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Monday, March 10, 2014

Azmin Ali, PKR's VP Launches Reformasi 2.0! Will the Royal Malaysian Police respond?

Well, looks like the nation is going to suffer another round of instability with the PKR's Vice President Azmin Ali launching what he promises to be the start of their party's Reformasi 2.0 street protests to overthrow the lawfully elected Malaysian Barisan Nasional Federal Government!

This is following their unhappiness over the 5 years jail term sentencing of Anwar Ibrahim, their party's de facto leader who has finally been convicted for sodomizing his male aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan!

Azmin Ali stands to lose a lot if Anwar ibrahim ends up in prison following any failure to win his appeal against this conviction! 

Azmin will no longer have the strong backing of Anwar to derail Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and be in a position of power to backup Anwar to replace Khalid as the Selangor Menteri Besar IF the Kajang N25 State Assembly constituents will still be so dumb as to vote for the PKR again in this self induced by-election!

Following Anwar's conviction for sodomy, he loses his chance to stand for this N25 Kajang by-election and in an apparent, play safe move has nominated his long supportive wife to replace him.

Anwar can surely depend on his wife to make way for him once again by resigning from her post as the Kajang Assemblywoman IF she wins the contested seat on the strength of garnering sympathy votes from the gullible Kajang voters!

The way these PKR Opposition politicians go about abusing the electoral process and act as if they can get away with just about anything is simply mind boggling! 

Top that off with the hordes of dimwits supporting these conniving politicians regardless of whatever screw ups and obvious betrayal of their trusts and non deliverance of so many political promises that they dish out like nobody's business in the course of their political hoodwinking of the gullible ill informed Opposition supporters!

Come to think of it? Since 1998, the PKR has been behind all the street protests and civil disturbances that has rocked our nation unnecessarily and caused so much hardships to the business community who happen to fall victim to loss of revenue and income as a result of having to close their shops and lose customers during the destructive street protests, etc.

I don't think any of such traders and business people had been compensated for their losses by the protest organizers! Please update me if there has been any such compensations.

Anwar Ibrahim has been taking the people for a ride since he lost all his official government positions following his getting sacked by Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad. 

He was arrested on September 20, 1998. Subsequently charged with corruption for allegedly interfering with police investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. He was jailed for 9 years but served only 6 following his successful appeal against his imprisonment!

You can read all about him here. Don't wish to bore you with his history. The reason why I am writing this article is to alert everyone about the dangers of allowing a recurrence of the street protests by PKR whom we can now identify as the Parti Kelentong Rakyat for the way they have been pulling a fast one on the people by dishing out endless promises of this and that but which have not been delivered since they came into being!

Remember Anwar's promises to the villagers at Kg.Buah Pala, Glugor, Penang?

If there has been any of the PKR politicians having ever contributed to the well being of their constituents life, kindly share with us so that we can remember them for their having served the people?

From what I have seen, it's just been a long list of instigation's, destructive and wasteful street protests, creating disharmony and unrest, every other day, week, month and years since they came into being!

I just hope that the N25 Kajang Voters will vote wisely this time around. PKR had already won the N25 Kajang seat in the 13th GE and there had been no problems with regard to the election results. The BN had graciously accepted the election results and things were going on as usual. 

Suddenly, out of the blue, Lee Chin Cheh the PKR N25 Kajang State Assemblyman (photo below) tendered in his resignation! 

He just resigned his post without discussing with the voters as to his kowtowing to Anwar's Ibrahim's wish to use the N25 Kajang State Assembly seat as his launch pad to displace Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as the Selangor Menteri Besar! 

Is this what the Kajang voters asked for? A kowtowing assemblyman?

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's face clearly shows his displeasure at this move by Anwar to unseat him as the Selangor Menteri Besar if he is able to pull off the coup de etat by contesting as the new PKR candidate for the self induced N25 Kajang By-Election!

All these politicians are willing to risk their reputation and political careers just to satisfy one man's never ceasing ambition to become Malaysia's next Prime Minister!

They tend to overlook any of his wrongdoings and are ready to bend over for the fella to step on to their backs in his climb towards achieving his political ambitions!

Now, it's been decided that Wan Azizah will once again be the sacrificial lamb chosen to try and wrest the N25 Kajang State Assembly seat to be held for her ever ambitious husband to be used as his platform to grab the Selangor Menteri Besar seat from Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in the future!

Wan Azizah will be counting on the sympathy votes from the Kajang voters this time around and if need be, she's ever ready to shed more tears in order to win them over!

She is surely a remarkable woman who is willing to do just anything for her PM wannabe husband, no matter how many times he is charged with immoral activities!

She is even pictured laughingly showing the said video incriminating her husband Anwar Ibrahim!

How many other women do you know who are so supportive of their husband no matter what anyone accuses them with? Frankly speaking, I don't know of any who are of her fortitude!

Either she's just one extraordinary loyal wife's out there for her staunchly standing by Anwar Ibrahim, one of Malaysia's most controversial politician to date or simply a bewitched wife, incapable of saying no to him! 

I don't have the heart to say anything more about her. She's just plain unbelievable!

Anwar Ibrahim must thank Allah for providing him with such a loyal spouse!

In the meantime, Khalid Ibrahim must be really happy now that Anwar is out of the picture! 

Stopping short of saying that he is willing to make way for Anwar if the latter does eventually be in a position to displace him as the next Selangor Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim shares his views about the current status quo and the challenges that he is facing from those who are out to dislodge him :

Whatever transpires in the next few weeks and whoever gets to be the new N25 Kajang State Assemblywoman since it is Wan Azizah (PKR) versus MCA's Vice President Chew Mei Fun, it is up to the voters of Kajang to decide their constituency's future?

Only thing we should all pray for is that these politicians will go about it in a peaceful manner and not create trouble for the nation! 

No one is stopping anyone from contesting for political power anywhere but just hoping that commonsense will prevail and the nation as a whole be allowed to prosper in relative peace and harmony!

That's all!

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