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Monday, May 18, 2015

Horse Riding made affordable ~ Now Everyone Can Ride at DARC! Giddyap!

All these while, we all know that horse riding is exclusive only to those who have the extra cash to spare and getting to be a member of a riding club is usually the privilege of the rich and wealthy!

Well recently, I had the privilege of getting to visit the Denai Alam Riding & Recreation Club whose annual membership is surprisingly quite affordable and open to everyone! Both Malaysians and Foreigners!

For just an annual fee of RM180.00, you and your family can become members of this horse riding and recreation club! 

It is very family friendly and caters to just about everyone's needs and fancies. Both adults and children can have a fun time here for a fee that almost everyone can afford!

You can surely say 'Now everyone can ride!' Check out these exclusive photos that I took during my visit there last weekend!

I learned from Terry Teo, the Owner and Founder of Denai Alam Riding & Recreation Club that he invested in this 16 acres of land to build a horse riding & recreation club where the membership and riding fees are kept so low that almost everyone can afford to come and enjoy the facilities everyday except Mondays throughout the year! 

Terry says that both his horses and his staff need a break and well needed rest on Mondays after usually hectic Sundays when his more than 9000 growing numbers of club members would throng the most affordable club on weekends!

Denai Alam Riding & Recreation Club is really quite welcoming and the staff there are really quite courteous that I felt very comfortable during my visit. 

From my conversation with Terry, I learned that he treats everybody the same and doesn't differentiate between his diverse club members. Everyone is treated fair and square and he prefers not to have any discrimination between the haves and the have nots in Denai Alam Riding & Recreation Club! All DARC club members are treated with love and mutual respect by Terry and his staff. 

Now, that's really good, won't you agree? Every member is treated kindly and equally with the best attention that each club member deserves. It goes without saying that to be respected and treated well, one has to also carry oneself with the proper decorum and good manners that a civil society expects and demands in the first place.

Respect is a two way thing. You can't act rudely and in an uncivilized manner towards others but then demand that you be treated like a big shot by those whom you offend and insult, can you?

Want to be treated like a king? Then behave nicely and you might get to feel that way when you treat others just as you would like to be treated. Common sense. 

Back to my subject matter. Observing the do's and don't whilst being at the Denai Alam Riding & Recreation Club. We must observe some basic safety rules. 

Hehehehe... horses are just like you and me. We can get startled when suddenly someone or something loud takes place! The Malays have a unique human behavior! It's called 'LATAH'! If you get alarmed suddenly ; you too can and might do strange instant reactions or reflexes! 

Horses can get startled too and their immediate reflexes can include giving whoever or whatever is causing them to react like that a double back kick that can send you flying quite a distance! Hahahaha! You surely don't want to experience that my friend! Please don't even try! :P

Common sense brothers and sisters! Horses are known to kick out at anything they think are going to harm them. It's an imbued defensive reflex that Allah has put in them when He created these magnificent creatures. Please do not put yourself or your kids in danger. 

These are living, breathing, responsive powerful animals. They are not like cars or motorcycles which do not move on their own but are controlled and driven by us. Horses need to be handled with care failing which you can endanger yourself by their natural responses. Be wise and treat them nice. :)
Logically thinking persons will know better than to be in the way of an incoming powerful horse. I told you about the horse's back kick in the paragraph above. Now, horses are also known to stand on their back legs and rise high to inflict a vicious double stamp down on anything they consider to be a danger to them. Stay clear my dear! :)

Follow the guidelines and safety procedures when being in the club's premises and riding arenas. Horses are quite big and very strong, powerful animals and if you do not know how to handle them or fail to take heed of all the safety measures when you are in the presence of such creatures, you should first really learn the do's and don'ts of Horseback Riding in order to be safe.

Quite a detailed documentary I must say and it will give the viewers lots of information about the horse riding and recreation club where we can enjoy many club facilities with our loved ones at a fraction of the costs that exclusive and elite fancy mancy horse riding and equestrian clubs will charge!

Come to think of it. If we put aside a ringgit per day, it will accumulate to RM365.00 in a year. The DARC annual membership costs just RM180.00 for a family club membership. Just .49 sens a day. Isn't that simply awesome?

I finally gathered my courage about me and ventured closer to the horses that were in the stables. Such powerful creatures! They are so muscular and looking so strong and full of 'horsepower! Hahahaha...

The gut feeling I had in me when I approached one of the horses was that it was gonna take a bite of me but I was pleasantly surprised when it only nuzzled me and even licked my hand when I stroked it's head.

A Malay family came by and fed Sebastian, one of the male Australian horses. I took the opportunity to record the event and am sharing them with you here.

One of the member's of the DARC, a teenage girl named Pooja was present at the stables and she was quite friendly and willing to help ease my fears by showing me how to be near the horses.

She said that she has been a member of the riding club for 5 years already and practically has grown up riding many of the horses there. She even owns a share of one of the horses. She said her share was worth RM12,000.00 and there were 4 shares per horse.

Pooja who is in Form 2 said that over the years, she had her fair share of spills and thrills riding horses and she has grown to love them so much that she has spent every weekend at the Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club since the last 5 years!

She wants to be a Vet when she completes her education. Well I wish her all the best and hope that she gets to accomplish what she has set her heart to be. Insya Allah!

I for one, plan to join as a member here and learn how to ride a horse! Last time I rode one at Pantai Balok, Kuantan many years back, the poor horse didn't wanna budge! Hahahaha! I weighed much more before!

Hope to firm up and get fitter by becoming a horse rider soon. Wish me luck!

Haiyo Silver! 

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