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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

DAP Malaysia's daydream to control the Royal Malaysian Air Force & Navy in search for #MH370! Har! Har! Har! Har!

DAP MP Lim Lip Eng (the bald one) retracts his request for Pakatan to assume control of our Royal Malaysian Air Force & Navy in search for #MH370! Hehehehe... Read about it here!
I wish to retract my statement ‘It’s very simple. Make one of DAP’s leaders the Commander of the Air Force or Navy, then we will find MH370!’ please accept my expression of deep regret for having made that comment,” Lim wrote today. 


Sometimes when I come across our fellow Malaysians from the Chinese community, I feel pity for them! Why? Because they have isolated themselves from the mainstream 1Malaysia community by choice!

They do not know how to speak proper Malay! Even foreign workers can speak better Malay than most of our Malaysian Chinese!

Every time I hear the archaic DAP dinosaur Lim Kit Siang speak his 'Pasar Malay' , I get sick in my stomach!

Not because of food poisoning or what but my utter frustrations that this fellow who has lived for so long here in Peninsular Malaysia and a citizen of this Malay heartland, has failed to pick up our national language!

He has been a Member of the Malaysian Parliament for over 3 decades but the stubborn old fellow has recalcitrantly remained a pain in our country's ass due to his belligerent attitude!

Even his partner in crime, theoretically speaking, the equally ancient Karpal Singh s/o Ram Singh speaks better Malay than Kit Siang! 

Both of these fellows harbor dreams of ruling over Malaysia! Here, take a look!

Long, long, long time ago:


Read more about the above at here
Back to the Malaysian Chinese majority. They are groomed to be self centered and very anti-national. They frequently get into loggerheads with the Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) and end up crying foul that they have been victimized!

Is all these due to their Dong Zong's indoctrination?

What the hell are most of the Malaysian Chinese up to?

Recently there was a dumbass proposal from the DAP! They asked to be appointed as Commanding Officers of our Royal Malaysian Air Force and Navy in order that they prove to the nation that they can be better Search & Rescue officials in looking for the missing ‪#‎MH370‬ jetliner in the South Indian Ocean than the country's Transport / Defense Ministry and MAS top guns!

ROFL! Har! Har! Har! Har!

These Chinese folks who shy away from joining our Royal Malaysian Police and Armed Forces have the audacity to ask for the impossible!

Hello kawan! Mahu jadi private pun u tak mampu, u mahu jadi OFFICER aa???
Cakap betul2!

Mahu jadi officer, no problem! Polis Di Raja Malaysia sudah kawtim, buka lobang besar besar kasi u masuk!

Apa fasal u tak mahu? Tarikh tutup sampai hujung bulan April ini, wo! :D

Tup! tup! U minta mahu kontrol itu Air Force sama Navy kah?

Lu ada betul kaaa??? ( Guan Eng style....)

Mahu jadi rekrut pun u tak berani, mahu jadi officer konon???

Gi minum Kopi O kaw kaw dulu kawan. 

Kasi itu otak clear sikit. Lepas tu mari sembang! Tak de hal punyier!

Boleh kah???


To my fellow Malaysians especially the Chinese in Malaysia. Try and think of our country's future if you segregate yourselves from the rest of the people?

No one is stopping you from joining the Air Force, Navy or even the Police!

We need all Malaysians to take care of our country. We are all together in facing whatever tests that befalls Malaysia!

When we suffer from drought, every household suffers. There is no differentiating a Malay house from a Chinese house or an Indian house or what ever?

Everyone suffers just the same! Rain or shine, we all need to look out for each other!

We are all born here. We will live and die here. Unless you wish to emigrate to other countries.

Even then, the people there will still address you as that Malaysian person or family. It will take years and years before they stop calling you as an immigrant!

Learn to master Bahasa Malaysia @ Bahasa Melayu. It's our national language. You can still learn Mandarin or whatever dialect your family speaks?

You are free to join our national defense or uniformed armed forces. You may not be able to join Askar Melayu Di Raja but all other forces are open to you!

See for yourselves our Police Officers from the Malaysian Chinese community! 

Are they any less Chinese than you?

Be wise. Be nice. Learn to live and prosper together with all other Malaysians. Do not trap yourselves in a corner. 

Malaysia is home to us all. Be a good Malaysian.

Yes, you can! Stop listening to those who are dividing us and come together for our nation!

We can do it!


Tiok bo tiok? Hehehehehe... 

Be well Malaysia! Peace be to you, Ahmad, Ah Seng and Maniam, etcetera!

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