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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MPAJ - Please clear up the Pandan Indah clogged, foul stinking drains! Health Hazard!

I was at the Pandan Indah Proton Service Centre this morning and the first thing that assailed my nose was the foul stinking pong that emanated from the clogged drains around the area!

I had to practically pinch my nostrils shut and ask the mechanic why did it stink so bad around their service area?

They told me that it's due to the clogged up drainage all over the surrounding area. I walked over to check the drains and yes, they were right!

From the looks of it, it hasn't been cleaned for quite some time! No wonder the whole place stinks so badly!!!

The Proton Service Centre at Pandan Indah suffers a foul stench all over the place due to the stagnant drains all around them. MPAJ really need to send their drain cleaning squad to clear up all those blocked drains!

This is the road nearest the problem area. Just besides the Midpoint (former FAJAR) Shopping Mall.

MPAJ really need to help solve this stinking mess as soon as possible! It's a health hazard! People can get sick breathing in that contaminated polluted air!

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