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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Venus Cheng Siew Fun wants to bomb PM Najib and Tun Mahathir's car! PDRM ~ Another crazy Malaysian Chinese for you!

Venus Cheng Siew Fun. 

Facebook ID : asks her friends to bomb Najib and Mahathir's cars as her Merdeka Day wish.

Then her royal bitchiness can finally return home in peace. So says she in her Facebook wall!

This murderously inclined wacko studied here :

Address : 53, The Strand, Jalan PJU 5/20E, 47810, Selangor DE.
03-6145 0953

I'm sure the PDRM can easily trace her address from the makeup school above.

The dumb blur bomber wannabe may be in Sydney, Australia as she claims but the long arm of our law will surely be able to reach her there, soon enough if the Bukit Aman chaps really wanna go get her!

I just don't know what else these DAP and PKR murderous worshipers have in their screwed up hate filled hearts?

For all we know these are the kinds that we have rushing to protest in our nation's streets!

Screwed up idiotic numbskulls who do not have a freaking idea of the word peaceful co-existence in this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed country of ours!

There's her idol the mentally unbalanced figurehead going around protesting his loss in the recently concluded 13th GE, stirring up trouble in every major city in our nation, blatantly disregarding the Royal Malaysian Police's order not to hold anymore illegal gatherings!

I call upon the Police to just arrest the maniac and throw him into the police lockup! Hold the fella in custody forever. Throw away the key. Please!