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Saturday, July 05, 2014

DBKL endangering safety of Blind Pedestrians and General Public!

My morning trip to the central areas of Kuala Lumpur was quite disturbing and opened my eyes to the various discrepancies being caused by DBKL @ Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, the unthinking City Hall of our nation's capital! 

First, I was duly incensed and peeved with the needless closure of the Masjid Jamek Bandaraya to the general ummah with the lame excuse that cleaning works was going on and will only be opened at noon!

The masjid's authorities surely have screwed up with such a decision to lock the gates preventing anyone from entering the House of Allah and carrying out acts of worship, what more in this blessed month of Ramadhan!

Even if they want to carry out cleaning tasks at the masjid, surely they can just cordon off the areas that need to be cleaned and allow worshipers to perform their prayers unhindered at the outer halls! But no! The masjid's committee has to act high and mighty by robbing the ummah of access to the House of Allah! 

I had taken the 8.00am LRT from Pandan Jaya to the city because I intended to pray my Solat Jumaat at the masjid but due to this locking up of the masjid, my plans for Jumaat were all dashed! The Masjid Jamek Bandaraya Administration Committee do not give a rat's ass about the ummah like me who traveled from my home area just to worship at the masjid!

Even at the Masjidil Haram, Islam's holiest masjid in Makkah al Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia, cleaning works are carried out 24/7 in stages but the millions of Muslims are never denied access to the House of Allah like what the Committee of Masjid Jamek Bandaraya have done yesterday! They seriously need to repent!

Since I had already arrived in the city area to do some photo shoot of the early week of Ramadhan sights and scenario in Old KL, I decided to go around and take some photographs and videos. 

As I walked along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, one of KL's busiest central business district, I came across many metal based signboards by DBKL securely fastened right in the middle of the pedestrian walkways along the road!

Usually DBKL issues summons to those who place obstructions on our city's pathways but now, who can sue DBKL for placing these dangerous signboards?

I was just flabbergasted! How could Kuala Lumpur's City Hall do such a stupid unthinking dangerous deed?

Imagine the severe consequences if any blind person tap tapping his or her way along the very uneven and potholed path was to crash on to the hard edged signboard right squarely with their face???

Their face might just be split open from such an impact!!!

Sample injury to the face
Watch my video:

I wonder as to whether we have human beings working there at DBKL or heartless, couldn't care less entities?

Any responsible people oriented city authorities would surely have done some studies and research as to the placing of such dangerous objects right smack in the middle of the pedestrian walkways?

Even those of us who can still see with our eyes still have to negotiate our way past the many obstacles placed on to the 5 foot ways by errant shopkeepers along the bustling commercial area such as the bales of clothing bundles unloaded from delivery trucks or lorries, rolls of carpets and other merchandise left on the pathways! Imagine the dangers of such obstacles to blind pedestrians?

Does DBKL not have a Public Safety and Health department to consider any aspect of endangering the general public with their decisions to place objects such as these in the way of the pedestrians and users of public amenities?

Isn't it bad enough to have the Central Business District of Old KL remain the stinkiest part of the city one has to suffer in going through the area but now having these dangerous signboards fixed securely by way of metal rods holding them on to the walkways, risking serious injuries to those blind or visually impaired pedestrians, who wouldn't be able to see??? 

DBKL has to immediately remove such barriers and dangerous obstacles from the walkways over there at Jalan TAR and surrounding areas or face the consequences of getting sued by those who stand to be seriously injured by those metal based signboards!!!

Imagine if you are blind and have to walk your way past these dangers?

May Allah save you from the screw-ups of the KL City Hall apathetic decision makers!


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