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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Depressed? Fed up with life? Don't be! Allah is just a prayer away!

I come across cases where some people fall into depression due to some unforeseen circumstances and just give up on life easily.

Even those who are well to do or have no financial woes at times just take the easy way out and kill themselves. That's just stupid!

Let's call a spade just that. Be straightforward about it.

There are billions of others out there in different countries trying their level best to live! Just to be able to breathe and survive from day to day, some even from hour to the next precious hour.

Many a billionaire flush with cash will give up their millions just to be able to take the next breath and see the world for one last time. Have you not seen the hospital wards or visited someone in the ICU and see how much their will to survive for another day?

What is so bad about your life that you find nothing important to live for? Don't you see how your loved ones pine for you? Your grieving worried mother? Anguished father? Crying brother or sister? Your wife or husband? Son or daughter? Heart broken friends?


Listen here my friend. 

You are here not by a chance. You are a living creation that Almighty Allah consented to be.

Kun faya kun! Be and it is!

Not by a fluke of circumstances but as one of Allah's Will!

If you can read this and understand what I am trying to share here, then by Allah, you are a person who can read and write. You can as a human being, understand what my article here is saying!

As a coincidence, my other blog is Hehehehe ... :)

In a way, we can count ourselves lucky and so blessed because we have the latest communication tools and gadgets before us today. 

Look back at how things were 50, 60 years back and realize how only the very privileged were able to get information and news that at times were so reserved only for the very, very rich and powerful persons!

Today, you and I are able to exchange news and views with each other in real time although we may be thousands and thousands of miles away from each other.

With the advent of the internet, we can even see and speak to each other over the internet through applications such as Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Chat, Whatsapp, etc.

Whatever is troubling you and you do not know how to deal with the problem, just reach out to someone who knows and cares for you! 

Whether you like it or not, there is a whole world of people all around you. People who do give a hoot about you! You didnt just drop down into this world from the heavens above!

You my friend are the result of Allah's Will. You didn't just come into being on your own. Your mum and dad had a physical union and you came to be just like me and all other human beings, were conceived out of love and affection.

I know that quite a few out there were conceived ether out of wedlock or as a result of unholy unions but then again, it is up to the circumstances that led to it. Yet, it is Allah Who decides the outcome of such a situation and how the particular individual goes about handling it.

Life is what you and I make it to be!

All it takes is for us to use our God-given intelligence to try and solve our 'problems'.

Problems won't solve themselves or dissipate overnight.

You want something, then you have to do something right in order to acquire it!

Anything and everything comes to be as a result of a change in events. From one thing to another. For example, one has to carry out a series of actions to get a result. Watch how one makes bread from flour, salt, yeast and water?

In order to gain something, we have to go through several procedures. Success doesn't come to those who do nothing! 

It might be shown in fictional movies though but don't you start daydreaming that it will happen to you too. :P  No sirree!

Look back at your life's journey. From being a helpless little baby, you are now someone who can decide for yourself as to what you need to do to change your situation.

You have been blessed by Allah with the Gift of Choice.

You can and will be able to help yourself get out of the rut of feeling despair for yourself.

If you are sad because someone whom you trusted or loved chose to end your relationship with him or her, think that Allah has a better choice for you just waiting for you to attain provided you go for it.

A rubber tree needs to be tapped in the right way before the latex oozes out and flows into the collecting cup. The rice has to be harvested, dried and thrashed before you get the grains that you have to wash and cook before you get to consume it as your meal.

The fish has to be caught and then washed and processed before you get to fry or steam it to eat it as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Anything and everything that we need has to be made in order to fulfill our needs.

Feeling sorry for ourselves but not doing something effective and positive wll lead us nowhere.

We must learn to cherish what we have and what we can have by going for it in the right manner. We decide whether we are going to be happy or sad! We decide whether we remain a zero or turn into a hero. We don't need to drown in despair.

We need to look at others who are in a worse off situation before we decide to throw in the towel! Look at all the losers n life.

They didn't need to screw up their life but they did due to their making the wrong choice when they came to the crossroads of life.

I love listening to and watching Malaysia's best Nasyeed group RAIHAN perform their award winning motivating song titled 'SYUKUR' which is about being grateful to Allah and appreciating all that He has given us. Watch and try to dwell upon its meanings.

We need to be thankful for all that Allah has given us. Here we are with a laptop, desktop computer or smartphone connected to the internet, able to access the internet whilst there are billions of others out there who don't even have a basic radio.

I watched a good video recently which showed how we need to appreciate what we have with us before it's taken away from us. 

Sometimes we forget to appreciate what we are currently enjoying in our life until some tragedy comes up and we lose that which we didn't appreciate or cherish.

Will share more later. Need to appreciate my sleep time now. :D

Be well. Insya Allah!

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