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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Case closed! What lies ahead for us here in Malaysia?

We are constantly bombarded with the latest cover up by the powers that be who continue to whitewash the wrongdoings of those who wield 'authority' over us. 

Like the recent declaration by the new Attorney General that the PM did no wrong in receiving the RM2.6 Billion donation from a 'Saudi Royal Family'.
'Najib done no wrong!' says AG Mohamed Apandi

'Really aa???' Former AG's thought?
Not many will believe that the one who 'received' an unbelievable amount of funding from overseas is infallible as what the newly appointed AG would want us to believe!
Apple polishing the incumbent PM has risen to new heights
The way things are taking place here in Malaysia despite the exposes being done to take to task or incriminate the wrongdoers seems to be a futile exercise and that we, the citizens of this nation are powerless to do just anything about it.

Even the country's Opposition Members of Parliament are equally shocked by this clearance and closure of the biggest scandal to hit our nation! Watch!
Annual BERSIH protests have achieved nothing
Malaysians are not known to resort to violence to effect change in our political scene and the large protests or demonstrations orchestrated by the Malaysian Opposition since the days of Anwar Ibrahim's 'Reformasi' has not in any way changed the way Malaysia is being ruined by the current ruling government.

The most that anyone can do is to exercise one's right to choose every 5 years when the General Elections are held. After the results are in, we can just hope that things will be better for us but the reality is that we are often taken for a ride by the winning candidates.

Gone are the promises, election manifestos and a 1001 assurances that progress will be made. Instead of making our lives better, the incumbent is squeezing every ringgit and sen from us in all ways that he and his equally unreliable cabinet can think of!

Social media activists today have been threatened with prosecution if they dare to criticize the government! Freedom of speech? Forget it! You are free to just obey! Obey! Obey!

Or else ....

There is no such thing as the freedom to speak your mind here in Bolehland! It's not that I advocate the publishing of nonsense or fabricated news r views per se. But to force people to shut the hell up and just swallow whatever B.S. they spew to shut us up is out of the question. We can't accept that!

I do in a way, agree that those who publish falsehood should be taken to task but the public should not be forbidden to raise their concerns freely online as it would truly curtail our freedom and is enshrined in our Constitution of their right to be heard.

Before we had the internet, the people could only write letters to the newspaper editors and raise their views through the mainstream media but then such letters were often very much censored and might not see the light of the day so to speak.

Today, we are able to publish our thoughts but that doesn't mean we can simply say anything we like without thinking of the consequences. We must blog with care, for publishing anything without proper moderation can lead to us getting sued for libel or arrested for spreading falsehood. 

Some folks however do like to be involved in controversies. They like to be in the limelight even fr the wrong reasons. If they cant be famous, they have no qualms in getting to be infamous! Hehehehehe... :P

At the end of the day, no matter who does what or gets away with it, you and I will still have to struggle hard to earn our own living. We are not amongst those who were born with a silver or golden spoon in our mouth! We just have to continue to strive in order to thrive.

I just have a feeling that things are not going to remain the same in the next 14th GE come 2018! It would truly be a miracle if the current government still remains in power. After all the 'Now you see it ; now you don't' political theatrics Najib & Co have pulled off after 2013.

The problem is that there are no viable alternative parties we can vote for because even the Opposition guys and gals are as crooked as the prevailing bunch at Putrajaya! What will we do?

Most folks wll probably just not turn up or will spoil their votes by voting for 'Parti Cap Ayam'! :P Is there such a party present? :D

On the other hand, our Nation's revered Statesman, 4th Premier Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad laments the fact that Malays forget too easily...

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