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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Mind your own damn business! You answer for your own grave! I'll answer mine!

Sounds familiar? Many a times we have come across irritated folks who do not like to be advised and often spew out words such as in my article's title above!

Well, in our life here as Malaysians and as those who are Muslims, it would really be a bit hard to ignore our fellow brothers and sisters who often screw up and get themselves into trouble.

Especially so when we are among those who are city dwellers and caught up in the daily hassle of trying to live our own lives in relative peace and harmony but also have to face the challenges of living in a modern couldn't care less society!

As Muslims, we are enjoined to look out for one another and to lend a helping hand to those in need even when they don't ask for it. Quite tricky, I must say for people can get pretty defensive and come out strongly against you if you try to live up to your role as a concerned Muslim brother or sister!

We are really living in a 'Catch 22' situation. If you go and try to help out somebody who is in serious trouble, chances are that the person will turn around and attack you with the 'Mind your own damn business!' smasher or slam the door against your face when you were there in the first place because you cared!!!

It's not easy to try and change the way some people live their life totally immersed in unwarranted mindsets that are full of hate and biased towards their fellow citizens due to political indoctrination's or wayward religious over-zealousness.

Nobody can afford to be anti-social nowadays yet live within the society that will in one way or another be affected by his or her doings. Take for example someone who keeps to his or her own affairs but lives in a close knit community such as in an apartment or condominium.

Whether he or she likes it or not, whatever they do does have an immediate impact on the lives of their neighbor. If one starts hammering non stop on their walls or drills continuously, the resulting noise disturbance will drive the neighbors stir crazy!
I suffer such disturbances on an almost daily basis but have yet to be able to find out who the bloody culprits are? These inconsiderate idiots really drive me nuts and cause me to be forced to swallow painkillers every few hours! 

As a translator and scriptwriter, I need to work in a relatively peaceful and quiet environment. But because of such noisemakers who continue to disturb the peace, I am forced to wait till it's way past midnight to be able to work in the few hours when those @#$%&*!! are finally asleep!

So, how can I mind my own business?

Our Malaysian apathetic society is quick to accuse those who are driven to exasperation and forced to retaliate as taking the laws unto our own hands to stop once and for all the ones who drive us crazy as being difficult when in reality it is those culprits who force us to take such measures!

Back to the 'mind your own business!' spewers, I would like to advise them that when the time comes for them to drop dead, to please see to it that dropping dead without anyone knowing about it doesn't leave a rotting stinking mess for others to deal with later.

Mission Impossible, right?

One does need society to help take care of one's remains after death. Someone to clean up the mess that a dead body leaves. Once the living spirit @ Rooh exits from the body, the sphincter muscles go slack releasing bodily fluids and feces from the orifices.

Someone then needs to wash the corpse and prepare it for burial.

A few persons need to help see to the shrouding of the corpse properly for burial.

The casket maker needs to measure and build the burial casket for the dead one.

At least 4 persons are needed to carry the funeral bier to the transport van from the dwelling to the nearest masjid for funeral prayers.

Fellow believers are required to partake in the funeral prayers and then carry the casket back to the transport van on the way to the cemetery.

One or two grave diggers need to dig up a grave for the 'mind your own business' guy or gal.

Many hands are required to lift up the corpse from the transport van and to lower it into the grave.

More than a few persons are necessary to see to the filling up of the grave with earth which was dug up earlier.

An Imam is required to lead the after burial prayers @ Reciting of the Talqin to beseech Allah to forgive the recently departed and grant the dead one salvation pending Resurrection and Trial on Judgment Day.

Many fellow believers have to be there to pray for the departed 'couldn't care less' soul.

To round it all up, no one can really afford to mind his or her own business whilst living in a society.

Care to ponder on that?

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