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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Halal, Haram,Was Was ~ The Malaysian Muslims Dilemma!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

Lately, we have witnessed the flip flopping stand of those who hold official government positions and authority concerning the Islamic Affairs over us, the general Malaysian Muslim public.

As far as I know, the Non Muslims are free to do as they please in this country where no one bothers to oversee what they eat, drink or practice in their daily life's!

We who are Muslims however are constantly under the watchful eyes of the 'holier than thou's' ruling over us. The problem is that these so called overseers themselves are wont to cross the line when it comes to partying or hold exclusive shindigs at their palatial mansions and private residences.

To us, who are the general public, we don't bother to pry into their affairs and mind our own business, so to speak for it concerns us not as to how those fancy lifestyle of the bloody rich and infamous spend their life behind closed doors and high walls.

But recently, the nation was shell shocked to learn that the delicious Cadbury Chocolates which every Tom, Dick or Harry or in our case, Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy had been indulging upon every other day was found to contain traces of Porcine DNA! 

Porcine as in PIG lah brothers!

Fuyoo! Everyone started to put on a show of wanting to throw up, etcetera!

Hehehehehe.. Who the hell are we kidding, eh?

After munching through uncountable bars and nuggets of those Cadbury chocolates, everyone now wants to pretend of being unwillingly contaminated by the consuming of pork tainted foodstuff?

Hohohohoho.. Malaysians are such drama kings and queens!

We have so many cases before us where people indulge in haram and forbidden acts but carry on as if those are no big deals but when it comes to foodstuff throw up a tantrum and act as if they are so holy moly! :P

Corruption + Gambling + Alcoholism + Fornication / Adultery + etcetera :

Most people would not waste a second stuffing themselves full of free stuff whenever it is offered at the various feasts and open houses every now and then by those who can afford to do so!

Many a times we have witnessed the average Malaysian crowd go crazy carrying away spilled items or goods from an overturned trailer or lorry on our highways! 

Picture courtesy of
Now to those people especially if they are Muslims, the first thing they ought to take into consideration before pillaging the goods of others is whether it is right for them to do so in the first place?

Picture courtesy of Utusan Malaysia
If the items are foodstuff, where does it say in the Qur'an or Hadiths that it is alright to take and consume things that are not ours rightfully by way of purchase or grown by us?

The people here in Malaysia have a nasty habit of saying ' Rezeki dari Allah!'!


Since when did Allah say it is alright for you to gulp down items that you haven't paid for or has been given to you?

When you eat and consume forbidden items, don't they turn into your blood which in turn becomes haram as a result of your eating items that you stole or took without permission?

They made a real drama out of the pig DNA in the Cadbury chocolates but have no qualms in taking things that are not halal for them by gleefully robbing the owners of goods or items that get spilled over on our highways in the cause of a traffic accident!

Such misguided fools!

When one consumes something that is not lawful, then just be ready to face the retributions of Hellfire!

Yes sirree! You don't get to escape by saying that since it is going to be spoilt if we don't take it now, why let it go to waste?

It all boils down to how righteous you are? Just because something can go bad if not consumed immediately or soon, that does not allow us to go take things that are not ours in the first place by way of rightful purchase or acquisition!

Many an idiot goes round doing things that are forbidden in Islam but attributes it to being a gift from God etcetera!

We who are Muslims ought to know our faith in depth not just assume this or that to be alright. We are human beings. Capable of thought and reasoning. We can't profess to be Mukmins if we do not know the truth about our religion!

Yes, Islam can be so simple as to declare that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the last and greatest of all the prophets and messengers of Allah!

That is fine for establishing the bedrock of faith in Islam but there are so many other aspects of our religion that one has to take into consideration, learn about our faith and put them to practice.

I can guarantee you that if we were to go and ask any Muslim on the street today to define what Islam is and what it is not, chances are that the person will not be so quick to give us any absolute or clear answers!

Reason being that most Muslims today take Islam for granted and many just wing it in the hope that Allah will forgive and accept them as they are?

In a way they may be right for Allah is Most Compassionate and Most Merciful but is there any guarantee that such a thing might just happen?

What if Allah doesn't forgive the said individual for taking His Religion so lightly?

Didn't Allah give us a brain to think with? Eyes to see? Ears to hear with? All our other sensory to help us make our decisions with regards to the matters concerning our life, here on Earth?

How can we simply assume that it will be alright?

'Aah! Others have done worse things than me! It's okay! Allah will forgive me!'

These are the kind of thoughts that most dimwits come up with every now and then.

In the matter of the said to be tainted Cadbury chocolates, so many NGO's and the likes threw up a tantrum and wailed for blood! Some even wanted to go burn down the Cadbury manufacturing plants!

Little do they realize that there are many other more serious matters that are polluting the ummah and causing much more severe damage to society in the long run.

Ignorance about the basic principles and elements of Islam in our daily lives.

How many Muslims today know the truth about our faith?

Even so called Muslim leaders especially those in PAS have no qualms in joining the Disbelievers in paying homage to the corpses of dead Kaffir's and bow down to the remains in subjugation, forgetting the do's and don'ts of our religion!

Obeisance should only be to Allah! None other! Straight and simple. Yet these kopiah wearing fellows do not hesitate for a moment in kowtowing to the remains of those who were so adamant in their opposition to the setting up of an Islamic State or the upholding of Allah's Sharia Laws here in Malaysia!

Apart from that, there is so much corruption and wrong doing being carried out by the likes of those religious wolves masquerading under sheepskin so to speak that at times boggles our minds in thinking how the hell can they do that and still escape persecution?

What happened to the funds collected for the Memali victims?

To date, there are still many unanswered questions as to where such funds disappeared to?

Many a high ranking government official or leader who has been implicated in fraud and graft still live their life free from persecution and as if they are the Untouchables! 

Untouchable by law, that is! Not equating them to the suffering Dalits of India!

Generally, the Malay Muslims of Malaysia are those who want to be as conforming to the faith as they can be but at times, what they do and what they preach can be so opposite to each other that it is perplexing to the Chinese and Indians here as to what kind of Islam are these people practicing?

As is usual in the media, only the wrongs committed by the Malays get headline attention! Whatever good done by them gets lost in the translation and no one bothers about that.

Only the bad aspects get everyones attention and it is that negativity that is plastered unto the Malay Muslim ummah of Mamluk al Malaisie!

Malaysia's Muslims need to buck up and get to really learn about their religion of Al Islam.

Our nation's leaders and rulers must practice what they tend to preach and live more modest lives!

Their tendency to call for one thing and do the exact opposite will come to haunt them soon. 

Those who hold authority over us especially in matters concerning our religion must first show that they too are not above board and be humble enough to come down from their high offices and guide the people.

They must really be sincere in wanting to lead others to the Truth and not put up a show of being holier than thou!

If they can clean up their act and implement the true Sharia Laws of Allah starting from their offices and eventually leading up all the way to the corridors of power in Putrajaya, then the confusion about the halal and haram or was was here in Malaysia will eventually come to and end and we will, Insya Allah have a truly blessed, bountiful nation we can all be proud of and live in lasting harmony.

Psst! Note that I didn't use the word 'everlasting'. This life on Earth now is just temporary. The only everlasting life we can count upon is the Yaum al Akhirat! Which is the Ever After.

Insya Allah.

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