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"Verily my solats, my ibadah, my life and my death I surrender to Almighty Allah, Creator and Lord of all the worlds. Never will I associate anything with Him. So am I commanded and I am of those who are Muslims."

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Change of Heart - A Muslim Short Film. Nobody's Perfect!

I strongly recommend each and every Muslim, male and female to watch this short film on how hypocritical we can be at times?

We expect our partners in life to be picture perfect and free from blemishes whilst we used to run wild and boast of our conquests during the dark ages of our own times!

No one is perfect in these End Times. Even if you are so you do not have the right to look down and criticize others.

Only Allah the Almighty is All Perfect. We are not.

Learn to accept the realities of our lives and move forward together in seeking His Forgiveness.

Allah Al Ghafoor. Allah Ar Raheem.