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Monday, August 26, 2013

Genting Express Bus Crash Victim tells how it all happened? The Video!

Listen to a survivor of the Genting Express bus crash tell us how it all happened?

His story unravels the real story of a stubborn bus driver who despite knowing that the brakes of the ill fated bus had failed but due to his humongous ego not wanting to accept the realities of the situation, he went ahead and drove the bus down to their death and severe injuries!

Please focus on the context of his story and do not make fun of his ill command of the National Language!

We have to accept that this tragedy was due to human error and wrong judgment in deciding to carry on with the journey downhill with faulty brakes.

It makes no difference if the driver had worked in Singapore before or even in any of the developed countries of the world. 

When he made the wrong choice, it was not only him who paid the ultimate price with his own life but 37 other innocent passengers! Those who survived the crash down into the gully will be permanently traumatized and suffer both physical, mental and emotionally as well.

This ought to serve as a lesson for all parties involved that you do not risk the lives of yourself or your passengers when you know for sure that something as important as your vehicle's brakes are faulty and not safe to continue with your journey either up or down the highlands!

As a result, so many people have died and lives shattered!

It boils down to just one thing.

The Human Ego!

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