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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Change of Heart - A Muslim Short Film. Nobody's Perfect!

I strongly recommend each and every Muslim, male and female to watch this short film on how hypocritical we can be at times?

We expect our partners in life to be picture perfect and free from blemishes whilst we used to run wild and boast of our conquests during the dark ages of our own times!

No one is perfect in these End Times. Even if you are so you do not have the right to look down and criticize others.

Only Allah the Almighty is All Perfect. We are not.

Learn to accept the realities of our lives and move forward together in seeking His Forgiveness.

Allah Al Ghafoor. Allah Ar Raheem.

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Jane Duncan said...

Isn't this true enough for many Muslim men? That is why in many cases Muslim women are deemed and treated as "donkeys", because Muslim men think that Muslim women are the cause of all evils and put them at fault, and therefore should be left dangerously ignorant, subservient, and if possible remain forever stupid? This video depicts the life of the everyday people, whatever their faith, But if Muslims are to be protected from most of the everyday ordinary mortal sins, then it is highly timely that Muslim education system should be one in which Muslims are made to understanding the dangers of the mortal sins, and thus a different education and culture system should be thought of and taught without the failure of understanding the needs and wants of man and respecting the fulfilment in aspects of human psychology and the theory of the living being! Muslim men and women carry similar responsibility in ascertaining that good religious principles are to be practiced. There should not be any maltreatment to any gender in terms of good education; i.e., education that makes humans good humans.Respect for the achievement of this responsibility to be good humans; through which man and woman will create a respecful community, which the Muslim community is severyly lacking! I am a Muslim woman who have high appreciation for intelligent,highly responsible,religious, modest, non-egoistic, and self-respecting Muslim men; something which I consider a rare find altogether!May Allah bless us all!