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Monday, April 28, 2014

President Barack Obama's full address at the Young South East Asian Leader Initiative at University of Malaya.

For those who missed watching the 44th United States of America President Barack Hussein Obama Jr. speaking at the University of Malaya, here's the full video:

President Obama seems to not realize that the Muslim Malays who head the Malaysian Federal Government have been giving the Non Muslim Chinese, Indians and other Malaysian citizens quite a leeway by allowing them to build the largest temples and churches, own so much land that they have built sprawling hilltop pagodas that aren't even to be found in China, India or even in the USA which many take to be the bastion of free this or that!

Batu Caves Hindu Temple Complex which has the largest statue of their Hindu god!

Click here to watch a video showing the Malaysian Hindus celebrate their Thaipusam religious festival at the sprawling largest Hindu temple complex out of India! 

I don't think that even India has such a large permanent Hindu idol as big as what has been allowed to be erected here in this Muslim dominated nation of Malaysia!

Yet the Malaysian Government led by the Barisan Nasional coalition government consisting of 13 multi ethnic, multi religious political parties is often accused of marginalizing its Non Muslim citizens. 

What an injustice!

People are still being discriminated in the USA despite Barack Obama who is of a mixed Caucasian (his mother) and African (Kenyan father) descent managed to defeat Senator John McCain in 2008 to become the first ever non Caucasian American President!

Now, let's go over to the way the Chinese here in Malaysia have managed to build and own so many sprawling hilltop temples and pagodas where they are free to worship and practice their ancestral faith.

Behold the Kek Lok Si Temple Complex in Penang!

It's the largest Buddhist temple complex in South East Asia!!!

How marginalized are the Chinese here in Malaysia? How can anyone claim that the Non Muslims here in Malaysia are being marginalized when the Malays allow such humongous Non Muslim religious places to be erected and given the freedom to practice their faith as they please all these years?

There are hundreds if not thousands of large temple complexes all over Malaysia! Do a search and discover for yourselves that in Malaysia, the Non Muslims are enjoying religious freedom and getting government aid in the upkeep and running of their religious places unlike in other so called liberal countries where discrimination runs riot every other day!

Let's check out the Christian churches found here in Malaysia. Lately there has been built the largest Church complex in South East Asia. President Barack Obama clearly has been misled into thinking that the Non Muslims in Malaysia are being suppressed and not allowed to worship whatever they want to?

The above is just one out of thousands of churches operating all over Malaysia! 

President Obama needs to do more studies and research about what's really the situation here in Malaysia before jumping to any conclusions about religious freedom here in this blessed Muslim dominated country.

The United States of America can learn a thing or two as to how we live and let live before getting itself misled by those who do not know how to cherish the golden opportunities we Malaysians have with us today?

We may not have a perfect nation or government but we definitely do have the best nation this part of the world! All the above is testimony to what I am saying!

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