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Monday, March 31, 2014

Irene Fernandez dah tamat riwayat di kunjungi Malaikatul Maut pagi tadi! Alhamdulillah!

Umat Islam di negara ini patut bersyukur di atas kunjungan Malaikatul Maut Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam terhadap salah seorang musuh Islam di Malaysia iaitu si Irene Fernandez, salah seorang pengasas NGO Tenaganita pada jam 10:58 pagi tadi di Wad Rawatan Koronari, Hospital Serdang!

Musuh Islam seorang ini amat tegar menyokong penggunaan Kalimah Allah oleh pihak Gereja Katolik Kristian Malaysia dan salah seorang pendokong Reformasi Anwar Ibrahim!

Irene Fernandez juga merupakan duri didalam daging kepada Kerajaan Malaysia dan sering menimbulkan masaalah kepada pihak berkuasa negara!

Irene Fernandez ini amat degil dan sering mengutuk serta memusuhi kerajaan kita! 

Saksikan wajah yang penuh berisi 'Narrini :

Apakah tuan tuan dan puan puan sudah lupa akan rakaman video ini?

Beraninya dia mencabar pihak berkuasa Agama Islam Malaysia adalah disebabkan seorang lagi jendalu pencetus kacau bilau dan protes jalanan di dalam negara tercinta kita iaitu Anwar Ibrahim!

Manusia yang bersikap sesumpah politik dan liberalis agama ini naik tocang disebabkan adanya sokongan dan dokongan puak puak pengacau seperti si Irene Fernandez ini!

Professor Datuk Dr Harun Din Al Haj, Timbalan Mursyidul Am PAS telah menyatakan bantahan tegas beliau terhadap penggunaan Kalimah Allah oleh puak Kaffir Kristian

Ikuti rakaman video saya di kediaman Prof Datuk Dr Harun Din (Semoga di Rahmati Allahu Ta'ala) pada tahun 2010 dahulu:

Dengan mati nya Irene Fernandez, maka kurang lah seorang lagi musuh Islam di Malaysia!

Syukur Alhamdulillah! Kalau kat kampong, dah kenduri pisang ni! :-)

Semoga akan segera di turuti musuh2 Islam lain selepas tamatnya riwayat si Irene ini! 

Masing masing pun sudah menghampiri tarikh luput! Tak lama lagi le tu! 

Tuan puan tahu saja lah siapa siapa yang saya maksudkan!

Insya Allah!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Matta Academy host Shane Dallas @ The Travel Camel, renowned Travel Blogger in sharing know how with Malaysian Travel Agents

I was invited by Mr.Uzaidi Udanis, the Vice President of Education and Training, MATTA ACADEMY to attend a talk by Mr.Shane Dallas, a world renowned Travel Blogger.

Shane Dallas is known as The Travel Camel amongst the world's travel bloggers. This Australian single man has been to 70 over countries and is quite a prolific blogger himself.

I was among the earliest to arrive. Met Shane Dallas and for a minute there thought of the movie character Indiana Jones! :P

Shane Dallas was quite a character and was easy to strike up a conversation with. Introduced myself as a blogger and he was happy to know that I was a photographer too.

Soon, the participants consisting of travel agents and tourism related industry players started to fill up the hall. Uzaidi Udanis sure knows how to organize a training session.

The event started with Uzaidi Udanis welcoming all participants to the talk and asked us to join him in observing a 2 minutes silence in remembrance of the missing MAS flight # MH370.

He then introduced Mr. Shane Dallas as a travel blogger who had graciously accepted Uzaidi's invitation to share with us his experiences as a successful world renowned Travel Blogger. 

Shane Dallas started his talk by sharing with us about his background. He had been traveling for about 30 years. Public speaking for 20 years and has been a travel blogger for the last 10 years. Having been to over 70 countries and still counting, this young single Australian traveller has been to places which most people shy away from.

Places such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, North Korea, Somaliland, Tajikistan and Yemen has been amongst his favorite stopovers. 

According to Shane, he found the Afghanistanis to be amongst the friendliest people that he has met. 

Shane Dallas then shared with us about the importance of travel blogging and how it can be utilized to boost the tourism industry.

According to Shane, there are several social media platforms that can be best utilized to boost travel and tourism. He uses The Travel Blog as his blog platform.

Industry players have a choice as to which form of Social Media they wish to use? 

There are Travel Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube that can showcase a country's special attractions and draw attention to off the travel maps exclusive locales and unique cultures and traditions not found elsewhere.

He also shared with us tips that can be used by those who choose to be Travel Bloggers.

Shane emphasized that for Travel Bloggers to be successful, they need to know what kind of content they enter into their blogs?

Shane posing for his silhouette shot
He shared with the audience that 'Content is King!'

To be a good travel blogger, one has to make sure that one's blog has :

  • Content
  • Conversation
  • Compatibility
  • Coverage

Content is very important in getting viewers to share emotion by the usage of good photography!

The right kind of information presented correctly will evoke the appropriate emotions of the travel blog readers.

Effective blogs evoke emotions! That's what he said.

Mr.Uzaidi introducing Shane Dallas, The Travel Camel Blogger
Shane also reminded us to be aware of spam. Those of us who blog have to make sure that our blogs are free from spam. 

Mr.Uzaidi sharing his views about the event
He also shared with us that he doesn't have ads in his own travel blog for that might lead to distractions from what we want to share or highlight in our articles.

I agree with him. That's the reason why in my blog here, I choose as to which type of adverts appear in my sidebar.

I used to have ads by Google but then when I found that by having ads from Google, sometimes the type of products or issues that Google advertises runs contrary to what I have as my principles and as such, I chose to remove such links. 

I don't mind losing potential revenue from such ads but I'd rather keep my blog free from unsavory content especially from uncontrollable ads.

One way that we can draw attention to our blogs is by engaging in communication with our blog readers. 

By responding to queries about what we have shared like places that we have traveled to or certain restaurants, places where special or unique foods are served or sold, chances are that we will stir the interest of people out there to come check out what we have highlighted in our blogs!

According to Shane, he has had many instances where his blog readers have emailed him asking about the content in his travel articles? In a way that increases the chances of people travelling to visit those places where he himself has visited and they want to come see those places and experience it for themselves.

Photo courtesy of The Travel Camel
Travel bloggers can draw attention to either their own countries or other places by highlighting for example the top 10 places to visit in a certain area or if they were more keen about food, to share info about where to go for the best nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur or whatever?

An easy example would be if you were writing about Penang, then you can share with your readers as to where to go for the best Nasi Kandar or Char Koay Teow?
Nasi Kandar

Char Koay Teow
If one wants to add visuals to one's travel articles, nothing is as eye catching as a good, well captured photograph to compliment one's writings. 

An excellent photograph related to what we are blogging about will help draw the attention of the reader to share in the experience that the travel blogger went through!

A well composed photograph evokes emotion! Control of light is also important. It creates a mood. A well captured photograph helps convey what we wish to share with our viewers.

It might just trigger the person to travel to the place to see with their own eyes what they saw through your photograph. Thus a travel blogger ought to be well equipped with the right kind of cameras and know how to capture interesting sights to be used as interesting content in your travel articles.

In order to succeed in taking good portraits, a photographer must first make connection with his or her subject or subjects. By establishing a connection with the subjects, the photographer would be able to get the subject or subjects to pose willingly and the end results would be just marvelous!

The travel blogger needs to have basic photography skills such as knowing how to shoot photos that have a good composition.

As a photographer myself, I have purchased a Nikon DSLR camera. A zoom lens is very important to be able to capture sights and scenes that wouldn't be easy to shoot using just a phone camera. The depth and clarity wouldn't be the same. It pays to invest in a good DSLR camera. The results are simply much more better than ordinary cameras.

If you are serious about wanting to be a good travel blogger then you must get yourself a reliable DSLR camera plus the necessary zoom or macro lenses in order to be able to photograph those special places that you are traveling to or to posterize the interesting people you come across.

Shane Dallas has been successful in his vocation as a travel blogger due to his love for travel and wanting to learn more about different people, different cultures and countries of this world.

His being single adds to his freedom to roam the world and experience various lifestyles of the humankind.

Not everyone can afford to travel as he does but where there's a will ; there'll surely be a way.

It's all up to us.

After the talk, there was a Q & A session where the travel agents present wanted to know whether there's money to be made through travel blogging?

Shane answered that as far as he is concerned, no. It is a passion that he takes to heart and travels to lands and places that many do not tread to fulfill his own wanderlust!

One travel agent wanted to know whether there's a way to be amongst the top 10 travel bloggers in an express manner to which Shane replied in the negative.

Any travel blogger's fame or fortune is decided by what he shares and how he shares it?

It takes time and perseverance to build up one's niche in the blogosphere. One's integrity and trustworthiness decides one's place online.

After the Q&A session, we all exchanged business cards and then posed for photographs.

To summarize the event, I'd say that it was a mutually satisfying experience for all of us who attended this event hosted by The Matta Academy.

I am looking forward to join Uzaidi Udanis and THE MATTA ACADEMY in their future programs. 

May MATTA ACADEMY help Malaysia's Tourism and Travel Industry by producing quality travel agents and tourism industry operators for the benefit of our beloved nation.

Insya Allah.

L to R : Uzaidi Udanis, Mahaguru58, Shane Dallas, Zamiel Zukie.
* This is a Sponsored ArticleContact Mahaguru58 if you wish to engage his services in promoting your business. Reasonable rates. Prompt publishing. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Friday, March 21, 2014

#MH370 ~ Dealing with tragedy - Stark Difference between how Muslims and Unbelievers handle it!

Have you realized the stark difference in the manner by which the Muslims and the Unbelievers families of the yet to be found flight #MH370 Boeing 777-200ER handle the situation?

The recent chaotic manner by which the Chinese passengers families wailed and shrieked as if they had been possessed by some kind of unruly demons betray the way Muslims and Non Muslims deal with tragedy and loss of beloved family members!

Look at the way this Chinese woman created such a ruckus by shrieking like a gone stir crazy banshee driving everybody nuts at the hotel where relatives of the missing flight #MH370 passengers and flight crew have been waiting since the 8th of March, 2014!

This unruly manner of wailing like crazy only goes on to show the different manner by which people of faith and those without it behave!

Below is a photo showing weeping and wailing North Korean female soldiers expressing their grief over the passing of their leader, Kim Jong-il!

Another photo here shows an Indian woman wailing over the death of her family member in the 2004 deadly tsunami! Could it have brought back her dead relative? Wishful thinking!

In the Islamic tradition and example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, we who are Muslims are enjoined to observe the following guidelines or guidance as to how to conduct ourselves in times of sorrow and grief such as when our loved ones pass away or are involved in a serious accident or misfortune.

In times such as the death of our loved ones, we are enjoined to accept such a tragedy by saying " Inna lillah hi wa inna ilaihi ra ji uun! '' which means ' From Allah we came ; to Allah we return! '

Straight and simple. We face the fact that our loved one exists no more. Be realistic about it and be ready to do what is needed. Such as preparing the remains for a proper burial according to our faith's rules and regulations. 

Seeing to what needs to be done and assisting the bereaved family to carry out the funeral arrangements. Notifying the authorities of the death and prompt registration of death and carrying out all the legal requirements that needs to be done.   

Shrieking and wailing like mad serves no purpose! It does no good to the living ; what more to the dead?  

Of all mankind, the Blessed Final and Greatest Messenger of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam was the most accepting of Allah's Will! He showed his mercy and compassion by weeping upon the death of his son, Ibrahim.

Although he was quite saddened by the demise of his son, own flesh and blood, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam didn't go crazy by screaming out loud protesting against Fate as what the Chinese woman in the picture above did!

He wept silently, shedding tears of grief but was quite accepting of what Allahu Ta'ala had decided! He said "The eyes shed tears and the heart is full of sorrow but we say only that which the Lord accepts!"

That is the beauty of Adab @ Good Mannerisms which the Blessed Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam showed us and which we are enjoined to emulate.

The Mercy of Allah for all Creation forbade us from slapping our cheeks, pulling of our hair and loudly wailing decrying a death!

In some countries, their culture and norms encourages the loud wailing and weeping hysterically over the death of those whom they loved or submitted themselves to. 

Here is an example of how the people of North Korea wept and wailed hysterically over the death of their leader, Kim Jong-il :

This prohibition by the Prophet against weeping hysterically over the death of a loved one is due to the reason that by doing so will be akin to not accepting the Will of Allah over us and such a behavior is tantamount to disbelieving in Destiny! Qada' and Qadr! That's a major sin and can negate one's Iman and Aqeedah!

It's not acceptable that one should lose one's decorum over any unforeseen turn of events or circumstances!

Watch another example below. A Chinese woman misses her flight in Hong Kong! See how she reacts!!!

I figure that due to their nature of not being of those who have faith in Allah and maybe because they do not have the spiritual conviction of a good future in the Hereafter, they tend to go overboard in expressing their feelings when faced with a life challenge here on Earth, they just flip out over the slightest inconvenience!

Such a display of uncontrollable behavior over something that can still be solved by adjusting one's plans accordingly is a sure sign of immaturity of the person! That's not going to raise anyone's perception of the individual. He or she will be shunned and avoided like the plague!

Be sensible and avoid throwing a tantrum and stop behaving like a lunatic. The reality can't be changed. We all come to be and will one day cease to exist! This is what Allah the Almighty has decreed for us. Even the mightiest of Allah's Messengers are no longer with us.

Every living being, creature, plant or organism will die. It's inevitable. 'Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut!' @ 'Whatever that lives will die'.

We just have to go about it in a manner befitting our roles as human beings. Those who have been given the duty by Allah to take care of this planet and its inhabitants by using the faculties of reason that He has imbued in us and taught us through His revelations through His prophets and messengers. Guiding us as to how to live this life and to prepare for the next!

It's a shame that even amongst those who call themselves as Muslims, this horrendous practice of wailing and weeping hysterically continues in some countries and cultures. I even came across this site which encourages the readers to teach their daughters in wailing! What a useless idea! 

Weeping and wailing Palestinian women after members of their family were killed by the Israelis! Below are Israeli women crying hysterically after their family members were killed by Palestinians. United in grief! More pics here.

Grief can and should be handled in a wise and more rational manner. Crying out loud isn't going to reverse the fate that has taken place over us. 

No amount of tears shed sincerely or faked is going to return the departed back into this living world! Only in fictional sci-fi movies can that figment of one's vivid imagination come true! Albeit it be just make believe.

There are some amongst the Middle East and Far Eastern countries where this happens as part of their traditions. These unIslamic traditions are a source of embarrassment to us and a disturbing trend amongst those who despite their adopting the required code of modesty as commanded by Allah the Almighty fail to observe the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam!

Al-Mughirah bin Shu`bah Radhiallahu Anhu (May Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (Sallallaahu ’Alaihi Wassallam) saying, "He who allows (others) to wail over his death, will be punished for it on the Day of Resurrection.'' [Hadith relayed by Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

This hadith means that we should teach our family members not to lose control and grieve over our eventual demise excessively by weeping hysterically, wailing like those without faith, shrieking like banshees and tearing at their clothes in uncontrolled expressions of unbridled emotions!

This is what the hadith conveys by the Prophet's saying 'He who allows others to wail over his death!'. Dead persons can't get up and tell off their weeping family members, can they?

Exercise proper decorum and be accepting of what Allah's Qada' and Qadr' befalls us and all those whom we care for. Eventually we shall all exist no more until we are all resurrected to answer for our actions here on this Earth.

Insya Allah! Do exercise patience and maintain our Iman @ Faith in Allah at al times.

Don't degrade our dignity by behaving irrationally like that woman from China! 

So disgusting!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

PM Dato Seri Najib Razak! Are you allowing the 'Life In Color' Concert at Sepang on the 19th April 2014?

This event is scheduled to take place at the Sepang International Circuit on the 19th of April, 2014. Click here to read about it!

Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

We all know what took place at the recent deadly Future Music Festival 2014 at Bukit Jalil recently!

6 concert goers died as a result of them overdosing after taking the drug methamphetamine during the event. Many others who had taken the same drugs were in a critical condition and are still being treated at hospitals.

The six who died were locals, known as Kamal Zekry Kamal Basha, 22, Victor Wong E Hern, 26, Sabreena Kamaruddin, 21, M.Suresh, 28, Syazana Sohaime, 23, and Nor Faizza Mohd Wazir, 27,

Police confirm that they were pronounced dead upon arrival at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) and the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (PPUKM).

Here is a photo of what is suspected to be the said lethal drugs that were distributed during the concert! 

Photo courtesy of this blog.
Read more about it here

Dato Seri,

I know it's not easy for you to please everybody especially the youth of today who are always out to have a jolly good time regardless of what you or any other person says but in the interest of the nation and for the sake of preventing further losses of life, you really ought to consider banning this potentially destructive event from taking place here in this nation of ours!

Dato Seri, 

Do take into consideration the feelings of the grieving families of the still missing MAS Flight #MH370 passengers and crew that in these testing times where we all have yet to know the location and fate of #MH370, the Government of Malaysia could still be allowing such a huge concert to take place?

Nothing's good is going to come out of this! That's for sure.

For Malaysia which calls itself as a Muslim nation to allow this Mother of all Concerts to take pace which will involve all kinds of maksiat to take place and guess who will be blamed if it so happens?

No prizes for guessing but it will all come back to you!


Because you are the Prime Minister of Malaysia, of course!

He who calls the shots!

Best for you to nip this in the bud before you get crucified for it later! 

Metaphorically speaking if you understand my English! 

Just a friendly reminder.

It's all up to you!

Azan is called out in a Los Angeles Church! Allahu Akbar! Praised be Allah! (Updated)

This calling of the Azan in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles @ Cathedral Center of St. Paul, 840 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026 United States of America was made during a recent inter faith dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims living there.

Friends ask me about the permissibility of calling out the Azan in a Christian Church?

Is it allowed in Islam?

Well, frankly speaking, I think one has to take the prevailing circumstances into account before responding to comment on such an action?

Why was the Azan being called out in the first instance in that church?

From what I gather from the blog reports coming concerning the calling of the Azan in the particular church on that event was that the organizers of the interfaith dialog wanted to give respect to the attending members of the Muslim congregation and asked them as to how best to accord to them the respect and recognition of their presence in the gathering?


* A brother by the name of Imran Chaudhry emailed me with feedback about the true identity of the Muezzin in the video above. He sent me proof of the Caller of the Azan to be the actor Abdel Wahab Ben Youcef.

It is with great relief that I am updating this article with this newly discovered information. 

Credit has to be given where it is due and in this case, let the appreciation be duly accorded to Brother Abdel Wahab Ben Youcef! May Allah reward him and grant him salvation, Insya Allah!

Actor Abdel Wahab Ben Youcef has done well with this calling out of the azan in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, California, USA. 

I can only state my opinion being that all Children of Adam Alaihis Salam @ mankind are by the state of 'Fitrah' originating from Adam and Eve who were the first Muslims. 

What more being our Parents for we who are Muslims believe in the Creation of Adam Alaihis Salam to be the first Man and from him henceforth came all the generations of humankind who eventually returned to their origin of where their essence were taken from Mother Earth?

So, if you were to ask me whether it's right or wrong for the Azan to called out in a Christian Church as what Abdel Wahab Ben Youcef has done, I find no fault in such an action for the occasion was unique and was an interfaith dialog between Christians, Jews and Muslims living there in Los Angeles, a melting pot for humanity in the USA.

It all depends on one's intentions and the circumstances that led to Abdel Wahab Ben Youcef volunteering to call out the Azan and in the beautiful manner that he did.

It could be a one off incident but we need to appreciate the prevailing circumstances that led to the wonderful moment where the Azan was called out in such a manner that it reverberated throughout the church interiors in a splendid acoustic environment!

I wonder as to how those gathered there at the event would have been moved by the experience?

Listening to the azan in such surroundings would surely have a profound effect in those whose hearts seek God!

I have always believed that devoted Christians would be the closest in faith and inclinations towards seeking True God Almighty just as we Muslims do!

We are the closest in faith towards the Almighty. The only thing that differentiates us Muslims and the Christians are the concept of God.

Muslims worship only One True God ~ Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala whereas Christians go on and worship their Trinitarian Concept of God, the 3 in 1 godhood they say is their god the father, god the son and god the holy ghost.

It only takes a Christian the courage and clarity that there can only be One God and that Jesus that they claim to be God's Son is but a noble messenger of God who was sent only to the Israelites as even what is said to be their bible claims as such :

<< Matthew 15:24 >>
New International Version (©1984)
He answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel."
New Living Translation (©2007)
Then Jesus said to the woman, "I was sent only to help God's lost sheep--the people of Israel."
English Standard Version (©2001)
He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”
New American Standard Bible (©1995)
But He answered and said, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
International Standard Version (©2008)
But he replied, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel."
GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)
Jesus responded, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel."
King James Bible
But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
American King James Version
But he answered and said, I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
American Standard Version
But he answered and said, I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Bible in Basic English
But he made answer and said, I was sent only to the wandering sheep of the house of Israel.
Douay-Rheims Bible
And he answering, said: I was not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel.
Darby Bible Translation
But he answering said, I have not been sent save to the lost sheep of Israel's house.
English Revised Version
But he answered and said, I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Webster's Bible Translation
But he answered and said, I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Weymouth New Testament
"I have only been sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel," He replied.
World English Bible
But he answered, "I wasn't sent to anyone but the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
Young's Literal Translation
and he answering said, 'I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.'

Even though it is so crystal clear in the verse above no matter as to how many versions of the Bible the Christians have come up with, the answer that Eesa Alaihis Salam is said to have given them that he the Messiah is sent by God ONLY TO THE LOST SHEEP (PEOPLE) OF ISRAEL and not to other tribes and people of the world, such a clear statement escapes those whose hearts and minds are sealed by their own volition or choice!

All we can do as Muslims is to share with them what we have come to learn about the truth with regard to Isa ibnu Mariam to be but another noble messenger of Allah and not the 'son' of God as he is made out to be by the Christians. Na'uzubillah! God Forbid! 

Allah clearly states His Being free of any such association here in the Surah Al Ikhlas

So, to me, the question as to whether it is alright for Ben Youcef to have called out the Azan in as beautiful a manner as what he has done, I can only wish him well and that he will be rewarded by Ar Rahman accordingly both here in this life and in the Akhirah, Insya Allah!

It is important for Muslims to share the truth about Al Islam with those who have yet to learn about the only revealed faith for All Mankind from Allah the Almighty!

In Surah An Nahl, Chapter 16 Verse 125 in the Al Quran Al Karim, Allah commands us to invite all to the Way of our Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and also to reason with them (the Unbelievers) in ways that are best and most gracious.

Calling Non Believers to learning the truth about Islam doesn't mean that we are to go to such extents that borders on syubahah @ joining with them in their forms of worshiping other deities apart from Allah the Almighty!

No sirree! One has to be absolutely firm that he or she doesn't stray into the forbidden territory of As Shirk Al Akbar or even the minor forms of Shirk which will also throw oneself into the burning abyss of the Hellfire's!

Na'uzubillahiminzalik! May Allah forbid!

Sitting together with the Unbelievers in so called 'Interfaith Forums or Dialogues' can backfire if inadvertently a Muslim subconsciously comes to nod in acquiescence to the Kaffir's form of worshiping something other than Allahu Ta'ala! 

You have to be very careful on that!

As for the Catholic Church here in Malaysia wanting to be allowed to use the term 'Allah' for their Church publications to refer to their concept of Trinitarian 3 in 1 'Godhood', its entirely a different matter.

It is blasphemous to claim as such for Allah the Eternal, the Absolute is truly Unique and must never be associated with what they claim Him to be!

Such calling of the Azan in a Christian Church is not the first. There have been other instances. Here's one that took place in Rome:

There have also been instances where Christians visit the mosque to learn about how Muslims pray to and worship Allah our True God Almighty :

Have these Christian visitors become Muslims?

No. They have just learned about the Islamic manner of worship. Faith is a different matter. They now know the meanings of the Muslim prayers. Its entirely up to each person to study and investigate about Islam if they so wish on their own. 

Whether they eventually choose to become a Muslim is entirely up to their own individual choice or volition?

Here's a video showing a Swiss Artist by the name of Johannes Gees who is a Non Muslim man who so loves the Azan that he goes on a mission to set up sound bombs playing out the Azan in church steeples and valleys of Switzerland. 

I think he is also quite a gifted sound engineer. So creative. :) Johannes Gees has a mission to change the Swiss's attitude against Islam.

I feel that such an action isn't right for it sort of violates the sanctity of those buildings of another faith and its occupants!

The fact that these actions are but the work of a Non Muslim has probably not sparked off a chain of events and caused friction between Christians and Muslims there in Switzerland but it has happened way back in 2007 and we can only watch such actions here on You Tube as to the connection that the Azan has to us human beings regardless of faith. 

The man simply loves the sound of the Azan and in this instance it is the Azan from Masjidil Haraam in Makkah al Mukkarramah, Arabia.

Just imagine the impact it must have made on those unsuspecting people who were suddenly assailed by the broadcasting of the Azan in a country not known to have such Azans being called out loud in such a manner? 

One old lady is even caught on video here saying it doesn't disturb her at all and prefers listening to the Azan instead of the Pope! :P

How would we respond if the others were to pull the same stunt unto us? World War 3 would be unleashed! God Forbid!

Let me share with you a rare video of the actual Muezzin who calls out the exclusive Azan from the Masjidil Haram in Makkah Al Mukarramah : 

The Muezzin's name is Sheikh Ali Abdul Rahman Ahmed Mulla. A world famous Muezzin who is always being invited all over the world to call out the Azan especially during the holy month of Ramadan. He has been here in Malaysia as well.

This is Sheikh Ali Abdul Rahman Ahmed Mulla calling out the Azan at the Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah at Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

May Allah reward the Sheikh accordingly, Insya Allah!

Here's another Non Muslim lady who accords due respect to the Azan :

May Allah bless her with His Guidance and Blessings. Ameen.

Here's an Azan from one of my favorite Callers to Islam, the beloved Allahyarham Al Ustaz Mohd Asri bin Ibrahim, lead vocal of Malaysian Nasyeed champions Rabbani :

May Allah shower him with the best of Jannahtul Firdaus. Ameen.

Let's now listen to the real deal straight from the holiest spot here on Earth :

May we all be blessed and guided by Allah the Most Merciful to live a life free from harm and to be showered with His Mercy and Blessings.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Azmin Ali, PKR's VP Launches Reformasi 2.0! Will the Royal Malaysian Police respond?

Well, looks like the nation is going to suffer another round of instability with the PKR's Vice President Azmin Ali launching what he promises to be the start of their party's Reformasi 2.0 street protests to overthrow the lawfully elected Malaysian Barisan Nasional Federal Government!

This is following their unhappiness over the 5 years jail term sentencing of Anwar Ibrahim, their party's de facto leader who has finally been convicted for sodomizing his male aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan!

Azmin Ali stands to lose a lot if Anwar ibrahim ends up in prison following any failure to win his appeal against this conviction! 

Azmin will no longer have the strong backing of Anwar to derail Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and be in a position of power to backup Anwar to replace Khalid as the Selangor Menteri Besar IF the Kajang N25 State Assembly constituents will still be so dumb as to vote for the PKR again in this self induced by-election!

Following Anwar's conviction for sodomy, he loses his chance to stand for this N25 Kajang by-election and in an apparent, play safe move has nominated his long supportive wife to replace him.

Anwar can surely depend on his wife to make way for him once again by resigning from her post as the Kajang Assemblywoman IF she wins the contested seat on the strength of garnering sympathy votes from the gullible Kajang voters!

The way these PKR Opposition politicians go about abusing the electoral process and act as if they can get away with just about anything is simply mind boggling! 

Top that off with the hordes of dimwits supporting these conniving politicians regardless of whatever screw ups and obvious betrayal of their trusts and non deliverance of so many political promises that they dish out like nobody's business in the course of their political hoodwinking of the gullible ill informed Opposition supporters!

Come to think of it? Since 1998, the PKR has been behind all the street protests and civil disturbances that has rocked our nation unnecessarily and caused so much hardships to the business community who happen to fall victim to loss of revenue and income as a result of having to close their shops and lose customers during the destructive street protests, etc.

I don't think any of such traders and business people had been compensated for their losses by the protest organizers! Please update me if there has been any such compensations.

Anwar Ibrahim has been taking the people for a ride since he lost all his official government positions following his getting sacked by Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad. 

He was arrested on September 20, 1998. Subsequently charged with corruption for allegedly interfering with police investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. He was jailed for 9 years but served only 6 following his successful appeal against his imprisonment!

You can read all about him here. Don't wish to bore you with his history. The reason why I am writing this article is to alert everyone about the dangers of allowing a recurrence of the street protests by PKR whom we can now identify as the Parti Kelentong Rakyat for the way they have been pulling a fast one on the people by dishing out endless promises of this and that but which have not been delivered since they came into being!

Remember Anwar's promises to the villagers at Kg.Buah Pala, Glugor, Penang?

If there has been any of the PKR politicians having ever contributed to the well being of their constituents life, kindly share with us so that we can remember them for their having served the people?

From what I have seen, it's just been a long list of instigation's, destructive and wasteful street protests, creating disharmony and unrest, every other day, week, month and years since they came into being!

I just hope that the N25 Kajang Voters will vote wisely this time around. PKR had already won the N25 Kajang seat in the 13th GE and there had been no problems with regard to the election results. The BN had graciously accepted the election results and things were going on as usual. 

Suddenly, out of the blue, Lee Chin Cheh the PKR N25 Kajang State Assemblyman (photo below) tendered in his resignation! 

He just resigned his post without discussing with the voters as to his kowtowing to Anwar's Ibrahim's wish to use the N25 Kajang State Assembly seat as his launch pad to displace Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as the Selangor Menteri Besar! 

Is this what the Kajang voters asked for? A kowtowing assemblyman?

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's face clearly shows his displeasure at this move by Anwar to unseat him as the Selangor Menteri Besar if he is able to pull off the coup de etat by contesting as the new PKR candidate for the self induced N25 Kajang By-Election!

All these politicians are willing to risk their reputation and political careers just to satisfy one man's never ceasing ambition to become Malaysia's next Prime Minister!

They tend to overlook any of his wrongdoings and are ready to bend over for the fella to step on to their backs in his climb towards achieving his political ambitions!

Now, it's been decided that Wan Azizah will once again be the sacrificial lamb chosen to try and wrest the N25 Kajang State Assembly seat to be held for her ever ambitious husband to be used as his platform to grab the Selangor Menteri Besar seat from Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in the future!

Wan Azizah will be counting on the sympathy votes from the Kajang voters this time around and if need be, she's ever ready to shed more tears in order to win them over!

She is surely a remarkable woman who is willing to do just anything for her PM wannabe husband, no matter how many times he is charged with immoral activities!

She is even pictured laughingly showing the said video incriminating her husband Anwar Ibrahim!

How many other women do you know who are so supportive of their husband no matter what anyone accuses them with? Frankly speaking, I don't know of any who are of her fortitude!

Either she's just one extraordinary loyal wife's out there for her staunchly standing by Anwar Ibrahim, one of Malaysia's most controversial politician to date or simply a bewitched wife, incapable of saying no to him! 

I don't have the heart to say anything more about her. She's just plain unbelievable!

Anwar Ibrahim must thank Allah for providing him with such a loyal spouse!

In the meantime, Khalid Ibrahim must be really happy now that Anwar is out of the picture! 

Stopping short of saying that he is willing to make way for Anwar if the latter does eventually be in a position to displace him as the next Selangor Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim shares his views about the current status quo and the challenges that he is facing from those who are out to dislodge him :

Whatever transpires in the next few weeks and whoever gets to be the new N25 Kajang State Assemblywoman since it is Wan Azizah (PKR) versus MCA's Vice President Chew Mei Fun, it is up to the voters of Kajang to decide their constituency's future?

Only thing we should all pray for is that these politicians will go about it in a peaceful manner and not create trouble for the nation! 

No one is stopping anyone from contesting for political power anywhere but just hoping that commonsense will prevail and the nation as a whole be allowed to prosper in relative peace and harmony!

That's all!