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Monday, March 16, 2015 page experiencing DNS problems at the moment.

Dear Read N Write clients / readers.

Please be informed that the site is currently experiencing some Domain Name Server configuration trouble and is not available for viewing.

I have contacted the Domain Hosting company @ Exabytes Malaysia for assistance and will try to get it up and running again as soonest possible.

All the problems started when Google wanted to carry out a Domain Verification process and after their Google Support agent based in Ireland did some configuration work on my domain's CPanel, my blog was verified by Google for installing Google Apps but in the process, some configuration went haywire and now I have to seek technical help to get my which I used as the hosting platform to get it all back in working order.

If there's any website savvy person reading this knows how to solve the problem, do drop me a line if you can help me out with this issue?

I'm willing to pay for such help. 

To my Read N Write clients,
You can still reach me at if you have any queries about my writing / translating services.

Thank you.

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