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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tanjong Agas, Pekan, Pahang ~ Mahaguru58 Travelogue, May 2017 Pt.1

Recently I was on a road trip with my wife from our 2nd home in Kuantan to the village of Tanjong Agas which is located at the tip of the land projecting out to the South China Sea off the Sultanate of Pahang's royal town of Pekan.

It has been more than 8 years since we last visited the place. A lot of changes have taken place since then and we saw development change the way villagers over there live.

I was actually looking forward to seeing an Orang Asli hut which I saw situated on a river bank close to the sea back then at Tanjong Agas. 

I was a bit sad to see that the hut was no more. The Orang Asli family whom I saw back then must have moved into more permanent housing.

One scene I remember was the mudflat shoreline riddled with what I believe to be the entrances to the nests of a shrimp like crustacean which is related to the lobster species.

Photo Source
The muddy mounds which I believe to be the entrances to the nests of the Mantis Shrimp or 'Udang Ketak' [photo above] as we Malaysians call them. 

I remember writing about Tanjong Agas way back in May 2009 but sad to now see just blank spaces in my blog article where I had posted some photos of the place. The image hosting service which I had used before seems not to be in service anymore thus the missing images. 
Nevertheless, now with Google's improved image hosting enabled here in Blogger itself, I am happy to share with you the visuals that I managed to capture during my visit there recently.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to travel and visit far off places like this. I for one am lucky to be married to my darling who is from the East Coast State of Pahang. Hence the chance to explore places like this.

Tanjong Agas has river tributaries like this leading to the South China Sea. I saw many little boats like the above or 'sampan' as they are referred to here in Malaysia being tied to simple wooden jetties or just embedded poles by the riverbank.

There was this picturesque house on the riverbank located at the junction of two river tributaries. Looked very unique.

It has this unique looking roof unlike the many traditional Malay houses which we see in the kampongs @ Malay villages. Quite appealing to a photographer like me.

A fisherman preparing to go out to the sea in his small boat @ sampan at Tanjong Agas.

Will be updating this post later.

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