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Monday, March 21, 2016

MALAYSIAN OBSERVER.COM.MY Domain for Sale! Suitable for News Portal.

I wish to sell off my domain This domain was bought by me when I helped to start off the webtv which is now known as way back in 2010. I left the station to start my own writing services after the setting up of the station was complete.

The station set up their own domain using dot my. Mine is Unregistered yet because I am busy with my Writing Services. 

I have been renewing my ownership of the domain from 2010 and have yet to register the domain with MYNIC, the national domain registrar here in Malaysia.


I welcome all enquiries from interested parties especially media companies who would like to acquire and operate MALAYSIAN OBSERVER.COM.MY as your own news portal. it's practically as fresh as a virgin bride. Suitors are welcome! :D


Prices are negotiable and I will assist you in the registration of this domain with MYNIC and transfer the ownership of my domain to whoever succeeds in purchasing this premium domain name.

Highest bidder wins. 

Please contact me at or via my phone listed above.

For your information, only Malaysians are allowed to register this dotcom dotmy domain with MYNIC but international buyers may use a proxy who is an adult Malaysian citizen to buy this premium domain.

So, if you are interested, get in touch with me. All the best!