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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tanjong Sepat Chinese Fishing Village, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Mahaguru58's Travelogue.

Yesterday, I drove to Tanjong Sepat, Selangor Darul Ehsan to do some photography along the coast and to see for myself what Tanjong Sepat had to offer?

It was hazy all the way and I felt my eyes burning as I drove on. There are no Rest & Relax areas along the way and one can only depend on the petrol station's toilet facilities to ease oneself when the need arises.

Selangor is not that picturesque as the other states especially in its rural areas.

There are only rows and rows of oil palm estates flanking the trunk roads all the way down to its coastal areas.

The seafront is usually muddy and inaccessible. Even at Morib, the seafront is the same and there's no speakable beaches to go to.

Maybe it's due to the way, nature has intended it to be because Selangor is along the Straits of Malacca and as such doesn't have white sandy beaches unlike the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia where states such as Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Johor face the South China Sea and are gifted with nice blue seas and visitable beachfronts.

Anyway, I reached Tanjong Sepat without getting lost for I had switched on my Waze GPS application on my Galaxy Note 1 and it showed me the way just fine. 

Thanks Waze! You have been a great help for this exploring photographer blogger.

Tanjong Sepat is a totally Chinese fishing village despite it's Malay name.

According to a Chinese man whom I met there, there are only two Malay families living in the area. All the rest are Chinese. Rows and rows of houses along many streets that reminded me of the Weld Quay foreshore Chinese fishing villages back home in Penang Island.

These fishing boats were practically stuck on the mudbank of the river here pending the incoming sea tide which would enable them to be driven out to the open sea.

There were a few foreign looking fishermen doing some repair work on one of the boats and from their language and accent, I gather that they were Southern Thai's.

Some of the Chinese who were present there looked at me curiously. It must have seemed very odd for them to see a kopiah wearing Mamak carrying a DSLR camera going along the river bank taking photos of the area there. 

Hehehehe. Like some odd looking character suddenly appearing in their midst! White Beard Alert! 

These fellas were sort of relaxing under the shade of a humongous tree. Just like the huge tree that we all saw in the James Cameron blockbuster movie 'Avatar'.

They even had a shed complete with a television and sort of a make do Chinese Kopitiam there for the lounging Chinese reading newspapers and playing checkers in the shade.

Just after the tree, there stood a huge 'Swallows Nesting House'. You know? 

The kind of building that these 'Bird Nests' harvesters erect and play non stop the recorded sound of the swallows call to attract the swallows to build their very valuable birds nests from their saliva and which these guys collect, process, pack and sell them at a very high price to the Chinese connoisseurs back in China and Taiwan!

After collecting and processing these swallows bird nests, the end product looks like these:

The medicinal and therapeutic values of these swallow bird's nests is said to be good for aiding digestion, raising one's libido, improving the human voice, alleviating asthma, improving focus, and an overall benefit to one's immune system! 

Who knows if it is true? The Chinese in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan are quite willing to pay handsomely to taste this 'Caviar of the East'! It is said that they are willing to pay up to US$2,000.00 for a kilogram of the 'white nests' and even upto US$20,000.00 for a kilogram of the 'red nests'!

Fuyoo!!! No wonder that those who have the means do buy land and build these huge nesting buildings and invest in all kinds of paraphernalia to attract the swallow to come and nest in their structures!!!

Money! Money! Money! It's a rich Chinaman's World! :P

I then came across a Chinese temple that was built along the foreshore of the Tanjong Sepat coastline. Here is a shot of the temple's gateway structure.

Every Chinese village will have its own Chinese temple and the Tanjong Sepat Chinese folks have theirs. 

In the distance there was a structure that looked like a fishing kelong. In the foreground, the ground was full of these reddish earth. Maybe they are planning to build something here. Maybe a seafood restaurant. Who knows?

I also saw this man doing something on the foreshore of Tanjong Sepat. I had absolutely no idea at all as to what he was doing? 

Maybe he was seeding the foreshore with cockle spawn? He was using an apparatus and sort of ploughing the mud cum sandy foreshore. Any of you have any idea as to his actions?

I saw a few persons walking along the jetty structure at the Tanjong Sepat coastline and took the following picture. Looked quite nice. The scenery.

One thing I noticed about the mudbank of the river there at Tanjong Sepat is that it's still unpolluted. The reason being that there were lots of these estuarine Mudskippers @ Ikan Belacak or Tembakul going about their ways on the muddy shores there.

I was lucky to have brought my zoom lens which enabled me to take these following shots. Hope you like them too.

Wish I could get closer to these beautiful creatures but they were very quick to disappear into the pool or river water the minute I got closer! Hehehehe.

There were also quite a few of these 'mangrove crabs' that scuttled about with their giant claws. Here are some shots.

I would love to go photographing more of these wonderful seashore creatures that we still have living here in Malaysia.

Insya Allah, when I have the time, money and good health, I will go exploring further. I love taking photos and videos of wildlife, flora and fauna.

Till then, here's Mahaguru58 wishing you my readers a blessed time here on Earth and may Allah protect us from harm caused by those who seem not to appreciate the relative peace and harmony we have here in Malaysia.


raj raman said...


rajraman666. Only regret you terms yourself as "mamak".Indian much divided by identify themself as Ceylonese, Malayslee etc. said...

salam, nasib baik. jeti runtuh selepas tuan melawat agaknya.

Haji Zainol Abideen said...

Hehehehe. We have to be frank as to who we are, bro!
I am an Indian Muslim but know only the Malay culture having grown up in a Malay kampong back home in Jelutong Timur, Penang Island.
The popular term for us is 'Mamak' taking into account the honorific term the Malacca Sultanate conferred upon its Indian Muslim Chief Minister back then Mamak Bendahara Tun Mutahir during the glorious era of the 'Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka'.