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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Proton Pandan Indah Service, Ah Khin, 19 yr old very efficient Car Mechanic.

Yesterday, I sent our Proton Preve to the Pandan Indah Proton Service Centre for a major service as our Preve has already reached the 12 months service period.

Usually I had been sending our Preve to the Desa Tun Razak Proton Service Centre but once you hand over your car to them, you have no idea as to what is being done to your car because their service area is off limits to you as the owner and you just pray that whomsoever is handling your car's servicing is really doing that as expected.

Well, after reaching the 12 month's servicing benchmark, I decided to send our car to the C.K.L. Pandan Indah Sdn.Bhd. Proton Service Centre. The service centre is part of the Lim Tayar franchise.

What I appreciated the most from the service these young mechanics provided was the way they handled our Proton Preve!

They told me that the cable which was connected to the car's lighting system needed to be replaced and since our car was still within the Warranty Period, it will be replaced without charge.

Could be the reason why one of the headlight bulbs had to be replaced last month?

So, I was happy that the mechanics at this Proton Service Centre did the needed replacement out of their commitment to us, their clients.

Over at the Desa Tun Razak Proton Service Centre, those fellows had not bothered to carry out such replacement work. 

So to me as a paying customer, I am very satisfied with the quality of service that C.K.L. Pandan Indah Sdn.Bhd. provides.

After having our Preve serviced yesterday, I sensed that they had not carried out the engine tuning and called them up to ask about it?

Mr.Por Kee, the Asst. Supervisor apologized for their having missed doing that and asked me to bring our car over today for the electronics tune up. So I did just that today and had my car serviced by this very efficient young mechanic by the name of Ah Khin. 

I asked Ah Khin to check as to what was causing some creaking sounds and if necessary, to tighten up whatever nuts and bolts that needed such attention and to my utmost satisfaction, Ah Khin did a bloody good job!

Damn! After he said that our car was ready to go, I went along with him for a test drive and to my immense satisfaction found our Proton Preve to be as good as it was the day I drove it out of the showroom a year before! Fantastic job!

Not a sound was to be heard from our car as we drove over bumps, etc. and it felt so good to be able to drive in complete comfort and satisfaction! 

I seriously recommend any of you who wants excellent servicing for your car here in KL to look for Ah Khin at the above Proton Service Centre.

He says that he plans to open his own Proton Service Centre in the future. I think that he'll be able to do just that soon enough if he keeps up to the standard of service he currently provides.

May his dreams come true. Ameen. 

Thank you Ah Khin! You made my day, young man! Xie Xie Nee!