that was very low cut at the front that almost every other person was gawking at the amount of mammary glands she was showing! 
Yours truly was both shocked and embarrassed and tried my level best not to sneak a peek at the woman! :P When asked as to whether they were Muslims, the man proudly claimed that they were from Iraq and yes that they were Muslims!
When asked further as to why his wife was dressed as such? He replied in a way that remains deeply burned into my psyche to this very day!
"It's okay in Malaysia!"
Meaning that no one stops them from dressing in whatever manner that they damn well please.
No religious police here to stop them and issue a summons or give them a lashing as what would have happened back home in the Middle East.
So that raises a question in my mind. Are all Middle Easterners like this?
That they only dress conservatively when living in their own countries and let loose when overseas?
That makes me think of a recent You Tube video that shows a Head of Islam from our nation and his family behave not that differently from the Iraqi couple when they were celebrating a soiree overseas in Merry Ol' England.
Please don't tell me that the grand ol' man has the same mindset!
No one would give a hoot if it was just another rich old Datuk having a fling overseas with his wife and son pretending to be 'Mat Salleh's celup or what the hell ever?
But this is someone whom millions of Muslims pray for come every Jumaat after the Khutbah! Not something one can just turn a blind eye to and pretend that everything's well and rosy, can we?
No wonder that the status of Islam in Malaysia is in such a dilemma as well!
My sincere condolences to my fellow Muslims who are caught in such a dire situation come every Friday!
May Allah grant us all a leader or ruler whom we can all either depend on or is free from such obvious screw ups!
P.S.* Looking forward to having His Royal Highness Tuanku Sultan Muhammad V of the Sultanate of Kelantan Darul Na'im as our next Yang Di-Pertuan Agong! 
He's what we all need to be able to proudly say, 'My King is a God-fearing Mukmin no matter where His Royal Highness is at?
Humble enough to just wear a jubah and adorn Croc sandals. He's the Sultan of Kelantan Darul Na'im but goes about dressed so conservatively!!!
Tuanku even got down into the grave helping to bury one of His Royal Highness's subject. Which other Malay Sultan or Raja has done so?

May Allah bless DYMM Tuanku Al-Sultan Kelantan! Sultan Muhammad V.
Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tian Chua dan Haris Ibrahim ditahan Polis Di Raja Malaysia! Adam Adli dapat teman di lokap?

KUALA LUMPUR: Ahli Parlimen Batu PKR Tian Chua dan aktivis politik, Haris Ibrahim (Asal Bukan UMNO) telah ditahan oleh pihak Polis Di-Raja Malaysia untuk membantu siasatan dibawah Akta Hasutan berkenaan dengan Perhimpunan 505 (Blackout) yang dianjurkan oleh parti pembangkang baru baru ini!
Tian Chua ditahan di Terminal Tambang Murah (LCCT) di Sepang lebih kurang jam 12.50 tengah hari tadi sementara Haris Ibrahim pula ditahan polis di Segambut ketika baru hendak menjamu makan tengah hari.


Kedua dua mereka telah dibawa untuk ditahan di Balai Polis Jinjang dan mungkin ditahan di Pusat Tahanan Jinjang. 
Adam Adli sudah ada teman seprotes bagi memeriahkan dirinya yang keseorangan didalam tahanan. 

Dapat juga istirehat didalam dengan makan minum serta tempat tinggal ditanggung pihak Kerajaan Malaysia. 

Berbaloi juga berdemonstrasi tak sudah sudah untuk memperdana menterikan idola pujaan dihati! 

Bukan mudah oo.... serak serak kering sudah suara tu!

Semua gara gara Anwar Ibrahim gagal untuk jadi Perdana Menteri yang ke 7!

Aiseyman! Anwar punya pasal, ramai lagi nampaknya akan jadi tetamu jemputan Pusat Tahanan Jinjang selepas ini!

Sendiri cari pasal ma... Kita kembali kepada Adam Adli!

Nak tahu kenapa Adam Adli kena tangkap??? Saksikan video ini :

Terang terangan mengajak gerombolan pembangkang untuk turun ke jalanraya mencetuskan suasana serupa di Timur Tengah, merampas kuasa menggunakan kekerasan!

Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri sekarang bukan lagi Menteri Amaran brader!

Menteri KDN sekarang adalah Datuk Seri Dr Haji Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi! 

Beliau adalah seorang yang berani, tegas dan tetap didalam tindak tanduk beliau. Demi keselamatan dan kesejahteraan kita semua!

Sekiranya beliau selaku Menteri yang bertanggungjawab ke atas ketenteraman awam tidak bertindak mengarahkan Polis Di-Raja Malaysia menangkap sesiapa yang membahayakan negara kita ini, maka beliau akan dituduh gagal melaksanakan tugas dan amanah yang beliau telah bersumpah dengan nama Allahu Ta'ala di hadapan Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Malaysia semasa menerima perlantikan beliau menjawat kedudukan sebagai Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri kita bagi penggal Parlimen 2013-2017 ini!

Kita hendaklah menyokong usaha Menteri KDN kita ini dan berdoa agar beliau dipanjangkan umur, disihatkan tubuh badan dan di kurniakan kecekalan hati demi melaksanakan tugas yang sangat mencabar ini menghadapi para petualang dan pengkhianat negara yang sedang berusaha memporak perandakan Malaysia untuk mencapai cita cita mereka merampas kuasa di bumi bertuah ini!

Cegah sebelum parah! Cantas sebelum ia bertunas! Ingat sebelum kena!

Sekarang, kumpulan kumpulan anti-kerajaan sedang berkumpul setiap malam, mengadakan nyalaan lilin @ candlelight vigil bagi menyatakan dan menunjukkan sokongan padu mereka kepada Adam Adli yang kini ditahan didalam Pusat Tahanan Jinjang.

Nampaknya jualan lilin akan meningkat berikutan telah di adakan 'Nyalaan Lilin' bagi memberikan semangat kepada kepala kepala protes jalanan tanahair. 

Tauke tauke penjualan lilin akan menarik nafas lega dengan peningkatan jualan tersebut dan secara tak langsung memecah sekatan Boikot Barangan Cina yang sedang berlangsung sekarang selepas kaum Cina memberikan sokongan sepenuh mereka kepada Parti Juara Janji Itu dan Ini serta Parti Hantam Saja Lah berjaya mengekalkan kuasa di Pulau Mutiara Kelam, Selangor dan Kelantan.

Kumpulan kumpulan koir nyanyian lagu lagu semangat merapu meraban akan menghiburkan Adam Adli dan teman teman seprotes jalanannya dengan lebih bersemangat lagi selepas ini. 

Ramai pula yang sanggup untuk menggantikan Adam Adli didalam tahanan. Saksikan lah semangat setiakawan kumpulan yang tak sadar diri di untung ini.

Apa mereka fikir Pusat Tahanan Jinjang tu 'Jinjang Resort' ke apa? Nak suka suka minta penginapan dan makan minum di tanggung Kerajaan? 

Barangkali yang dok melalak kat bawah ni nak jadi galang ganti kot? Nampak gayanya ada peluang tu.. termasuk yang dok pegang loudhailer. 

Coming soon.. Next Change???

Kita tengok sajalah akan apakah pula yang akan berlaku selepas ini?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Venus Cheng Siew Fun wants to bomb PM Najib and Tun Mahathir's car! PDRM ~ Another crazy Malaysian Chinese for you!

Venus Cheng Siew Fun. 

Facebook ID : asks her friends to bomb Najib and Mahathir's cars as her Merdeka Day wish.

Then her royal bitchiness can finally return home in peace. So says she in her Facebook wall!

This murderously inclined wacko studied here :

Address : 53, The Strand, Jalan PJU 5/20E, 47810, Selangor DE.
03-6145 0953

I'm sure the PDRM can easily trace her address from the makeup school above.

The dumb blur bomber wannabe may be in Sydney, Australia as she claims but the long arm of our law will surely be able to reach her there, soon enough if the Bukit Aman chaps really wanna go get her!

I just don't know what else these DAP and PKR murderous worshipers have in their screwed up hate filled hearts?

For all we know these are the kinds that we have rushing to protest in our nation's streets!

Screwed up idiotic numbskulls who do not have a freaking idea of the word peaceful co-existence in this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed country of ours!

There's her idol the mentally unbalanced figurehead going around protesting his loss in the recently concluded 13th GE, stirring up trouble in every major city in our nation, blatantly disregarding the Royal Malaysian Police's order not to hold anymore illegal gatherings!

I call upon the Police to just arrest the maniac and throw him into the police lockup! Hold the fella in custody forever. Throw away the key. Please!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Syed Akbar Ali's slap on the Malaysian Chinese forehead kick ass article! ALL RATIONAL MALAYSIANS MUST READ!!!

OutSyed The Box

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Answering CH Hwe's "What The Chinese People Want?"

by Syed Akbar Ali
I received a call last nite from an ultra Melayu friend who lambasted me for running CH Hwe's opinion. He said he was going to boycott my Blog. I also received almost 100 comments and still receiving. Here is my quick reply to CH Hwe.

First of all no one likes corruption. There is no doubt about that. And I think there is one simple solution which I hope CH Hwe and his friends can help in making come true. It will not cost you a single sen. It is guaranteed to wipe out huge swathes of corruption in our country. Plus it will save you tons of money. It will lower the cost of living, make things cheaper and thereby lower inflation. 

Yes Mr CH Hwe this is the magic bullet to solve corruption in this country. And you can play a large part in it. Do read on.

Secondly at this juncture the Chinese people must be very careful what exactly do they want from the system that we have in this country. This system is a Malay-Muslim dominated system. The demographics show that as a percentage of the entire population the Chinese population is shrinking - to just over 25% of the population now and it will go lower to 20% and perhaps 15% all within the next 15 years. The Indian population is now at 8% and also shrinking as a percentage.

However in absolute numbers both the numbers of Chinese and Indians are increasing. There are more than 8.0 million Chinese now and there are more than 2.5 million Indians in the country. It is the number of Malays, bumiputras, Muslims that is increasing a lot faster - now almost 19 million of them. 

So if you dont like the present demographics, the demographics are only going "to get worse" for you. You must come to terms and learn to deal with this. 

I am not puitting this negatively - we must adapt to our environment. Assimilation and integration are different words with different meanings but these are the words that you must consider.  The Chinese in Indonesia have done it (and they are still Chinese), the Chinese in Thailand and the Phillipines have also done it.   

Thus far for the Chinese and most of everyone else this country has been a wonderful place to live in, to do business in and to raise a family.  My christian church friends say that Malaysia is 'the land of milk and honey".  And this did not happen by itself. It is good leadership and careful management of the needs and wants of the many races in the country for the past 58 years that have made this the land of milk and honey. 

If you are not convinced about this please look at our neighbours like Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia, Myanmar and even Singapore. Except for Singaporee all the other countries became independent before us. Singapore is now the wealthiest nation (per capita GDP) on earth. But do you want to live there? Do you want to live in Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia or Myanmar? 

For the Nanyang Chinese diaspora in the Siang Pau, Malaysia has been better than Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia and even Singapore. This is the land of milk and honey. 

Yes there is corruption in this country - especially among the politicians.  But what I am really perplexed is if you are against corruption then why did you vote for the corrupt? 

You see it was Karpal Singh who said in Parliament (it is now recorded for history) that Anwar Ibrahim was suspected of being a homosexual.  Then it was Mat Sabu who publicly accused Anwar Ibrahim of the same thing. The issue here is not the morality of homosexuality - as some of my own commenters have been pointing out to me. That is not the issue.

The issue is 

1. it was Karpal Singh who accused Anwar of homosexuality in Parliament. Why did he do that? 
2. it was Mat Sabu who acused Anwar of homosexuality in public. Again why did he do that?

Bu after Anwar was kicked out, how come both of them (DAP and PAS) forget their own accusations against Anwar and hoisted him up as their leader?  This is what is quite perplexing. And as an anti-corruption crusader like yourself, can you please explain this strange behaviour as well?

Now for all you liberal, pro LGBT friends or fiends out there, please understand simple English - this is not a debate on the morality of homosexuality or cheating on your wife (though I am sure all that is debateable. But I am not debating or questioning the morality of Anwar Ibrahim's sexual preferences here.  (Neither am I forfeiting the right to debate homosexuality or adultery). 

It is just a very simple case of 'dulu awak tuduh Anwar korup, rasuah, peliwat, penzina, al juburi dsbnya'. It was YOU, YOU and YOU who accused him. Not me, not I, mot myself and not we. It was YOU, YOU and YOU.  Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu are on public record.

So how do you justify voting for the same Anwar Ibrahim? This is what beguiles me. 

And dont forget Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty and jailed for six years for the CORRUPT abuse of power of ordering the Police to arrest and torture one Ummi Hafilda Ali, a young Malay woman, who had written a letter that went public, accusing him of the same sexual misbehaviours.  

Now, is that the behaviour of an innocent, law abiding citizen and Deputy Prime Minister of a country? To order the Police to arrest and torture an innocent young woman and force her to retract her accusations against him?

What would have been the correct way to handle such a situation?  Shouldnt Anwar have sued Ummi Hafilda for RM100.0 million in Court to clear his name? 

Are you wondering why I say this? Because that is what Anwar has been doing now - suing people for RM100.0 Million to shut them up against making any  accusations against him. So why did he abuse his power as Deputy Prime Minister and ask the Police to arrest and torture Ummi Hafilda Ali  in 1997? 

So this is what is perplexing. If the Chinese community is so against corruption, then why do you vote for such a person like Anwar Ibrahim? 

Lets talk more about corruption and being transparent. Doesnt it bother the Chinese community who voted for the PR to ask Anwar Ibrahim to declare his assets?

You must know that he is not a poor man. Anwar Ibrahim is much more wealthier than most of you Chinese who have worked hard to earn your money. Yet Anwar Ibrahim does not work at all. He has no job or business. So where does he get his wealth? 

This is why I say the Chinese community (who voted for the PR) must be careful about what they say now. You must be very, very careful about what you say.

Do you seriously expect people to take you seriously when you still support Anwar Ibrahim because 'you do not support corruption'? You must really be joking.

If you say the entire UMNO is corrupted, then how do you explain the fact that your hero Anwar Ibrahim was kicked out of UMNO and then found guilty in Court for corrupt abuse of power ? ? 

You say UMNO is a rubbish bin (tong sampah). OK fine - this is a free country. You can say what you want about UMNO. But how come even when the 'tong sampah' kicked out Anwar Ibrahim you go and carry him on your head and vote for him?  You can support a 'tong sampah' reject? You must be really very sick. Very, very sick. 

You are being hypocritical. (Please read till the end - I have a suggestion how the Chinese community can help eradicate corruption completely).

Lets talk more about Anwar Ibrahim. How much money do you think he has in the banks all over the world? 

RM1.0 million? RM10.0 million? RM100.0 million? RM1.0 Billion? Ok lets switch currency. How about in Sing Dollars? How much money do you think he has in Sing Dollars?

S$1.0 million? S$10.0 million? S$100.0 million? S$1.0 Billion? Ok lets switch currency. How about in US Dollars? How much money do you think he has in US$?

US$1.0 million? US$10.0 million? US$100.0 million? US$1.0 Billion? How much money do you think he has? 

You must answer this question because:

i. he is very wealthy - more wealthy than most of you hard working Chinese
ii. he does not have a business or a 9-5 job
iii. you say you are 'anti corruption'.

The same goes for Azmin Ali, Khalid Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Mat Taib, Kadir Sheikh Fazir, Chua Jui Meng and the other 'clean as a white sheet" former BN politicians who have jumped to the PR - just like Anwar Ibrahim.  All these people are very, very rich and wealthy people.

When they were in the BN you accused all of them of being corrupt. Now when they jump ship to PR do you seriously expect people to believe that they have suddenly become "clean as a white sheet" angels? 

And lets not forget the PAS or the DAP.  They are more corrupt than the BN. Fortunately they operate in a small area (Penang, Selangor, Kelantan). In the short time they ruled Perak, the two cousin guys have been implicated in many shady deals. Within 45 days of taking power they were already awarding tailoring contracts to wives and dearly beloved. They also landed 10,000 acres of land in Kelantan for themsleves.

And YB Massage Parlour became such an embarrasment for the DAP that they dropped him completely for the 2013 elections. I think his political career is finished. But so what? Sudah kaya mah. He is really reallr rich. Sudah makan cukup-cukup. And there are many rumours about the lady YB as well - she was dropped from the State line up for the same reason - sapu duit. 

Now if the UMNO or BN boys do the same - what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 

You also have the Talam scandal in Selangor. That is easily a billion Ringgit there. All cleverly hidden behind layers and layers of documents, contracts and different companies that will never be traceable. 

Again if the UMNO or BN boys do the same - what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 

Then Zaid Ibrahim and that Gobala fellow left the PKR because of rigging, fraud and cheating in the PKR party elections. I did not say this. This is what Zaid Ibrahim and Gobala said. Zaid set up his own party Kita. So the PKR cheated in their own party elections.

Again if the UMNO or BN boys do the same - what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 

The DAP also cheated in their party elections. Again I did not say this. DAP members themselves said this. They even filed reports with the ROS and there is an investigation still going on. 

And here is the really big killer that has come out of the ROS' preliminary investigations - 750 DAP members who had voting rights were NOT invited to attend the party's elections.  This is a question that is bigger, 10 times bigger than the fact that the votes were changed to allow Zairil Khir Johari Thomas Clarence Nuts And Peas a seat on the DAP's CEC. Why were 750 members NOT invited to attend the DAP party elections? 

So here it is one more time - if the UMNO or BN boys do the same - what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 

So it is obvious that corruption IS NOT THE TOP OF YOUR WORRIES OR CONCERNS. 


This is why I say - the Chinese who voted for the Pakatan must be very careful what they say now.  What is it that you really want? Be specific. Put it on the table. Be honest. Then we can talk about it honestly. All this talking in circles does not help you or help anyone. 

Finally here is my suggestion to the Chinese community about how to eradicate corruption in this country. I address this to everyone, not just the Chinese, but because the Chinese who voted for the Pakatan point out that this is a major sore point with them, then here is a simple suggestion.

Get all the Chinese associations, the Chinese guilds, the Chinese clans, the Dong Zhong, the Chinese Chambers of Commerce, the Chinese temples and Meditation Societies to gather at the Thean Hou Temple in Seputeh, the Kek Lok Si Temple, the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur or anywhere else that is appropriate and make a sacred vow that beginning from today NO CHINESE shall offer a single bribe to any Government official.

This is a simple, easy peasy, cost free, most effective, assured of 100% success solution. This suggestion of mine guarantees 100% success.

Just make a sacred vow, in your mother'a name, your father's name, in the name of your ancestors etc - that you will NEVER pay even one sen in corruption to any Policeman or to any Government servant.   Even if they torture you, even if they tie your hands and roast you over the fire you will NEVER belanja minum, belanja karaoke, belanja shopping for any Policeman or Government servant.

And live up to your vow. It will certainly kill corruption in the country. And here is the best part - at zero cost. You will wipe out corruption without having to spend a single sen.

Now you may ask why target the Chinese. I say friend, please grow up ok. The Government is almost 100% Malay. The huge majority of businessmen who pay the corrupt Civil Servants are still Chinese. You know it, I know it even the neighbour's cat knows it.

So make a vow that you will NEVER pay a single sen in corruption money to any Civil Servant.

Now, please note that I am not being cruel. If I want to be cruel, then I will ask you to extend your vow to cover private sector corruption as well. That is about 10 times bigger than corruption in the Civil Service.  Maybe a 100 times bigger. But we will leave that for another day.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Zahid Hamidi tempelak Pakatan Pembangkang yang tidak tahu terima hakikat gagal kuasai Putrajaya!

Perhimpunan haram sebab tak terima hakikat gagal kuasai Putrajaya

Penyokong pembangkang berhimpun di Stadium Kelana Jaya, baru-baru ini

DAKWAAN pembangkang yang menyatakan bahawa Barisan Nasional (BN) begitu terpukul dengan pencapaian Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU-13) harus disanggah.

Pembangkang mendakwa BN hanya memperolehi 133 kerusi di Dewan Rakyat dan tidak dapat menguasai dua pertiga suara majoriti. Sedangkan BN hanya memerlukan 15 kerusi sahaja untuk memperolehinya.

Hakikatnya, pakatan pembangkang amat kecewa kerana kegagalan mereka untuk menguasai Pusat Pentadbiran Putrajaya. Pembangkang hanya memperolehi 89 kerusi Dewan Rakyat, biarpun mereka mencanangkan di seluruh dunia seolah-olah Putrajaya telah menjadi milik mereka sejak 5 Mei yang lalu.

Bagi menutupi kegagalan mereka, pembangkang mengadakan perhimpunan haram untuk menolak keputusan PRU-13 di peringkat pusat. Amat menghairankan, mereka tidak pula mempertikaikan keputusan pilihan raya untuk Dewan Undangan Negeri di Pulau Pinang, Selangor dan Kelantan.

Pengiktirafan dwi standard ini, malangnya diyakini secara membabi buta oleh pengikut tegar mereka. Mereka menggunakan alasan telah memperolehi undi popular sebanyak 51.78 peratus berbanding dengan pencapaian BN 48.22 peratus.

Mengikut laporan awal, daripada sejumlah 10,861,683 pengundi yang keluar membuang undi, pembangkang telah memperolehi 5,623,984 undi, manakala BN memperolehi 5,237,699 undi.

Jika pun benar pembangkang memperolehi kelebihan suara majoriti, namun ukuran yang digunakan pembangkang telah dimanipulasikan mengikut acuan list system atau single transferable vote.

Kaedah yang ditafsirkan oleh pembangkang hanya terpakai bagi negara-negara yang memilih ketua negara dan parti pemerintah secara sistem pilihan raya perwakilan bernisbah yang memperuntukkan kerusi berasaskan undi yang diterima.

Malaysia mewarisi sistem politik daripada United Kingdom dan kebanyakan negara Komanwel juga menggunakan sistem first past the post yang mana parti-parti politik yang bertanding di kawasan pilihan raya memilih hanya seorang wakil bagi setiap kawasan pengundian yang mengambil kira prinsip undi majoriti mudah.

Pemimpin-pemimpin parti pembangkang khususnya PKR dan DAP telah mengelirukan anak-anak muda Cina dan para pengikut yang buta politik untuk berpakaian serba hitam sebagai tanda protes terhadap keputusan PRU-13 yang dianggap memihak kepada mereka mengikut undi popular.

Jika golongan ini mahu menerima pakai list system atau single transferable vote seperti mana yang digunakan oleh negara-negara republik, sepatutnya mereka berhijrah ke negara-negara berkenaan untuk mempraktikkan kepercayaan politik mereka.

Malaysia bukan negara untuk menterjemahkan kepercayaan politik mereka, malah jika mereka benar-benar rakyat yang setia kepada negara ini, mereka hendaklah menerima sistem politik dan sistem membentuk kerajaan sedia ada seperti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Mereka juga hendaklah mengakui hakikat kekalahan dan penolakan rakyat se bagaimana yang terdapat dalam sistem first past the post yang terpakai buat sekian lama di negara ini.

Perhimpunan haram yang dianjurkan secara road show hanya merupakan escapism untuk lari daripada menerima hakikat kegagalan pembangkang untuk menguasai Putrajaya.

Sebenarnya pembangkang terlalu yakin (over confident) dengan sokongan pengundi dan memanipulasikan pelbagai isu serta menabur janji palsu dalam manifesto yang mereka sendiri tahu tidak akan termampu untuk mereka laksanakan.

Pas pula sebaliknya, melalui kenyataan Presidennya, Abdul Hadi Awang telah mengakui keputusan PRU-13 dan menerima kenyataan atas keputusan yang dibuat oleh rakyat. Malah Pas tidak bersetuju dengan perhimpunan haram yang diadakan.

Rakyat semakin muak dengan gelagat beberapa pemimpin utama pembangkang yang mengheret anak-anak muda, terutamanya daripada keturunan Cina dengan penuh rasa kebencian dan menyemarakkan api perkauman dalam masyarakat majmuk yang selama ini dijalin rasa keharmonian.

Pembangkang turut mempertikaikan kewibawaan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) yang kononnya memanipulasi undian. Ia merupakan tuduhan yang keterlaluan, sedangkan SPR telah menuruti sebahagian besar tuntutan mereka termasuk menggunakan dakwat kekal yang hanya digunakan oleh negara-negara dunia ketiga.

Malah di setiap pusat pengundian, setiap calon meletakkan wakil masing-masing sebagai polling agents untuk memantau proses pembuangan undi dan meletakkan counting agents semasa pengiraan undi dilakukan.

Pelbagai tuduhan yang tidak munasabah terus dilemparkan kepada SPR kerana pembangkang tidak mengakui hakikat kekalahan mereka, termasuk kononnya lampu terpadam ketika pengiraan undi dijalankan.

Jika tidak pandai menari, janganlah menuduh tanah tinggi rendah!

Artikel Penuh:
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Sudah lama kita tidak membaca artikel artikel yang berasaskan fakta dan disampaikan secara terus terang mengikut keadaan yang sebenarnya seperti ini!

Syabas saya ucapkan kepada Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Dr Haji Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Menteri Dalam Negeri kita di atas ketegasan dan ketelusan fikiran beliau.

Syukur Alhamdulillah! Akhirnya dapat juga tanahair ini seorang pemimpin dan penguasa yang berani dan memegang teguh kepada intipati lafaz sumpah taat setianya terhadap Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair ini.

Semoga dibawah pentadbiran Datuk Seri Dr Haji Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Kementerian Dalam Negeri akan mengembalikan kepercayaan rakyat terhadap jatidiri Kerajaan Malaysia ini dan berjaya membanteras budaya kurang ajar yang disemarakkan dikalangan mereka yang tidak tahu erti bersyukur di atas apa yang kita ada dan tidak menjerumuskan Malaysia ke kancah perang saudara atau huru hara seperti apa yang sedang berlaku di beberapa negara di Timur Tengah dan lain lain tempat!

Saya berharap bahawa Datuk Seri Dr Haji Ahmad Zahid Hamidi akan menguatkuasakan segala undang undang sedia ada didalam negara kita dan menangkap setiap petualang dan pengkhianat negara yang sedang melancarkan protes protes jalanan tak sudah sudah di dalam negara selepas selesai proses PRU13 baru baru ini!

Inilah dia manusia yang masih tak 'happy' lagi dengan hakikat bahawa PRU13 dah selesai dan dia masih tidak berpeluang untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri!

Nak buat macamana lagi?

Rakan Pakatan Anwar yakni DAP cukup berpuashati dengan kemenangan mereka mengekalkan kuasa di Pulau Pinang dan menang banyak kerusi di kubu kuat UMNO dan BN!
Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng tak ade masaalah menerima keputusan PRU13 tetapi hanya Anwar masih belum dapat menerima hakikat!

PAS pun dah buat kenduri kesyukuran meraikan kemenangan mereka di Kelantan dengan majoriti yang selesa walaupun UMNO dah menang banyak kerusi didalam PRU13 kali ini disana.

PKR pun masih menerajui Kerajaan Negeri Selangor walaupun cuma menang 14 kerusi berbanding 15 kerusi dimenangi PAS dan 15 kerusi oleh DAP! BN menang 12 kerusi kalau tak silap saya.

Sekurang kurangnya patut PKR bersyukur masih ada sebuah negeri untuk diperintah mereka tetapi Ketua Umum nya masih tak redha untuk menerima keadaan.

Sudah cukup kita semua bersabar dengan kerenah Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim yang berterusan menimbulkan angkara dengan menghasut segala setan setan tak sadar diri didalam negara kita!

PDRM sudah tidak dihormati lagi oleh puak pencetus huru hara ini sebab Menteri Dalam Negeri sebelum ini hanya tahu memberi amaran demi amaran demi amaran demi amaran.....

Rakyat Malaysia sudah pun mengundi memilih Barisan Nasional untuk menerajui Kerajaan Malaysia untuk mentadbir negara ini selama 5 tahun lagi untuk penggal 2013 ke 2017. 

Tak puas hati?

Hijrah sajalah ke negara pujaan hati! Kata nak bersara dari politik lah! Nak kembali ke kampus sebagai pensyarah lah! 

Jika panjang umur bolehlah cuba bertanding sekali lagi didalam PRU14! Tak baik terlalu ambil hati dengan kekalahan ini.

Dah begitu realitinya. Terima sajalah! Tak mati pun jika tak jadi Perdana Menteri. Nak kata susah tak cukup makan... hidup mewah boleh terbang ke seantero dunia ikut suka hati.

Segalanya dah ada. Mau apa lagi syeh?

Bawa bawa bersyukur sajalah dengan kurnia Ilahi.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Najib Politikus Hebat? Pengerusi Lembaga2 Sekolah Mubaligh Kristian dilantik Timb.Menteri Pelajaran II Kabinet 2013-2017

Apakah rahsia atau sebab musabab PM Dato Seri Haji Mohd Najib Tun Razak melantik YB Mary Yap Kain Ching sebagai Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran II ?

Apakah PM Dato Seri Haji Mohd Najib tidak sedar bahawa YB Mary Yap Kain Ching ini adalah :
  • Pengerusi Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia (FCCMSM)
  • Pengerusi Lembaga Pendidikan Dioses Anglikan Sabah ( Sabah Anglican Diocese of Education )
  • Pengerusi Majlis Sekolah Kristian Mubaligh Sabah ( Sabah Council of Christian Mission Schools )
Didalam kekalutan pelbagai kes2 melibatkan pergerakan evangelis Kristian melakukan usaha2 untuk memurtadkan umat Islam di Malaysia ini dengan agenda2 halus indoktrinisasi kefahaman Kristian kepada masyarakat Melayu yang mudah terpengaruh dengan ajaran2 kuffar ini, PM Dato Seri Haji Mohd Najib Tun Razak boleh pula pergi melantik Pengerusi pelbagai macam lembaga Kristian di Sabah dan seluruh Malaysia ini sebagai Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran II!

Tak habis lagi kalut dengan isu penggunaan Kalimah Allah oleh pihak Gereja Kristian untuk Tuhan Trinitas (3 dalam 1) mereka, Najib pula buat hal dengan melantik Pengerusi pelbagai macam Lembaga Sekolah2 Mubaligh Kristian jadi Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran II Malaysia!

Jenoh lah Presiden Persatuan Peguam2 Muslim Malaysia, Dato' Haji Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar (gambar) terpaksa bangun membantah sekali lagi! Penat tau kawan tu terpaksa bekerja keras untuk memantau dan membanteras penularan serangan2 Kristian terhadap akidah umat Islam Malaysia secara berterusan sekain lama ini!

JAKIM dan segala Jabatan serta Majlis2 Agama dibawah pentadbiran Jabatan Perdana Menteri di kekang dengan pelbagai macam kerenah birokrasi dan membantutkan usaha mereka didalam mengekang pengaruh Kristian ini yang mempunyai sokongan dana yang melimpah ruah dari pelbagai pertubuhan2 Kristian dari serata dunia amnya dan khususnya dari Amerika Syarikat, UK dan Jerman.

Sekarang Najib menambah satu lagi masaalah kepada persatuan2 dan pertubuhan2 PEMBELA Islam diMalaysia dengan melantik seorang yang terang terang menjadi kepala pertubuhan2 mubaligh Kristian untuk menjadi Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran kita walaupun yang bernombor 2!

Buang tabi'at ke Dato Seri?

Ini sudah seperti menjemput ketua serigala menjadi pengawal biri biri!

Bolehkah Najib menjamin bahawa YB Mary Yap Kain Ching tak akan sekali kali menggunakan kuasa dan kedudukan nya sebagai seorang Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran II untuk membantu mana mana usaha para mubaligh Kristian didalam meneruskan agenda evangelis mereka di dalam sistem pendidikan negara ini?

Lihat sahaja usaha mereka untuk menggunapakai perkataan 'ALLAH' sebagai gantinama bagi Tuhan Trinitas (3 dalam 1) mereka didalam penerbitan gereja:

Perkara melantik pemimpin bukan Islam bagi mentadbir urusan2 pendidikan bagi seluruh tanahair ini bukan suatu perkara kecil. 

Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran III YB Kamalanathan A/L Panchanathan dari MIC terkenal sebagai seorang yang neutral dan seorang Ahli Parlimen bagi Parlimen Hulu Selangor yang berkhidmat dengan cemerlang kepada semua. 

Tak ada sebarang risiko dengan perlantikan beliau ke jawatan Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran III. Saya kenal secara peribadi akan YB Kamalanathan dan boleh menjamin akan ketelusan beliau. Insya Allah.

Tetapi bab Mary Yap ini menggusarkan saya dan saya percaya rakan2 saya didalam pergerakan2 PEMBELA Islam berfikiran serupa.

Apakah nasi sudah menjadi bubur didalam perlantikan ini?

Dapatkah Perdana Menteri memberi jaminan bahawa segala tindak tanduk Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran II yang dilantik beliau ini TIDAK AKAN MENGGANGGU GUGAT HAL EHWAL para pelajar seMalaysia yang beragama Islam selama tempoh perkhidmatan nya selama 5 tahun akan datang ini???

Ini soalan2 yang sedang bermain dikepala kami....