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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Myanmar's Massacring Rohingyas but ASEAN plays Deaf, Dumb and Blind to it!

ASEAN ~ Association of South East Asian Nations. On their website, paint a rosy picture f stable, developing nations all united to champion a better future for all the people who are part of this region.

In reality, they are exactly the opposite. They have no actual power or decisive force to deal with any crisis or disaster that takes place in any of their member countries.

Myanmar is currently massacring hundreds of thousands of it's own civilians who are Rohingya Muslims who are being killed, raped and mutilated at will by Myanmar's Army and Police forces!

All these ASEAN leaders are equally GUILTY OF ALLOWING THE MASSACRE OF ROHINGYA MUSLIMS to go on by joining hands with the Butcher from Myanmar!

All these helpless people are being butchered by the Burmese mass murderers, rapists and sadist Buddhist monks and their rampaging army but our PM was busy singing karaoke at Sri Perdana wth the visiting Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte!

This is the reality of our times. When corrupt leaders enjoy themselves whilst the people living in the ASEAN region are being massacred by the Myanmar regime!

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