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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Bazaar Ramadhan Kuantan 2016 ~ Mahaguru58's Photoshoot

This is the only Ramadhan Bazaar that we went to this year. For it's unique offerings and specialties not found elsewhere. Here are some of my photos taken during my visit.

This is Stadium Darul Makmur, the home stadium of the Pahang 'Tok Gajah' football team. Besides this iconic stadium is where the annual Ramadhan Bazaar is held. Proper RM2/- per entry carpark is available opposite the stadium but as usual cheapskates prefer to clog up the roads by parking indiscriminately there congesting traffic flow!

The Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan could make a killing by towing away such cars and charging at least RM100 per car but I guess the MPK are just closing an eye due to the festive holiest of months in our Islamic calendar. At least if they did tow away the llegally parked cars it would teach the errant owners a costly lesson! :)

This fellow at first tried to hide his face but when I chided him for pretending to be shy, he came forth and posed cheekily! Hehehehe.. Gotcha!

The bright shining sun forced this baby boy to close his eyes and I captured the moment! His mom should have bought him a baby cap! Hehehehe..

Cakk! He has opened his eyes for us! Alhamdulillah! Babies always look directly at the camera lenses! How come?

Kids always make interesting photography subjects because you never know what antics that they will pull off in a split second! These sisters did just that!

Fruit cordial with slices of real fruit displayed in the containers giving you misleading idea that they are 100% real fruit juices. No sirree! Just creative marketing. :)

Tau fu fah sellers. Tau fu fah is made from soya bean curd. It is made by grinding baked soya beans and then cooked till it becomes a curd. It is then sold with added palm sugar syrup. Also available are hot and cold soya bean drinks also mixed with the palm sugar syrup. Tasty.

This is the Ayam Tempayan Boss. He sells baked marinated chicken, lamb chops and other griilled meat including venison! 

Getting my lamb chop from the Ayam Tempayan stall for my buka puasa. Tasty!

Hahahahaha! Catfish has never been so glamorized like this! 'Keli Gojes!' Hehehehe..

A Health Ministry campaign slogan meaning ' I want Cleanliness! I want to be Healthy!

You wont find such a well dressed and covered Ramadhan Bazaar trader such as ths lass in KL! She struck a pose for me when I pointed my camera at her! :)

Rock & Roll Grilled Yummy Tasty Chicken! We call it as 'Ayam Golek' here in Malaysia. 

Myself in action.  My photo taken by my official photographer ~ My darling lah!

Kuantan Market ~ Mahaguru58's Photography

A fresh produce wet market is always a photographer's paradise. You just have so many different subjects before you. All you have to do is to keep your camera primed and ready to shoot!

It's important to establish rapport with them as well for some would not be so keen to be photographed. My policy is simple. Anyone who upon seeing you aiming the  camera lens shows the slightest hesitance, not worth my time.

Follow the SW,SW, SW, NEXT principle! Some Will, Some Won't, So What? Next!

Some street photographers adopt the stealth Approach. It works as well but somewhat clandestine. I prefer to do my photo shoots upfront.You have peace of mind this way.

Here are some of my shots. 

Ikan Lemong

Frankly speaking, you get fresher looking fish over here at the East Coast. Just look at the glistening quality. These fish was being offered for just RM10 per kilo!

We bought the following Ikan Kembong for just RM12 per kilo. In KL, at the farmer's market, they were selling for RM18/klo!
Ikan Kembong


Tenggiri RM25/kg

Red Ferns. Hard to get in KL

Santan seller

This boy was cute! Everytime I pointed my camera at him, those two fingers would go up automatically! Hahahahaha/ Everytime! Is it now an in grown reflex in modern kids to show that 'peace' sign?

A cute little Indian boy with his dad was at the market too. He has those big round eyes full of curiosity looking at this Atok photographer! Hehehehe.


That's it for now. More photos later. Insya Allah.

Monday, July 04, 2016

DAP's Cybertroopers venting anger on LGE for gettng busted by the MACC!

Right click on the image to open up in a new tab and then right click on it again to view it in a larger size!

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Sahur Meal Weirdo Incident at Temerloh RNR!

Alhamdulllah, we safely reached our home here in Kuantan early this morning after leaving KL at about 2.30 am. 

I prefer to travel after midnight because by then, most of my apartment dwellers would be asleep and I don't need to answer any 'unregistered wannabe journalist's' annoying questions! :P

We arrived at the Temerloh RNR at 3.50 am and despite the jampacked parking area we were fortunate to secure a vacant lot at the very end of the area. Just like last year, it was the same vacant lot near the Traffic Cops shed which had a table and two plastic chairs readily available. Our 'Sahur' table just waiting for us!

But we were a few minutes late in getting out of our car and two men beat us to it! Sigh...

So we wearily unfurled our mengkuang mat and tried to make do with what we could to prepare for our Sahur meal which was just about that 4 to 4.30 am time slot when we would have our pre-fasting meal at home.

But by then those two men had finished their meal and offered us the table and chairs. Alhamdulillah! At this age, eating cross-legged on the floor isn't that easy or comfortable anymore. So with a huge sigh of relief, I thanked the men and happily set up the table for our meal.

We had brought our home cooked food and drinks for our Sahur on the road and we got ready to eat. But then came a chap carrying his child and another young kid just to watch us as if we were something interesting to watch. It's not like he was poor or hungry for the fella drove an SUV but just came over to look!

I felt so uncomfortable because it was a private moment for me and my wife to quietly have our Sahur meal away from the maddening crowd but here comes a joker intruding into our 'space'. I would gladly share my meal if he was poor and needy but that was not the case. The idiot just brazenly came over to watch people eat!

I had enough of such nonsense! I told him' Excuse me! Can we have some privacy please?' Could you please go away?' 

Luckly he understood and only then walked off back to his vehicle. You never know what kind of weirdos you will meet when on the road! Thank God, it was a fellow who didn't know that it was rude to go watch people who were about to have their Sahur meal!

Maybe I can sell tickets for our next Ramadhan's Sahur Meal event at the same spot if I am still around? :P

Jokes aside, I didn't like that episode taking place at all! Malaysians have a nasty habit of being gawkers! Most of them simply do not have common sense and think nothing of just going around looking at people. Hello! This is not a public show, dammit!

Malaysia seriously needs to start teaching 'Civics' to its citizens once again as it did during the British Colonials rule.

Really crazy episode!

As P.Ramlee's famously quipped in his 'Pendekar Bujang Lapok' film ..'Coba'an!'

Friday, July 01, 2016

Kaffir Harbi ~ What exactly did the Mufti of Pahang mean and to whom was he referring to?

Mufti of Pahang Dato' Seri Dr. Abdul Rahman Osman
When the honorable Mufti of Pahang Sahibus Samahah Dato' Seri Dr. Abdul Rahman Osman issued a statement saying that the DAP political leaders are 'Kaffir Harbi' @ 'Warring Kaffirs' he triggered an avalanche of criticisms coming from those who cried foul and bayed for his retraction of that statement and demanded an official apology from him.

As usual here in Malaysia, there will be the usual knee-jerk reactions springing up not from the majority of the Non Muslims but from those who are his fellow Muslims but infamous for their 'diarrhea of the lip' so to speak and quick to condemn the learned Mufti claiming that he has overstepped the unspoken boundary in this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed nation.

From what I understand from his explaining about saying so about the DAP leaders in particular the late Karpal Singh, who challenged Muslims of Malaysia to cross his dead body first if they want to turn Malaysia into an Islamic State!

Lim Kit Sang who consistently has been very vocal protesting every attempt to strengthen the Syariah Laws of this obviously Malay Muslims ruled country to this day.

His son Lim Guan Eng who is also against any motions to pass the Syariah Laws in Malaysia to be according to the dictates of the Commandments of Almighty Allah as revealed in the Holy Quran.

These are the ones whom he particularly addressed as 'Kaffir Harbi' and those similarly against the implementation of Syariah Laws in Malaysia. 

The definition of 'Kaffi Harbi' can't just be taken in the simplified context of those who think that it applies only to those who take up arms against the Muslims and wage war against the Rulers of Malaysia directly by forms of an armed uprising or the usage of deadly weapons which warrant the killing of such enemies of Islam and confiscation of their properties.

No! Not so if one really understands the evident realities of the particular DAP leaders opposing the implementation of actual Syariah Laws of Allah here instead of the present watered down lame versions passed on as the laws of the Syariah Courts of Malaysia.

These DAP leaders have been waging a war of perceptions against the Muslims here in Malaysia. Under the guise of secular political movements, the DAP have been undermining the rule of the Malays here in Malaysia.

They go about protesting and belittling the Malay led government at every opportunity they get by attacking the religious authorities attempt to uphold and improve the country's Syariah Courts to be on par with what is expected of it.

A Kaffir is not a derogatory term. It is what Allah the Almighty Himself uses to address those who do not beieve in Him. The opposite word for a Believer is Muslim. A practicing knowledgeable Muslim is known as a Mukmin.

Back to the issue. A Kaffir Harbi is someone who goes against Islam by opposing it by any means. The most extreme manner is actually taking up arms and attacking the Muslims. This type of Kaffir Harbi warrants us to fight him or her with the equal or appropriate measures.

This is the kind of Kaffir Harbi who deserves to be dealt with in the manner befitting him. I am not in favor of taking someone's wealth or properties no matter that he or she is or was a Kaffir Harbi. 

So, was the Pahang Mufti right or wrong to label these DAP leaders or those similarly inclined as 'Kaffir Harbi'? Waging a war of perceptions is as damaging as actually fighting against us in the real sense of the word. 

By constantly being a pain in the ass ~ proverbially speaking, these enemies of Islam and Malaysia's Muslims are often stirring up trouble and opening the doors to racial and religious unrest and might one day spark off a riot ala 13th of May, 1969!

When Muslims want to erect or built the Masjid's to accommodate the needs of the community, they are now being stopped and opposed by members of the DAP as seen in a case in East Malaysia!

People go to war when their interests are at stake or in danger of being robbed from them. It is not something that we can afford to ignore or dismiss it off as mere hogwash or idle threats.

History records the viciousness of Karpal Singh's diatribes and that of Lim Kit Siang against the Muslims of Malaysia as seen in the following videos.

 'Our opposition to Hudud and our opposition to an Islamic State stands! Intact!'   Karpal Singh

Former PAS Deputy President Ustaz Nasharuddin Aziz openly condemned the DAP's Anti-Islam stand in the following speech :

Watch the explanation by Sahibus Samahah, the Mufti of the Sultanate of Pahang, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Osman about his labeling those who are anti-Islam and the Syariah Laws of Allah :

Whomsoever does something physically, by actions, by words, by persuasions, by open revolt, open protests and public forums in stopping the implementations of the Syariah Laws of Allah are guilty of being Kaffir Harbi @ those who wage war against the state religion of Malaysia.
That's the gist of what the learned Mufti of Pahang says!

I agree with him and support his stand.

Are all Kaffirs here in Malaysia to be classified as 'Kaffir Harbi'?
Definitely no!

There are so many of our fellow Non Muslim @ Kaffir citizens who are exemplary human beings who live peacefully amongst us and are an asset to our country.

Take for example, the current 'Cina Gila' @ # 1 Malaysian Top Humanitarian Kuan Chee Heng, a retired policeman who is going around helping fellow Malaysians who are suffering from poverty and misfortune.

Mr. Kuan is very much loved by everyone including myself for his charitable deeds to help those who are being neglected or have no one to take care of them.

If you visit his Facebook page, you will be amazed to see how he helps every poor suffering individual out there by doing what he can through his fast growing network of friends and fellow Malaysians through his Community Policing movement.

Now, how can we call such a good, nice, kind and generous fellow as a 'Kaffir Harbi'? He does not do anything harmful to us. He even uses Islamic greetings and expressions in his exchanges with his growing legions of fans. 

The man is just short of uttering the Syahadah! His actions and deposition augurs so much more better than many a 'Muslim' that I know!

In fact he is doing so much more in helping our fellow citizens regardless of creed, color and social status compared to so many so called people's champions or even Cabinet Ministers!

There are many more 'Gila Malaysians' out there who are not Muslims. They have been bitten by the 'Small Potato' virus. 

'Kaffir Harbi' doesn't apply to these people too. Those who mean no harm to the Muslims of Malaysia and are happy to live and let live in relative peace and harmony with us have nothing to fear or feel offended by.

Let's learn to not jump to any conclusions or listen to fear-mongers or shit stirrers out there.

Salam sejahtera to everyone reading this. Love our country and support our do-gooders like Kuan Chee Heng.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen.