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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Belgium Secular Stupidity ~ No Long Skirts Allowed!

So, what else are the Stupid Secularists of Belgium going to ban? 
  • No underwear allowed! 
  • Ermm..sorry, you cant wear the Bra! 
  • Err..wait, no loose clothing allowed!
  • Errm.. no clothing allowed!
Damn idiots!

They will keep needling and needling the conservationists and modest members of society until someone, someday is just going to flip and run amok!

Then these weird secularist Belgian bastards will come out and say,'We told you so!'

I mean how low can these sick faggots go?

It's alright for skimpily dressed weirdos to go to school dressed as sluts but decently attired God-conscious Believing students can't go to school wearing proper long skirts?

And I thought the Belgians were alright all these while. I have been proven wrong. 

No! They are not alright. They too have been inflicted with the latest strain of the virus that comes with being Islamophobic!

It's that incurable disease called 'Moronus Ignoramus'. Or in plain English ~ 'Stupidity'.
No amount of vaccine injected can cure that. No sirree!

My condolences to the Belgium folks.