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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bloggers Beware! Never take your websites safety and settings for granted! Back up! Back up! Back up!

Dear readers of Mahaguru58,

This is going to be a pretty technically infused article related to Blogging and Website ownership with all the jargon's related to such Information Technology and Multimedia fields interlaced with my own sharing of experiences whereby I almost lost control of one of my most important websites which means a lot to me.

I had a pretty bad experience for the last few days when my Read N Write website which I depend on to advertise my translating and writing services sort of disappeared into cyberspace because I forgot to record or screen capture the settings of my domain's account!

This was due to the fact that when I wanted to install Google Apps for my main 'breadbasket' site, Google wanted me to install a HTML file into my website for their verifying my ownership of the domain.

I followed the instructions that Google sent me and when it didn't go through as expected, contacted their technical support agent who in my case happened to be over in Ireland!

I had to allow him to have access to my Domain Management System through Remote Desktop Control in order for him to figure out what needed to be done so that my domain ownership could be verified before Google could install it's Google Apps for my site.

Those of you Bloggers or Website Owners who might want to do the same must remember to 'backup' all the settings for your site or domains such as the configurations for your domain's Name-servers and DNS settings!

The Google technical support agent took nearly 2 hours to try this and that configurations to my site's system before succeeding in getting my site verified by Google.

He succeeded in also setting up my editor at readnwrite dotnet email 

I was practically losing sleep over the 'loss' of my already paid for domain from which I had set up my Read N cyber office for my Translating, Scriptwriting, Editing, Proof Reading services!

It felt like losing my home, my workplace from which I have been sharing about my services and from which I make my income!

So, I was practically calling and exchanging 'tickets' plus emails continuously with my domain management company and Google. All these hassles because in the first place I missed recording and capturing all the data that was there in the Domain Management Service and Name-server system of my account before letting the Google Technical Support Agent handle my site's configurations.

Syukur Alhamdulillah, with my persistence and not giving up easily, the staff over at my domain managing company, has helped reset all the configurations to my account and returned it back to what it was before and my new editor at readnwrite dotnet email settings remain intact as well.

Here's a sample screenshot of the Google Domain Ownership Verification process:

I have shared my story here as well so that others who would be facing the same Google Domain Ownership Verification process would know better and to backup, backup, backup all the necessary and very important Name-server and DNS settings!

I have now learned my lesson and will try my best not to allow this to recur again. Insya Allah!

Do share with others if you care. Thank you.

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