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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tanjong Agas, Pekan, Pahang ~ Mahaguru58's Travelogue Pt.2. More photos from my trip.

Most of the villagers houses which used to be made of wooden planks and zinc roofed are slowly being renovated to brick walled houses and the marshy surroundings being stabilized with soil and sand.
As you can see in the photo above, those who are better off today have even upgraded their once dilapidated wooden houses to bungalows with better roofing as evidenced by the scene above.

Many can afford to buy Malaysian made cars such as depicted in the photo here. Alhamdulillah! Praise be to Allah!
There were quite a number of goats wandering about rummaging through the trash heap and bleating their way across the village road in search of food. 

It was fun hearing them bleat as they pleased whilst scampering away whenever a motorcycle or car approached.
Soon, we will no longer see the dilapidated wooden houses at Tanjong Agas anymore as each villager who can afford to will upgrade and renovate his or her house according to their means. 

In a way, you can say that development is taking place at this rural area. In fact, the village is even connected to the internet courtesy of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development which has enabled free WiFi for the area.

A notice board announcing the free WiFi connection to the internet provided for the Tanjong Agas villagers by the Ministry for Rural and Regional Development.
The current Minister is the highly controversial YB Dato Seri Haji Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who is known for his out of the norm approaches to help elevate the condition of the Malay Muslims and the general Malaysian population. 

He was quite vocal in asking the greedy traders especially those from the Chinese community to bring down prices of goods here in Malaysia for refusing to do so even after the Government had reduced the petrol and diesel fuel prices.
He received quite a lot of support for his firm stand despite the witch hunt to pressure the PM to sack him spearheaded by DAP, the main Chinese majority Opposition party here.

There is a bridge connecting the inner part of the Tanjong Agas village to the main road. There was quite a heavy traffic plying on the bridge as villagers drove their cars and rode motorcycles and bicycles across incessantly.
The bridge connecting villagers to the Tanjong Agas main road.
Safety seems not important to these boys as they ride a motorcycle at Tanjong Agas.
Guess, they learn to do so from their elders seen above riding motorcycles without crash helmets as well.
Girls too ride without donning crash helmets along the village road. So, don't be surprised if there are serious injuries or even fatalities if an accident was to take place here as a result of these villagers nonchalant attitude when riding motorcycles.
 Amongst the bridge road users was this girl riding her bicycle and a goat as they passed each other.
The girl glancing at the bleating goat as it made its way seeking for something to eat at the village area.
An idyllic scene before me as the little Malay girl in her tudung @ hijab cycled away as the bleating goat trotted on the road. Scenes that you can only see at rural areas like Tanjong Agas to this day.
There was a bus bearing the name 'RAHMAT ALAM' plying the road at the Tanjong Agas village. Those without their own mode of transportation would surely be taking this bus to the town.

'Rahmat Alam' means 'Natural Grace' in Malay. It surely lives up to its name as it provides a valuable service to the rural folk to travel at an affordable cost.
A postcard picture scenery at this coastal village where the coconut trees serve as a natural backdrop at the riverbank where small sampans @ boats belonging to the village fishermen are tied up.
It was this photographer's delight to come across beautiful scenes like this and I snapped away under the blistering sun as it was midday and the sun was really quite scorching.
It was quite a contrast of sorts to see dilapidated village houses like this yet having the Astro satellite TV dish fixed to the wooden structure.

Rural they may be but they are not out of touch with what's going on in the world.
With the advent of the smartphone, Tanjong Agas Malay villagers like this man here keep in touch with the latest news and views care of the free wireless internet connection provided by the Malaysian Government.
This is the village grocery store where villagers frequent to buy their needs. One stop center for the latest new, gossips and whatnot. :P
Also the main hangout area for the villagers goats which constantly scavenge for leftovers and whatever is edible from amongst the trash.

If we city dwellers have our motorcars parked nearby, here at Tanjong Agas, some villagers have their sampans just outside by the riverbank.

Maybe the villagers need to tidy up their place in order to promote better hygiene and health for themselves instead of letting trash decompose right out side their homes as in the photo here.
Sampans parked at the riverbank, ready to be propelled out to sea in seeking their living from fishing at the South China Sea.

More to come in Part 3, the last part of this Tanjong Agas Mahaguru58's travelogue. Thanks for reading.

Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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