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Sunday, August 25, 2013

TNB screws up since 2am last night ; resumes power supply at 4.45am, blackout again at 7.25am now back on at 8.10am! WTH???

I've had a sleepless night since 2.00 am this morning! Without any advance warning, the power supply to our apartments suffered a blackout just like that!

Had to suffer a stifling sweaty night in this hot KL weather and be bothered by the intruding nasty mosquitoes!

Yeah! One doesn't have to be in the rural areas to be bothered by the pesky bloodthirsty mosquitoes for KL is full of artificial stagnant lakes like at my area here at Bandar Tun Razak bordering Bandar Sri Permaisuri where the KL City Council or DBKL as it is known by its acronym in Malay has failed to keep the water aerating pumps working at the Taman Tasik Permaisuri located nearby and thus invites legions of mosquitoes to fester around the vicinity. 

Close to the HUKM @ Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia as well.

So, fat chance for the deadly Dengue Fever causing Aedes mosquitoes to be wiped out from this township despite the intermittent fogging carried out by the DBKL appointed private contractors!

Back to TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD, our country's monopolizing power supply company! 

These tyrants have the knack to keep increasing our electric tariffs as they damn well please and the couldn't care less Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water have yet to do something about these voracious cut-throats! 

We are now forced to pay hundreds of ringgits every month just to be able to live moderately in the city with our much needed electrical appliances in our daily lives.

The unannounced power cut which started at 2.00am this morning continued till 4.45am when it resumed and I breathed a sigh of relief for the ceiling fans could operate again and give me some respite from the bothering mosquitoes!

After taking my shower and settle my Subuh prayers at 6.00am, just as I was sitting down to have a cup of coffee at 7.25am, the power went off again! 

Damn the TNB!!! Charging us so bloody high but then having such lousy service to us its paying customers!!! We are not getting power for free!!!

No wonder that the chauvinistic Malay hating Chinese so called folk rapper Namewee blasted them with all kinds of vulgar insults before!!!

Not that I support the wacko in his vitriolic You Tube rant but I somewhat share and understand his frustrations! 

Most of our gadgets nowadays require constant electrical power supply and as a matter of coincidence, I have had to turn off our air-conditioning unit as it is time to have it serviced.

The intermittent power blackout caused by TNB has aggravated my suffering since last night and I am pretty damn sure that the buggers won't even bother to apologize to us its long suffering clients or to compensate us for the triple blackouts since early this morning!

Malaysian utility suppliers have not been known to have the decency to do that! Unlike their constantly untrue advertising campaigns over national television to be this or that putting up a false front of being so bloody dependable, TNB really can't be trusted to keep us in the light always despite their dubious self praising narcissistic campaign as shown in their seasonal nationwide television broadcasted advertorials!

The Malay saying 'Cakap tak serupa bikin!' comes to mind!!! 

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