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Monday, June 30, 2014

Chow Kit Wet Market Revisited! Demolition in progress..

I visited the Chow Kit Wet Market after a long hiatus due to our eating out all these while!

Used to frequent the historical stinking wet market of Chow Kit located in the heart of Old Kuala Lumpur every other weekend before.

The hundred years old famous market is being razed to the ground for a new more conducive modern market to be built in its place.

Saw a couple of rats scampering away as the bulldozer went about its business of tearing the whole place down!

Those who were familiar with me expressed their surprise and delight in seeing me again and asked as to where I had disappeared to?

Told them that I have been busy and didn't have the luxury of frequenting the market as much as before.

Here are some snapshots I took this afternoon of the place.

This man sells fresh flowers and other produce that is usually used for traditional cleansing of one's spirits or the usual 'mandi bunga ritual' where Malays, Chinese and Indians take a bath to ward off evil spirits and charms cast upon them by their enemies.

A startled fruit trader caught browsing on his mobile phone. Reckon that he's an Indonesian from his looks. Chow Kit remains the much preferred area where Indonesians congregate here in Kuala Lumpur to seek their fortune.

After years and years of dim lit makeshift stalls and polluted drains giving rise to health concerns, the wet market finally comes to an end and in its place, a much more better infrastructure is promised to be constructed for the betterment of both traders and customers.

Even the transit wet market is so much more cleaner and well ventilated complete with rotating ceiling fans that help make market goers feel a bit more comfortable than what we had to face before. Alhamdulillah.

 While I was shopping for fresh fruits at the area outside there strode into view a very tall large sized Caucasian whom I promptly stopped and inquired as to his height? More than 6 feet tall, he towered above everyone else in the vicinity!

Came to learn that he is from the USA. Posed for this photo with him as a memento.

Posed at one of the remaining sundry shops at the Chow Kit wet market area.

Chinese shopkeeper still surviving despite the imminent destruction coming up.

Another trader still holding on to the hope that she will still be able to eke a living selling household materials. 

The cookies and other tidbits store with its lone customer.

Fake flowers anyone?

Spices galore.

End of an era. Treasure these photos. Something new is gonna come up!

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