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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Subang Jaya illegal Chinese trader threatens MPSJ Enforcement officers! Watch the video!

An illegal Chinese trader takes out an iron rod and threatens to attack the Subang Jaya District Council enforcement officers who were just doing their job!

As usual the local Chinese population started to crowd around the mostly Malay MPSJ officers and started to create an unhealthy situation like trying to provoke them! Some of them started to stone the officers whilst the unruly illegal Chinese lawbreaker went around bashing his head against the body of his car and used his rusty iron rod to whack his head and proceeded to show his bruised forehead to those who were video recording the incident!

The obviously harassed Malay MPSJ officers sensing the growing tension around them chose to chicken out and just backed off whilst the rowdy Chinese crowd surrounding them chose to raise a ruckus!

If it had been the Malay illegal traders, those MPSJ officers would not back off and just proceed to confiscate whatever goods were there and in fact use force against the Malays! 

This is the reality here in Malaysia today where unruliness by the Chinese so called minority is often ignored by the pro-Opposition mainly Chinese controlled media such as The Sun, The Star, all the Chinese dailies and other anti-Malay media.

Adding salt to the injury is the lame-duck Malaysian BN Federal Government who waste no time in kowtowing to the incessant demands of the Chinese who taught Najib a very costly lesson in the recently concluded 13th General Elections by voting en bloc for the Opposition Pact retaining the DAP Chinese chauvinistic political party to rule over the Penang State Government, PKR in Selangor and PAS in Kelantan!

The Chinese kiasu trading without permits and licenses are prone to raising havoc when the law enforcement officers stop them from breaking the law such as in Melaka's infamous Jonker Street night market where all kinds of counterfeit goods are sold openly fleecing unsuspecting tourists and underworld triads run the show there!

Guess who turns up to protest against the closure of the Jonker Street illegal trade? 

Why, who else but the DAP taikor Lim Kit Siang who has been clamoring for a' Malaysian Malaysia' all these years and contributed practically nothing but stale foul stinking hot air in the Malaysian Parliament since the late 60s!

Thanks to the availability of videos such as the above, you the reader can see for yourself how lopsided is the so called social justice being bellowed about by those power crazy lawbreaking community!

Need I say more?

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