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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Unifi's HYPP TV Service Sucks! Frequent Service Interruptions! No Apology! No Compensation!

I am sure that most of you have watched or heard of TM promoting its UNIFI broadband internet services and the accompanying HYPP TV fibre optics television viewing packages.

Fed up with Astro satellite television channels which often go off static and leave our television screens blank with no prior warnings when there is even a slight drizzle or thunderstorm, I opted to end our service contract with ASTRO and signed up with UNIFI and subscribed to their HYPP TV package.

For starters, it was cool to have a faster internet connection and getting to surf smoother online and enjoy streaming videos on You Tube! But just like usual, such services soon fell through as the usual 'tidak apa attitude' that most of this country's service providers often are infamous for, set in!

Despite continuously crowing about their marketing slogan 'Through Rain or Shine' uninterrupted broadcasting, Unifi and Hypp TV caused us to lose out on getting to view the programs that we pay quite a sum for.

Recently Unifi just went up and caused us, its paying customers FREQUENT loss of program viewing without any advance warning or compensation! What kind of compensation I am talking about?

How about cutting off at least 5 to 10 percent from our subscription fees for the month affected where we have had these service interruptions?

Its one thing to promise your customers of uninterrupted top quality service but then to keep having these frequent service disruptions and just carrying on as if nothing happened is just sheer irresponsibility on Unifi's part!

And if you dial their 1300-88-1221 'hotline' to complain about it, be prepared to sweat it out talking to their automated service response number!

At least with ASTRO, you know that their satellite tv broadcast service sucks when there is rain ; with Hypp TV, you get service interruptions even when it is on a clear bright sun shiny day!

These TV broadcast services suck big time! Lousy and undependable!

When will Malaysia's service providers ever be reliable or responsible???

So much for their incessant incompetency!!!

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