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Monday, June 09, 2014

DBKL needs to plant more Angsana Trees to replace the dangerous Rain Trees in Kuala Lumpur!

Everytime it rains in KL, I try my best not to drive too close to the ever crashing Rain Trees along the roads of my Bandar Tun Razak suburb in KL! 

Reason being that those rain trees are notorious for crashing down at the slightest downpour endangering those of us motorists who happen to be on the roads at the same time!

I have seen too many cases of such easily crashing trees topple over on parked cars or onto passing vehicles ever since I moved to KL in 2001!

Back home in Penang, we have those big, sturdy Angsana trees providing us shelter and shade come what may, rain or shine! 

We seldom came across cases of such trees come a crashing even during the lightning flashing heavy thunderstorms which Penang often experienced every now and then!

I was so happy seeing the same solidly rooted healthy Angsana trees here in Kuantan! The MPK have done a great job! Congratulations Kuantan!

Healthy Angsana Tree in Kuantan
Angsana Trees are the best shade trees and are climate proof!

Angsana are great shade trees!

Help save the lives and properties of people living in KL by replacing the fragile, often crashing dangerous Rain Trees of KL with the much more dependable sturdy climate proof Angsana Trees that are planted by the city councils of Penang and Kuantan!

DBKL needs to seriously do this soon or risk endangering more KLites! Surely we do not want to see more of the following!

Prevention is better than cure! Be smart! Do what's necessary DBKL!

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