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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Malaysian Socio-Political Bloggers ~ Fading away into Cyberspace?

There used to be a time when with the advent of the Blogosphere here in Malaysia, everyone was excited about the new platform to express one's thoughts and viewpoints through the various websites and blogging platforms.

Every Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy took to blogging like a flock of ducks plunging right in to a lake or pond after being caught out in the heat of the day!

When Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad lamented that he was being deprived of media coverage as a result of Tun Abdullah Badawi's gag order on him, I proposed that Tun join us as a blogger during a special dialogue with him, NGO's, politicians and gathering of bloggers organized by Malaysia Today's Raja Petra Kamarudin at the Kelab Century Paradise way back on the 24th of June, 2006! Click here and read my article on it.

Tun did eventually launch his own blog @ and to this day continues to voice out as he pleases. As we all know, Tun Mahathir is now being ostracised by the current PM Najib Razak for Tun's campaign to unseat him due to the various scandals and screwups that Tun Razak's son is accused of. 

We surely agree with Tun but as it is, our current situation is frankly quite taxing in all ways due to this indifferent leader who doesn't really give a damn about whatever anyone is saying more so when his chief political nemesis happens to be our former 4th and longest in office (22 years) Premier Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad!

Way back then; it's been more than 10 years now, our Malaysian cyberspace was abuzz with all kinds of bloggers who published, wrote and commented upon the latest news and views related to the social and political happenings in Malaysia.
RPK and Mahaguru58[R]
Some of Malaysia's notable bloggers such as Raja Petra Kamaruddin or RPK as he is known, Rocky Bru, Big Dog, A Voice, Kadir Jasin,Sang Kelembai, Parpukari, Papagomo, RBF, Din Turtle,Penarik Beca, Roslan SMS and many others are in reality sort of getting tired of blogging due to the 'tidak-apathy' mindset of our crooked powers that be.

What's the point of wasting one's precious quality time, research and effort in trying to improve our life here in Bolehland when the crooked ones who are gleefully feathering their nests at the nation's expense simply say 'Boleh Mampus' to whoever dares to criticize or castigate them via blogs and websites like mine here?

Some cabinet ministers even show their vulgar gestures to the media without any hesitation. Check out the Minister for Culture and Tourism here.

How's that as an unbridled form of social misbehavior from someone appointed to instill and preserve our traditional Malaysian norms and values?

Mahaguru58 [right] with Dato A.Kadir Jasin
Malaysian Socio-Political bloggers are usually middle aged or elderly like me who feel it is our social and civic responsibility as concerned citizens to watch out for our rights and hold the powers that be accountable if they screw up and try to pull a fast one on us. 

The problem is that many are getting disillusioned by the various stifling measures meant to gag us. So many bloggers have chosen to not bother to keep their blogs alive.

Some are still active but quite a few have not updated or simply abandoned their blogs preferring to engage in chit chat over Facebook or Twitter. What a bloody shame! 

Check out the links to various blogs at Tranung Kite and see for yourselves. The fire in most bloggers has sort of fizzled out.

To be a blogger, one has to master the skill of composing words, have a dab of webmaster know how, graphic editing, digital photography and learn how to embed videos or linking to other online sources and urls.

That knowledge and various cyber-skills comes with experience and the blogger must have passion for what he or she does. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a Facebooker but it takes dedication and commitment to be and remain active as a Blogger!

Let's be frank! Bloggers take sides too. We too have our likes and dislikes. We can go with the flow but that doesn't mean we will sacrifice our long held principles for a fistful of ringgits. I know how some bloggers who used to be rabidly anti-Opposition now have no qualms with rubbing shoulders with their once arch enemies.

Biggest surprise of the century, one might say is how Tun Dr.Mahathir now keeps frequent company with his once primary nemesis DAP's Lim Kit Siang! Sometimes we do have to rub our eyes and realize that it is really true. It is as we are seeing this spectacle with our very own eyes. This is not a mirage!

They say that in politics there are no permanent enemies or friends. This has been proven true when it comes to these two elderly politicians of Malaysia. Both are avid bloggers as well. Check out Lim Kit Siang's blog here. He started blogging in 2007. I started mine way back in 2004!

We can't really say that socio-political bloggers will eventually cease to exist for most young Malaysians nowadays aren't really that bothered to keep abreast with whatever is happening here in Bolehland.

Their lives today are mostly concerned with making easy money and enjoying life as best as they can. Our country is not known to have bright dynamic young citizens who are concerned with changing the future or being willing to change their mindsets.

It's between two extremes. Some are really quite passionate about wanting to see a political revolution in Malaysia but go about it in the run of the mill loud street protests, chants and slogans but no real plans to follow through in realizin all that they shout about.

On the other hand, we have the ones who'd rather while away their times at the local Mamak bistros and scream their support for foreign football teams that they adore. If you asl their opinions about what needs to be done in order to save us from the marauding crooks at Putrajaya and the rest of the nation, these types would usually be at a loss, literally. Clueless in Kay El, brudder! :P

Literally we Malaysians are actually caught between the Devils and the Deep Blue Sea! I don't know who we are going to get replacing Ah Jib Gor in 2018 but rest assured that the new PM is not going to be our proverbial knight in shining armor. Teflon coated for sure where the AG or the MACC couldn't touch him after Najib's sterling example where even Mahathir can't yank a nostril hair from Mr.Pink Lips! :D

Que Sera Sera Malaysia. Enjoy our local Socio-Political Blogosphere while it lasts. Quite a number of vocal Bloggers like Syed Akbar Ali @ OutSyed the Box have had their blogs plastered by the MCMC boys! Touchy touchy I tell you! :P

I hope that those of you reading this would want to start sharing your news and views so that the 'Truth gets to be told so Justice can live!' Insya Allah.

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