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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Coconut Water - 10 Stunning Health Benefits when we drink it!

Recently, I had quite an acute pain in my bladder when I had to urinate. Fearing the worst, I opted to visit my usual clinic and have the doctor check me out.

Upon testing my urine sample, the doctor found 'protein @ blood' in my urine. The doctor wrote me a referral letter and asked me to check in at the Emergency Department at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

The doctor at the HKL diagnosed me as suffering from crystalization of my urine and prescribed a Urine Alkalyzer which consists of Potassium Citrate + Citric Acid to reduce the pain and gradually ease my urination discomfort.

Upon mixing the solution with filtered water and drinking it, I discovered the taste to be similar to drinking coconut water!

And I eventually found immense relief of drinking the medication. Since the medication tasted like Coconut Water, I promptly went to buy and drank the original coconut juice. 

Alhamdulillah! My urination became pain free and I have recovered promptly from that excruciating bout of pain when I almost doubled up and gritted my teeth when urinating.

We really need to resort to the natural remedies when possible. Even living here in KL, we can go look for fresh coconut juice if we know where to go to? I can get my fresh coconut juice at a fruit stall located at Taman Tenaga, off Jalan Sembilang here at Cheras, KL.

Costs between RM3.50 to RM4.00 a fruit but it's well worth it.

I looked up the medicinal and health benefits of drinking tender coconut juice and discovered that it has properties such as 

  1. being an Aphrodisiac; 
  2. It is also Cooling. Helps to bring our body temperature down;
  3. It is a Diuretic (mild); 
  4. Light to digest;
  5. Refreshing Tonic;
  6. Rehydrator (replaces saline) 
  7. Rich in mineral salts;
  8. Urinary bladder Cleanser..etc. 

Recommended for: Diabetes, Heat boils, Itching, Jaundice, Measles, Nausea, Pimples,  Prickly heat, Sun burn, Urinary diseases, Urinary stones, Vomiting , Worm infestation (for children)

There are many other wonderful benefits for us by drinking Coconut Juice. Thank Allah for His Gifts to us care of all these natural remedies. Alhamdulillah.