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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gambar2 Bukti Memang Gengster 04 yang mati di tembak Polis Di Raja Malaysia di Pulau Pinang tempohari. Bukan orang biasa.

Rakyat Malaysia secara amnya menyokong Ops CANTAS yang dijalankan pihak Polis Di Raja Malaysia dan menarik nafas lega bilamana satu persatu ahli ahli kongsi gelap atau gengster dikesan dan di jejaki pihak PDRM sebagai pasukan keselamatan utama negara kita menjaga ketenteraman awam dan membanteras penjenayah.

Bekas pemimpin HINDRAF, pertubuhan yang diharamkan kerajaan Malaysia yang dilantik pula oleh Najib Tun Razak, Perdana Menteri ke 6 / 7 ini selepas Abdullah Badawi untuk menjadi seorang senator dan diberikan pula jawatan sebagai seorang Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, P Waytha Moorthy mempersoalkan kenapa PDRM memilih untuk menembak mati kelima orang gengster berbangsa India ini dan tidak memberi peluang kepada mereka untuk menyerah diri dan di tangkap hidup2?

Menurut sumber dari Kementerian Dalam Negeri, ini adalah statistik jumlah gengster yang dikenalpasti didalam negara kita:

Jumlah ahli kongsi gelap di Malaysia : 40,313 orang gengster

Pecahan mengikut kaum
Lain lain bangsa
Jumlah keseluruhan

Lihatlah betapa ramainya ahli ahli kumpulan kongsi gelap berketurunan India berbanding kaum dan bangsa lain didalam negara?

Bukankah ini menunjukkan kegagalan kebanyakan pemimpin berketurunan India di Malaysia ini untuk membantu dan membimbing bangsa sendiri untuk memajukan diri didalam kehidupan?

Apakah telah dilakukan oleh orang seperti Waytha Moorthy untuk membantu rakyat Malaysia berketurunan India?

Rata rata orang India yang menjadi gengster ini berpendidikan rendah. Tidak mempunyai asas kemahiran yang boleh mereka gunakan untuk menyara kehidupan sendiri seperti membuka bengkel membaiki kenderaan, perkhidmatan begitu dan begini secara halal.

Tidak dibantu untuk mendapatkan modal pinjaman dari pelbagai SKIM KERAJAAN yang sedia ada untuk memulakan perniagaan secara halal dan sebagainya.

Mereka kurang dibantu untuk berjaya didalam pelajaran dan terpaksa beralih kepada jenayah untuk meneruskan hidup.

Terdapat juga pelbagai diskriminasi dari pihak pihak berwajib semasa orang orang India pergi memohon itu dan ini daripada kerajaan selaku rakyat negara ini.

Inilah punca utama kenapa begitu ramai orang orang berketurunan India di Malaysia ini yang menjadi gengster didalam negara.

Apa apa pun saksikan lah bukti bahawa yang mati ditembak semasa pertembungan dengan PDRM didalam OPS CANTAS tempohari memang benar benar gengster 04 dan bukan orang awam biasa.

Klik di sini untuk menyaksikan gambar2 bukti tersebut!!!

Gengster India kat Malaysia memang berani. Tak pernah takut untuk menunjukkan kekuatan mereka. Depan Polis pun mereka kan berarak menunjukkan panji panji kumpulan mereka berbanding gengster Cina dan Melayu yang lebih bersifat menyorok identiti kumpulan!

Saksikan ;

Waytha Moorthy dan sekelian mereka yang mengaku memimpin bangsa India di Malaysia patut berusaha membantu kaum India di Malaysia mendapatkan pekerjaan yang halal dan bergaji berpatutan untuk menghentikan golongan remaja dan dewasa dari terjebak kedalam kancah gangsterisma.

Cari makan brader! Jangan cari nahas!

Saya selaku seorang warganegara Malaysia ingin menyeru setiap rakyat Malaysia untuk membantu sesama kita mencari rezeki halal dan sah dari segi undang undang negara.

Jangan bersikap tidak adil terhadap sesiapapun warga kita.

Kita semua akan menghadap Allah di Yaum al Qiyamat nanti.

Buka lah peluang kepada semua kaum untuk menjawat apa apa sahaja pekerjaan yang disediakan kerajaan.

Insya Allah! 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geng Utara ~ Kumpulan Pajak - Penang More Wanted! Geng Mamu mengganas!!! Hahahaha! Arriya Penang Arriya!!!

Dah lama tak dengaq orang orang Penang keluaq laghu baru! Nah! Sempoi punya lagu berkumpulan ala ala boria tapi lagi ganaih!!!

Berhbur lah kalian dengan hero hero Penang ni! 

Kumpulan Mamu mengganas!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Genting Express Bus Crash Victim tells how it all happened? The Video!

Listen to a survivor of the Genting Express bus crash tell us how it all happened?

His story unravels the real story of a stubborn bus driver who despite knowing that the brakes of the ill fated bus had failed but due to his humongous ego not wanting to accept the realities of the situation, he went ahead and drove the bus down to their death and severe injuries!

Please focus on the context of his story and do not make fun of his ill command of the National Language!

We have to accept that this tragedy was due to human error and wrong judgment in deciding to carry on with the journey downhill with faulty brakes.

It makes no difference if the driver had worked in Singapore before or even in any of the developed countries of the world. 

When he made the wrong choice, it was not only him who paid the ultimate price with his own life but 37 other innocent passengers! Those who survived the crash down into the gully will be permanently traumatized and suffer both physical, mental and emotionally as well.

This ought to serve as a lesson for all parties involved that you do not risk the lives of yourself or your passengers when you know for sure that something as important as your vehicle's brakes are faulty and not safe to continue with your journey either up or down the highlands!

As a result, so many people have died and lives shattered!

It boils down to just one thing.

The Human Ego!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

TNB screws up since 2am last night ; resumes power supply at 4.45am, blackout again at 7.25am now back on at 8.10am! WTH???

I've had a sleepless night since 2.00 am this morning! Without any advance warning, the power supply to our apartments suffered a blackout just like that!

Had to suffer a stifling sweaty night in this hot KL weather and be bothered by the intruding nasty mosquitoes!

Yeah! One doesn't have to be in the rural areas to be bothered by the pesky bloodthirsty mosquitoes for KL is full of artificial stagnant lakes like at my area here at Bandar Tun Razak bordering Bandar Sri Permaisuri where the KL City Council or DBKL as it is known by its acronym in Malay has failed to keep the water aerating pumps working at the Taman Tasik Permaisuri located nearby and thus invites legions of mosquitoes to fester around the vicinity. 

Close to the HUKM @ Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia as well.

So, fat chance for the deadly Dengue Fever causing Aedes mosquitoes to be wiped out from this township despite the intermittent fogging carried out by the DBKL appointed private contractors!

Back to TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD, our country's monopolizing power supply company! 

These tyrants have the knack to keep increasing our electric tariffs as they damn well please and the couldn't care less Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water have yet to do something about these voracious cut-throats! 

We are now forced to pay hundreds of ringgits every month just to be able to live moderately in the city with our much needed electrical appliances in our daily lives.

The unannounced power cut which started at 2.00am this morning continued till 4.45am when it resumed and I breathed a sigh of relief for the ceiling fans could operate again and give me some respite from the bothering mosquitoes!

After taking my shower and settle my Subuh prayers at 6.00am, just as I was sitting down to have a cup of coffee at 7.25am, the power went off again! 

Damn the TNB!!! Charging us so bloody high but then having such lousy service to us its paying customers!!! We are not getting power for free!!!

No wonder that the chauvinistic Malay hating Chinese so called folk rapper Namewee blasted them with all kinds of vulgar insults before!!!

Not that I support the wacko in his vitriolic You Tube rant but I somewhat share and understand his frustrations! 

Most of our gadgets nowadays require constant electrical power supply and as a matter of coincidence, I have had to turn off our air-conditioning unit as it is time to have it serviced.

The intermittent power blackout caused by TNB has aggravated my suffering since last night and I am pretty damn sure that the buggers won't even bother to apologize to us its long suffering clients or to compensate us for the triple blackouts since early this morning!

Malaysian utility suppliers have not been known to have the decency to do that! Unlike their constantly untrue advertising campaigns over national television to be this or that putting up a false front of being so bloody dependable, TNB really can't be trusted to keep us in the light always despite their dubious self praising narcissistic campaign as shown in their seasonal nationwide television broadcasted advertorials!

The Malay saying 'Cakap tak serupa bikin!' comes to mind!!! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reason behind the rising attacks against Islamic fundamentals here in Malaysia.

Lately, the attacks against Islamic fundamentals such as the Christian demands to use the term 'Allah' to describe their Trinitarian concept of what they claim to be their '3 in 1' God is due to the fact that the so called 'Keepers of Islam' here in Malaysia couldn't care less about the sanctity and sacredness of Islam here in our country to ensure that no such blasphemy is accorded to Allahu Rabbul Alamin.

We have to face the fact that when it comes to the matters concerning Islam, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Malay Sultans who are empowered by the Constitution of Malaysia to oversee to its sanctity. 

When the Catholic Church of Malaysia decided to use the term 'Allah' to replace the proper translation of the word 'God' in their Malay language bibles distributed in Sabah and Sarawak, the Malay Sultans and namely the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong being the Supreme Ruler and Head of Islam here in Malaysia ought to have issued a decree prohibiting such an action.

But the Malay Sultans ignored the matter and kept mum. Nor did they as a whole voiced out against it until the Sultan of Selangor issued forth an edict prohibiting the usage of the term 'Allah' by any Non Muslims in his state. I for one applaud the Selangor Sultan for his reaction.

The Department for the Development of Islam or JAKIM as it is known by its Malay acronym seems powerless to act because in reality they are 'toothless tigers'. They only dare to take action against the small fry whilst the marauding behemoths are left to stir trouble as they please!

It all boils down to the very top of our Malaysian society. 

You see, if the Sultans and the Executive powers that be were to uphold the true Syariah laws that have been commanded to us who are the Believers in Allah the Almighty and in his Final Messenger, the blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, then they can't live in such extravagance and splendor as they are currently enjoying at the expense of the ummah!

All those palaces, lavish lifestyle will have to be surrendered and live moderately as per the true teachings of Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

The same goes to the Keepers of the Haramain in Makkah al Mukarramah and Madinah al Munawwarah in Arabia! They too are squandering the bounty of precious oil that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has blessed them with!

Instead of helping the poor and oppressed Muslims of the world, the Saudis totally ignore the plight of their brothers and sisters in the neighboring war torn countries and just put up a facade of being holy moly when in reality, behind those high palace walls, all kinds of frivolity and sin takes place daily!

Even our Sultans are infamous for holding soirees and all such crap when they are beyond our borders!

No wonder some so called ustaz from PAS is predicting that by 2030, the Malay Sultans here will become obsolete and history!

You want to know why the Catholic Christians here get to be so big headed and insist that the BN Government kowtow to their demands to name their 3 in 1 Trinity concept of what they believe to be 'god' as 'Allah'?

Its because our Sultans have not truly lived up to their roles as the Keepers of Islam in Mamluk al Malaisie! They have been unfortunately afflicted by the 'See No Evil! Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil' syndrome.

At the moment there seems to be no cure for this malady except a visitation by Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam.

Who is that?

Why? Who else but the Archangel of Death!

But even if the Angel of Death comes a calling, the wiseguys we have here masquerading as our Heads of Islam, might just try and 'slow talk' the angel.

I don't think that's gonna work!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ladang Alam Warisan, pencetus semula penghayatan Warisan Melayu Malaysia.

Dimanakah orang orang Melayu dapat berbusana secara tradisi turun temurun mereka, bertanjak, berkeris, berlembing dan sebagainya secara bebas di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu hari ini?

Bagi anda yang teringin untuk berketerampilan sebagai seorang Melayu didalam ertikata sebenar benarnya, maka anda dipersilakan untuk mengunjungi Ladang Alam Warisan yang bertempat di Jalan Masjid, Kampung Tengah,Tanjung Ipoh, Seri Menanti,72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Sebuah perkumpulan pencinta warisan Melayu bernama Komuniti Warisan Melayu aktif menghidupkan semula penghayatan warisan Melayu turun temurun melalui acara acara penggayaan busana tradisional Melayu, aktiviti jual beli persenjataan warisan Melayu seperti keris, sundang, badek, lembing dan sebagainya sesama ahli persatuan demi untuk menyelamatkan warisan berharga tanda jatidiri Melayu Semenanjung ini dari terus hilang di telan masa!

Kronikel Tanjak
Dibawah ini adalah gambar gambar lama yang menunjukkan orang orang Melayu di zaman dahulu dengan penampilan mereka berbusana warisan berzaman dan lengkap bersenjata keris, pedang dan berlembing!

Gambar2 berikut menunjukkan para pembesar Negeri Pahang Darul Makmur. 

Ehsan Keris Warisan.Com dan Muzium Negara Malaysia.

Nakhoda Hitam @ Johan Iskandar, Pengasas Keris Warisan Dotcom

Sempena menyambut Syawal ke10, baru baru ini, ahli ahli persatuan dan pencinta seni kebudayaan dan warisan Melayu telah berkumpul di Ladang Alam Warisan untuk memenuhi undangan tuanpunya ladang bagi meraikan Syawal secara adat tradisi warisan Melayu.

Berikut adalah beberapa gambar yang merakamkan hari bersejarah tersebut:

Kehebatan seni silat Melayu kini sudah dipelajari dan di amalkan oleh mereka yang berbangsa kulit putih seperti dipaparkan didalam video dibawah ini:

Apatah lagi jika kumpulan gendang silat Kedah pula yang mengiringi persembahan persilatan? Fuhh! Mahu meremang bulu roma dan naik semangat sesiapa sahaja yang menjadi pencinta ilmu persilatan dan perguruan Melayu!

Jin Islam mengajar tentang hakikat Iman kepada penyelidik Alam Spiritual di Indonesia!

Didalam kehidupan kita ini yang terdiri dari hakikat wujudnya kita secara jasad yang zahir dan didalam jasad kita ini terkandung pula ruh kita yang bersifat batiniah menjadikan kita makhluk yang bergelar manusia!

Kita terdedah kepada gejolak hawa nafsu dan kehendak dalaman diri kita yang jika tidak dikendali dengan cermat dan teliti boleh menjerumuskan kita ke dalam lembah hina dan di laknat oleh Allahu Robbul Alamin!

Saya sudah lama menonton akan video yang terpapar di atas dan kagum dengan intipati rakaman produksi 'Dua Dunia' dari Dua Dunia Trans 7, Indonesia yang di siarkan pada 4hb November tahun 2011.

Rakaman segmen ini bertempat di Malang, Jawa Timur. Sesungguhnya bumi negara jiran kita Indonesia adalah bumi yang penuh bersejarah dan tempat dari mana berasalnya kebanyakan perguruan dan madrasah keilmuan Ad Deenul Islam.

Menonton segmen para penyelidik alam ghaib program 'Dua Dunia' berbicara dengan 'Jin Islam' yang menguasai jasad salah seorang perantara didalam bahagian pertengahan sehingga akhir episod ini menyentuh jiwa saya bilamana 'Jin Islam' itu menegur akan mereka yang menemuramah nya kerana cuma bersaksi lisan tentang memahami hakikat 'Bersyahadah'!

Sememangnya tidak ada sesiapa pun dikalangan manusia yang hidup sesudah zaman Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam mahupun Ahlul Bait Baginda serta para Sahabat Nabi Muhammad Khataman Nabiyyi yang boleh mengaku bahawa telah bersaksi akan kerasulan Baginda secara bersemuka dengan Rasul Allah!

Kita semua beriman kepada Allahu Ta'ala hanya semata mata dengan penuh keyakinan kita secara rohani terhadap Ujudnya Allah, Tuhan Maha Pencipta dan bahawa Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam adalah Utusan Allah kepada sekelian alam.

Makanya jika di ukur dengan lafaz lafaz ucapan 'Jin Islam' didalam video di atas, akan terserlah lah kelemahan ilmu atau kefahaman agama sekelian dari kita yang mungkin akan disoal akan tahap iman dan amalan masing masing?

Didalam Al-Qur'an Al Karim terdapat sebuah surah yang dikhususkan tentang Jin. Surah Al Jinn. Surah ke 72 yang mengandungi 28 ayat. Jin di jadikan Allah daripada api. Malaikat daripada cahaya dan manusia dari segala jenis tanah yang di ambil dari muka bumi ini.

Kita wajib percaya dan beriman dengan Kitab Allah. Secara tak langsung, segala apa yang diperturunkan Allahu Robbul Alamin kepada manusia melalui Malaikat Jibril Alaihis Salam kepada Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam tentang wujudnya makhluk makhluk Allah yang digelar sebagai Jin wajib kita yakin dan percaya selaku seorang yang beriman terhadap Allah!

Walau sehebat mana pun di kalangan kita ini mengaku sudah berpuluh puluh tahun belajar dan mengkaji akan ajaran agama Islam kita ini, sudah pasti akan ada sahaja bab yang belum lagi kita pelajari atau mengetahui.

Manusia adalah ciptaan Allahu Robbul Alamin yang akan disoal dan dipertanggungjawab diatas segala perbuatan dan pekerjaan kita selama hidup dan bernyawa di atas muka bumi ini.

Terserah kepada kita untuk memperbetulkan diri kita ini di hujung hujung usia dan hidupnya kita ini di Yaum al Duniya.

Samada kita nanti ke Syurga atau Neraka Allahu Ta'ala bergantung akan kitab amalan kita dan Syafa'at Nabi Muhammad Sayyidul Mursalin serta Rahmat dan Maghfirah Allah Azza Wa Jalla?

Fikir fikirkan lah!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Egyptian Army massacring its own people! Where are the democracy crowing superpowers?

As I type these words on this 10th day of Syawal, 1434 After Hijrah, there are thousands of Egyptians who have been massacred by their Egyptian Army and tens of thousands of others who have been hurt and wounded, suffering without medical care for their hospitals are being torched and burned down together with the sick and invalid!

Here is a report from Islam Abdel Rahman, a medical officer and one of those who were present at the scene of the carnage depicted above and aptly titled :

August 16, 2013 at 4:44am

'Being one of the protesters who used to camp at Rabaa sit-in, I was present at There at Wednesday morning. At about 6:00 am there was an alarm in the square that everybody should leave his tent and present in the middle of the sit-in and an emergency status was felt everywhere. 

At about 6:30, I started to experience some difficulty with the internet signal and I used to wander in the sit in and at about 6:40 I was present in the area behind the Tiba mall and then I knew that the attack has started when I found the shower of teargas thrown at the entry of the sit-in. 

It was just minutes when I have saw the first protester covered with his own blood with a severe wound in his right arm that had much of the muscle blown off from it! Being an Anesthetist and Critical Care Physician, I took the decision to go to the field hospital and volunteer my services there.  

The hospital there was well organized and seemed to have learned its lessons from the past two massacres yet with the continuous inflow of the injured, matters start to get chaotic. 

I had not been present during the last two massacres by the Republican Guards Club or during the Al Azhar Massacre so I was astonished to see the amount of horrible injuries. 

Within less than 3 hours, the hospital itself and the adjacent halls were completely full with corpses and injured protesters. The injuries varied from bird-shots to live bullets! However most of the live bullet shots were in the upper half of the body mainly in the head and neck with consequent lethal wounds. 

At about 10-10:30 am, tear gas started to be thrown close to the hospital and the air inside became so choking that forced all the hospital staff to wear their masks. 

As I was not registered in the hospital, I did not have such a mask so being unable to breathe, I left the first floor where the incoming emergency cases were being received and went upstairs to try and get one from the supplies room. 

At the second floor there was a room filled with women carrying their young children seeking refugee from the dense teargas, and another room where I got an ordinary face mask after I could not find one against the tear gas. 

I continued work with the newly injured people coming to the hospital but the situation got very worse with the high flow of patients. The severity of cases which was beyond a small field hospital, with the teargas filling the air (which I discovered later it was thrown by helicopters) and finally the sounds of bullets coming very close to the hospital. 

At 12:00 pm, there was an order to evacuate the hospital immediately as there was fears from an imminent break through the hospital and everybody was ordered to hide his medical identity, scrubs or white coats fearing of any arrest or questionnaire. 

I left the hospital passing through a huge hall which was filled with corpses of the victims, then through another hall which was filled with the wounded whose cases were not very severe (and when I say not severe meaning that they still have a few hours to live without close care but in normal conditions they would need operations) but what broke my heart was the scene of the women and old men beside their wounded loved ones, crying as there was no help for them in the middle of this bloody crackdown) 

I stayed in a corridor behind the field hospital and close to the Rabaa Mosque where there were some injured protesters who could not find any place in the hall mentioned above so they sought refuge in that corridor.

One of those injured ones who had been shot in his leg looked to me and asked "Dr! Why are you standing like this? Please go and try transfer or help any of the patients!" 

I felt much sympathy for that young man who didn't think about himself but was concerned about his mates who had been under the bloody attack! 

I did not know where to go after the hospital evacuation so I stayed in an area close to the mosque where many women were staying there along with the old men. 

The sound of the bullets being fired was continuous and terrible and smoke was filling the air. It had been just a few minutes when I started to see white smoke of the teargas filling the corridor where I stood in and I thought immediately about the injured there and the young injured man who had talked to me and didn't know if they have been evacuated or not? 

People were waving with clothes and sheets in attempt to make waves of air to reduce the terrible smell of the smoke and teargas. After about an hour, I met someone who knew that I was in the field hospital and told me that the hospital of Rabaa Charity Society had opened its doors to receive the injured, so I went there to find the hospital opening its glass doors and receiving new cases. 

I started work immediately and felt some comfort to work in a real hospital and especially when some of our colleagues managed to get supplies from the field hospital. We started to deal with the new cases and just my luck that the rate of incoming cases started to decrease. I thought of the possibility that the security forces may have halted their attack. 

I continued to work with the present cases doing my best however there were some very terrible cases. One of those was a foreign reporter (I knew from his colleague that they work for Sky News) who had been shot with a live bullet in his lower chest and he lost so much blood that he became very pale. 

I performed first aid on him, then told his colleague that this man needs urgent surgical attention. I could not find them minutes later and do not know certainly whether he was still alive or not?

I remember telling one of the Sky News team whether they could send an SOS to the world to urge the Egyptian Army and Police to stop targeting hospitals with teargas and live bullets? 

During this quiet period, I went down to the basement to get some rest but found two injured persons from my hometown there. One of them had an injury in his foot and the other in his leg, but both were alive and in great condition compared to the cases around them.

I did a CPR (life support) on one victim but he died, so I helped the team to transfer him, but we were informed that the refrigerator of the hospital was filled with about 40 bodies, and was ordered to transfer him to the third floor. 

I thought he would be the first one their but to my shock I found a wide hall covered with about 30-40 corpses on its floor. I put him besides one and went downstairs to the emergency reception only to learn that the entrance of the hospital had come under the sights of a sniper who shoots anyone coming in or out from the hospital. 

It was heart breaking to see people running very fast carrying supplies or wounded patients and try to escape from that sniper who was also targeting anyone looking out from the windows of the hospital. Later a bullet targeted the glass door smashing one of its sides. 

At about 3:00 o'clock our small peace ended with massive waves of the injured coming to the hospital. This time was much more then from the morning and the injuries were much more fatal. I have seen patients with their heads blown off and their brain tissues lying on the floor. I have also seen many victims with precision wounds in their heads or neck, after being shot by the snipers. 

It was just at 4:00 o'clock when the floors of the basement and first floor become covered completely with bodies of the injured and dead and I knew that the situation in the floors above were similar. 

There were ambulances trying to transfer patients from the back door of the hospital but with the fatality of the injured patients, I think they could just transfer about 5% of those who needed immediate surgical help. 

The situation became a tragedy because we could not cover all the incoming cases. We were thinking about the cases which may have a chance of surviving whatever small chances they might have and work on them. 

Floors became covered with blood and new patients were being passed above the ones already lying on the floors. I worked like a machine and couldn't  believe that I am alive seeing this happening in my country. 

I volunteered at the Tahrir Square Field Hospital in 2011 but it cannot be compared to the massacre of Rabaa. I could not take any pictures or document the patients and was being very busy trying save some lives. 

The stench of death was everywhere and my clothes were covered completely with blood. 

I may need to write a book to tell the stories of the many patients I dealt with. 

At 5:00 pm the bullets targeted the door again smashing it completely and the sound of firing became very intense and close. Half an hour later an open fire was raging inside the emergency reception room which was filled with medical teams and injured patients. 

Terror swept the hospital and everybody became trapped inside his place. Ten minutes later, police officers broke into the hospital. They were huge men, wearing black special ops clothing and carrying huge guns which I have never seen before. 

They ordered everybody to leave the hospital. A debate erupted about what we should do with the hundreds of injured inside who were still alive and if we should trust those officers or not but once one of these officers entered the section in which we were inside, everybody started to get out. 

When I was leaving, I told one of the officers that there were injured inside. He shouted in my face "Let them die! Let them die!" and walked menacingly towards me with his huge gun with such ferocity and was about to attack me.

Luckily, I managed to go outside through the smashed glass door while he was busy occupied with those leaving through the opposite section. 

Outside the hospital, it was a horrible scenario with corpses on the streets and fires burning everywhere. We walked beside walls under the fire of the police officers and I don't know if anybody has been killed behind me or not. 

I walked outside the nearby streets worrying if I would be shot or arrested but seems the army and police were busy with the remaining protesters inside the sit-in that they left us. 

I looked behind and saw a huge smoke arising after they had burned the hospital with everybody inside! Especially the dead corpses and the injured ones who could not leave the hospital. 

Till this moment, I will not forget about one of my latest cases of a man being shot in his head but who was still alive!

He had come to the hospital accompanied by his nephew who was about 15-16 years old. I did first aid and intubated him leaving his nephew to do the ampu breathing for him. 

While I was going outside, I could still remember seeing the helpless look of this young boy imploring us to help his uncle. The uncle most probably had been burnt down with the hospital and I don't know what has happened to that young boy?

I walked away wondering if it has really been humans who were attacking us or not? 

The shootings were purposely meant to kill and the massive injuries was beyond imagination. I would never believe that I would live to see Egyptians killed on the streets and hospitals being burnt down with living or dead patients inside. 

If this has happened to us by the actions of our fellow Egyptians who are supposed to protect us what would happen to us if a foreign enemy invades our country? 

I am writing these lines and still cannot believe it myself. 

I hope this would be a nightmare that I will wake up from soon!'


My dear readers,

This is what will happen when our politicians keep rattling the saber so to speak and wish for confrontations to take place between the Malaysian people and the Federal Government or powers that be by going onto the streets and urging our people to break the laws and resort to violence!

The culprits behind the various demonstrations and protests that have taken place here in Malaysia lately will mostly be the cowardly bastards who will high tail it out of the confrontation zone and scurry back to their holes at their infernal party headquarters.

Who will suffer like what the Egyptians are now facing?

Who else but those slogan shouting, banner waving dimwits who gather on our capital city streets and wage war against the well armed government security apparatus!

Learn from the tragedy above and seek political change if you want it so badly at the next polls.

If you are still so damn unhappy, go on and kill yourselves!!! You asked for it!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Salam Aidilfitri Mahaguru58 kepada umat Islam seantero dunia! Beraya dengan kasihsayang!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Laaa ila ha il lal laa hu Akbar! Allahu Akbar wa lillah il hamd!

Syawal menjelang kembali meraikan kemenangan kita umat Islam berjaya menyempurnakan ibadah berpuasa selama sebulan di Ramadhan nan mulia. 

Ramai dikalangan umat Islam di Malaysia ini yang agak keliru tentang bagaimana cara sepatutnya kita merayakan Aidilfitri ini!

Ada yang seumpama jin tarabus terlepas dari kekangan Ramadhan dengan bergumbira bukan kepalang gayanya! 

Bersorak sorai gegak gumpita mengalahkan yang terlepas dari rantai rantai yang mengikat mereka selama sebulan yang sudah! Hai.. lah manusia!

Kita tegor sangat pun nanti ada yang bengkek terasa sampai ke ulu hati nanti. Namun didalam kita bergembira bersama sanak saudara dan sahabat handai, elok lah kita nasihat menasihati di antara satu sama lain dengan penuh berhemah dan menggunakan hikmah!

Jangan lah hendaknya ada dikalangan kita yang bermulut lepas dan menegor tak berlapik dan menyakitkan hati sesama keluarga pada hari kebesaran kita pula!

Kalaupun ada apa apa perkara yang kita tak berkenan atau tak puas hati dengan ahli keluarga, sanak saudara atau sahabat handai kita jangan lah sampai kita tak berhati perut menegor mereka tanpa perlu!

Kita bertandang ke rumah saudara mara untuk menjalinkan hubungan silaturahim bukan nak menambah sakit hati! Betul tak?

Makanya kawan kawan. eloklah kita kawal sedikit lidah tu! 

Ada sabda Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam yang berbunyi," Jika kamu tidak mempunyai sesuatu yang baik untuk disampaikan, maka hendaklah kamu mendiamkan diri. Itu lebih baik bagi kamu jika kamu mengetahui!'

Sadaqa Rasulullahi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Maka tuan tuan dan puan puan, marilah kita ziarah menziarahi saudara mara dengan penuh kasih sayang dan pertimbangan. Biar lah mereka senang dengan kehadiran kita dan mengenangi lawatan kita dengan penuh kesyukuran dan penghargaan.

Nak sombong ape ke benda Syeikh? Kita ini bakal kembali kepada Allahu Ta'ala pada bila bila masa dari sekarang. Se elok elok nya hendaklah kehadiran kita bersama sama keluarga menjadi saat saat penuh gembira bersama mereka!

Macam keadaan Atok Uncle semalam! Dikerumuni anak anak cucu yang dah begitu rindukan saya! Alhamdulillah!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua pembaca Mahaguru58! Maaf Zahir Batin jika ada di dalam nukilan saya ini yang mengguris perasaan, menghiris kalbu dan terasa sampai ke dalam sum sum tulang temulang!

Semoga Syawal ini menjadi permulaan penyambung silaturahim yang terputus atau terjejas angkara takabur dan megah diri yang sebenarnya tidak membawa ke dalam kubor sebagai amalan yang boleh di ambil kira?

Taqabalallahu minkum!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wajah wajah di Padang MPK1 depan Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Kuantan, Pahang.

Alhamdulillah! Kami selamat tiba di Kuantan, ibu negeri Pahang Darul Makmur. Sempat singgah ke Bazar Ramadhan bersebelahan Padang MPK1 depan Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.

Sambil membeli juadah, saya sempat mengambil beberapa gambar suasana di sana. Saksikan lah hasil kerja fotografi saya.