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Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Are you a Muslim living in Singapore?
Would you like to share your Ramadhan experience with the world?

Here is a sample of what this beneficial program is all about?

Check out this trailer featuring SALAM RAMADHAN AUSTRALIA:

Have a glimpse of SALAM RAMADHAN TURKEY:

Behold a trailer of SALAM RAMADHAN CHINA!

Watch a trailer of SALAM RAMADHAN SPAIN:


Now, those of you in Singapore can also be featured in these informative, eye opening Dakwah oriented program where you get to show the world as to how you and your beloved family observe and celebrate the holiest month in the Islamic calendar.

We are a joint Singapore and Malaysian production team looking for English or Malay speaking volunteer Muslim families who would like to show the world how Ramadhan is celebrated by their household starting from Sahur right through the day and till the breaking of Fast / Iftar and then to the Terawih prayers and Moreh @ After Terawih feast at your local Masjid /Surau / Islamic Centre.

We would like to help educate the world as to how the multi-ethnic Muslim community of Singapore celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan and highlight how each different ethnic community of Muslims in Singapore go about their observance of the 3rd Pillar of Islam according to their own unique cultures and traditions.

We look forward to sharing your stories with the world and help establish a better understanding amongst the various communities that we have in Singapore in order to foster a better harmonious society.

The interview will first be conducted through telephone / Skype / Facebook chat to prepare for our Film Crew to come and join you and your family to give the world a glimpse into how each selected different ethnic Muslim family observe Ramadhan al Kareem here in Singapore?

Please take note that participation is TOTALLY VOLUNTARY and NO MONETARY REWARDS WILL BE GIVEN as this is an informative program intended to share the beauty of Islam and the various differing cultural traditions of the selected participating families, sharing their stories with the world.

In return, A COMPLIMENTARY DVD FEATURING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY in the episode concerned will be presented to you as our appreciation of your participation.

If you would like to be a part of this Dakwah oriented project, you are kindly invited to please send an email to:

1.  Haji Zainol Abideen at
2.  Shahrul Wak Hassan at

Selected respondents will be contacted by email and informed of the tentative dates of their interview sessions and other arrangements with regard to the filming dates. 

This project is solely for the improvement of understanding of Islam and meant to build bridges between the multi-faith and multi-ethnic communities of Singapore and the rest of the world.

Thank you for your co-operation and May Allah bless you and your families.


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