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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marital Bliss is possible! You just need to know the do's and don'ts!

Recently, I had an online discussion with my new found friend from Singapore, who is an actress and Malay traditional dancer.

She was telling me about how hard life is now for the Malays in the island republic and about the reducing number of Singaporean Malays. 

Having more babies is one thing but each couple must marry for love and not just to procreate. Understanding and accepting each other’s plus and minus points is crucial. Do not marry out of pity. That won't last. 

Do not commit adultery. That would destroy the marriage. Be kind to each other. Be compassionate. Treat each other as your BFF! That's Best Friend Forever!

Learn about each other in depth before tying the knot or learn to love each other more as each day passes by. Cherish the union and seize the day! 

Carpe diemMake hay whilst the sun shines or snuggle up when it’s getting chilly. Appreciate one's spouse and learn to forgive each other's minor slip ups! 

That's the key to a long lasting happy blissful marriage. Insya Allah!

For us who are Muslims, praying together is also crucial to cementing the relationship. Be respectful of each other

Give due attention to our spouse when they want to open up and share about what took place at their workplace or what some friend did or what? 

Be a good listener and learn to give them some space to unload upon us. Be their listening post! No need to try and upstage our spouse or act indifferent to their problems. 

Make them feel happy to see us and allow them room to watch whatever programs on TV that they like? Do not hoard the TV remote control!

Share whatever we have and be fair in doing so. Do not be stingy but at the same time do not splurge unnecessarily!

Do not dig up the past! Whatever is past is just that! It's history! If we start to dig into our spouse's history, be prepared to find some dirt. 

That will cause unnecessary friction between us and we will no longer like being with our life partner! Are we that perfect ourselves? No sirree! 

Everyone will surely have screwed up in our journey of life. Learn to look forward and just remember not to repeat our mistakes and errors. 

Do not share your secrets with anyone a 100%! 

Always use the 70/30 concept in trusting anyone. If we get played out by them, we will have the remaining 30% to start all over again! 

Believe me. Am speaking from experience. Over and over again in the course of my life! :P

Do not post embarrassing nitty gritty details or explicit selfie's online! 

That's a sure fire way to get roasted forever and self destruct our reputations!

That's it for now. May peace be with you! Ameen.

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