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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Kuantan Market ~ Mahaguru58's Photography

A fresh produce wet market is always a photographer's paradise. You just have so many different subjects before you. All you have to do is to keep your camera primed and ready to shoot!

It's important to establish rapport with them as well for some would not be so keen to be photographed. My policy is simple. Anyone who upon seeing you aiming the  camera lens shows the slightest hesitance, not worth my time.

Follow the SW,SW, SW, NEXT principle! Some Will, Some Won't, So What? Next!

Some street photographers adopt the stealth Approach. It works as well but somewhat clandestine. I prefer to do my photo shoots upfront.You have peace of mind this way.

Here are some of my shots. 

Ikan Lemong

Frankly speaking, you get fresher looking fish over here at the East Coast. Just look at the glistening quality. These fish was being offered for just RM10 per kilo!

We bought the following Ikan Kembong for just RM12 per kilo. In KL, at the farmer's market, they were selling for RM18/klo!
Ikan Kembong


Tenggiri RM25/kg

Red Ferns. Hard to get in KL

Santan seller

This boy was cute! Everytime I pointed my camera at him, those two fingers would go up automatically! Hahahahaha/ Everytime! Is it now an in grown reflex in modern kids to show that 'peace' sign?

A cute little Indian boy with his dad was at the market too. He has those big round eyes full of curiosity looking at this Atok photographer! Hehehehe.


That's it for now. More photos later. Insya Allah.

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