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Friday, March 23, 2018

Tun Dr.Mahathir's Surprise Appearance at a Forum Denouncing Him turns a Critical 'Professor' into a Dumbass Jerk! :P

Hahahahaha! The photo above tells so many stories about the stupid forum held by the Sinar daily media! Let the following videos tell you what took place?

First! Tun's surprise entrance catches his cowardly spineless critics especially this Dr.Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, Director of the UUM Malaysian Political Research Institute, the dumbass so called professor from Universiti Utara Malaysia by his gonads which surely must have gone missing the minute he came to learn of Tun Dr.M's coming! 

Tun Dr. Mahathir is not a coward! He gave BBC's HardTalk host Stephen Sackur a very powerful smash whenever the condescending British TV host tried to put Tun Dr.M into a tight spot or admit that he was wrong in his time as the 4th PM of Malaysia. Watch this historical episode:

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

The dumbass idiot pretending to be somebody worthy of lambasting Tun Dr.Mahathir on a stage set up by SINAR will not stand a chance of ever being invited to be on an exclusive top level political talk show such as BBC's HardTalk!

Neither does he qualify to be on it.

Bollocks to you brudder!!! Shame on you 'Dr.' Kamarul Zaman Yusoff and UUM!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Vote Fishing Season coming up for the 14th Malaysian GE! Ready for take! Camera rolling! Action!

We can now look forward to the political candidates suddenly appearing in our midst grinning from ear to ear and bearing pre-election gifts and making promises that we all know would surely dissipate into thin air the minute those buggers get elected or as usual lose in the GE!

I read that in my Bandar Tun Razak P124 Parliamentary Constituency, the BN's probable candidate will still be from the MCA! Datuk Chew Yin Keen is said to be the MCA's running candidate for the coming 14th Malaysian GE. 

From what I have seen online about this candidate, he is only focusing his efforts in the Chinese community. 

For him to forget about the majority of us here especially the Malay Muslim community in Bandar Tun Razak all these years and suddenly expect the P124 Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak voters to rally behind him is just akin to dreaming!

He is going to experience what the other previous MCA candidates in the 12th and 13th GE faced on the night after the votes are counted. 

UMNO's Datuk Rizalman Mokhtar [photo above] however might stand a fighting chance to win the seat if the MCA agrees to swap but from what the MCA President has said here, that seems to be in doubt as well.

Don't bother thinking about the incumbent, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the former MB of Selangor who went Independent and disappeared from showing up at the constituency all these years. The fellow just shamelessly collected his MP's allowance all these while and did nothing for the benefit of us Bandar Tun Razak residents.

Here's an interesting political cartoon featuring the legendary 4th Malaysian Premier Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who is making a political comeback at the ripe old age of 93 years old and his former staunch enemy now buddy buddy having a tiff about him getting to be the Temporary Prime Minister IF the Opposition wins.

In the meantime, the voters are just going to wait and see what these once in every 5 years turn ups are going to come up with? Presenting our MO1, the 'Cash is King' Chifu! Ah Jib Gor. The man who is flush with billions and billions and billions ...

Happy fishing brudder! :D 

Friday, March 02, 2018

Pendatang Haram kuasai perniagaan kecil dan sederhana secara terbuka sebab ada pegawai2 kerajaan yang makan rasuah!

Sembang lah deraih tara mana di dalam wawancara media perdana! Takde guna!

Hakikat bahawa ADA pegawai2 penguatkuasaan pihak berkuasa tempatan, pihak agensi2 dan jabatan2 kerajaan negeri dan kerajaan persekutuan KUAT MAKAN SUAP atau DUIT RASUAH serta Ganjaran2 sampingan yang lain adalah PUNCA semakin berleluasanya PENAKLUKAN EKONOMI dan PENCEMARAN NILAI2 BUDAYA serta SOSIAL sekarang ini di kebanyakan pekan2 dan bandar2 di seluruh MALAYSIA!

Kerajaan Melayu ni memang terbukti amat lemah dari segi menjaga Amanah serta Hak penduduk pribumi negara ini.

Semakin hari semakin tergadai negara ini di sebabkan adanya PARA PETUALANG dan PENGKHIANAT yang memegang kuasa TETAPI RAKUS MAKAN SUAP dan RASUAH serta kuat mengampu para durjana yang KORUP tahap gila babun!

Tak percaya?

Saksikan dengan mata kepala sendiri. Mereka bebas berniaga secara terbuka di sekitar Kota Raya, Kuala Lumpur.

Keadaan ini memperingatkan saya akan fenomena 'China Town' yang kini terdapat di seluruh pelusuk dunia. Mereka akan mula berniaga kecil-kecilan di mana mana bandar dan pekan yang boleh mereka masuki.

Lama kelamaan mereka akan membina kedai kedai perniagaan dan perusahaan sendiri dan akhirnya seluruh bandar dan kota itu akan di miliki pedagang2 ini.

Sekarang pun Kota Raya sudah dikenali sebagai port Bangla seMalaysia.


Thursday, March 01, 2018

Watch what you say or share on 'Social Media'. It will come back and bite your ass!

Lately, we often come across many celebrities and so called superstars spew coarse and filthy words or foul expressions online when responding to certain issues or events where they get so riled up and speak as if they are just another foulmouthed felon let loose on our streets or worse still here in the worldwide web. 

Yes, I understand that they are human just like us too and have feelings and emotions to unleash and share here in the social media, etcetera. But! And that's a very big 'But!'

These persons label themselves as 'Public Figures'. Little do they realize that even now in these turbulent 'End Times' ; to call or classify oneself as a 'Public Figure' there comes with it a certain criteria to justify being called as such. A 'Public Figure' must have class and mannerisms befitting that status.

You need to be a role model for the general public to emulate and follow. You need to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of that label. Your manners and decorum ought to be in a class above the average riff raff and whatever else you commonly find in the general populace.

Alas! I find it disturbing that lately every Tom, Dick or Harry who strutted his or her stuff in the minuscule so called Creative Industry that we have here in 'Mamluk al Malaisie' suddenly get bestowed with titles and awards that were once heralded as the highest levels of our society where such exclusive titles were only awarded to worthy recipients from the general public who had achieved exemplary successes in their relative fields or pursuits -that have actually benefited our society.

Yet there is a certain Sultanate in our country that seems to dish out these awards to just about every Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy who in reality have not really topped the charts in the industry or really performed so spectacularly in the creative field of a global standard what more help distinguish our nation at the international levels.

Anyway, I leave it to that particular Sultanate to ascertain whether they have gone overboard in dishing out so many awards to just about every fellow they had in their honor list to such an extent that a Sultan in the southern part f our Malay Peninsular once quipped that if he was to throw a stone into a crowd of people nowadays, it will definitely strike the head of a 'Dato' and then bounce off on a 'Tan Sri'! :P

Very wise observations indeed Sire!

Back to my main subject. That of certain individuals who classify themselves as 'stars' yet have a gutter tongue often letting loose with a cuss word or two on social media without considering that such words from their foul mouth and evidently equally rotten sorry excuse of a critical thinking brain would in actuality be the very cause of their own downfall from their perch on the rungs of society's social strata.

Reminds me of this scenario caricatured so aptly by Carissa Rochelle Marsland:

Monday, February 26, 2018

Saksafon 'Kassim Selamat' kini di miliki Cikgu Ahmad Din, Tauke D-Optometrist.

"Siapa dia Kassim Selamat? Loyar? Majistret?" soalan soalan cepumas pelakon Studio Cathay Keris Mak Dara yang berlakon sebagai Nyonya Mansoor, orang kaya Singapura yang benci pada ahli muzik!

Adegan di bawah adalah lagu 'Jangan Tinggal Daku' sebagai lagu pembukaan filem hebat ini.

Berikut pula adegan Kassim Selamat [P.Ramlee] yang sudah buta matanya meminta pinjam saksafon milik Ba'in, jiran Chombee [Zaiton] dan meniup lagu 'Jeritan Batin Ku' dalam filem ini. Peniup tenor saksafon ini sebenarnya Yusoff B.

Saya teruja bila mendengar tiupan tenor saksafon baru baru ini oleh seorang pengunjung Q Bistro, Dataran Dwitasik, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur semasa saya dan isteri sedang menikmati makan tengahari disana.

Saya bergegas bangun pergi mencari peniup saksafon tersebut dan meminta beliau meniup lagu 'Jeritan Batin Ku' yang di popularkan oleh seniman agong negara kita Arwah P.Ramlee di dalam filem klasik lagenda beliau 'Ibu Mertua Ku' dahulu.

Saya amat suka dan teruja sekali bila mengetahui bahawa saksafon tersebut adalah saksafon asal yang di gunakan P.Ramlee didalam filem tersebut.

Saksafon itu kini di miliki Cikgu Ahmad Din, pemilik kedai cermin mata D'Optometrist yang berdepan dengan Q Bistro tersebut. Lantas saya memohon izin merakam tiupan saksafon lagenda itu. Mazli, seniman yang meniup saksafon tersebut.

Bagi saya yang merupakan salah saorang dari beratus juta peminat P.Ramlee, peluang untuk mendengar tiupan dari saksafon asal yang di gunakan Arwah amat istimewa dan saya amat menghargai usaha Cikgu Ahmad Din [0192498886] untuk terus mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan muzik filem P.Ramlee sebagai halwa telinga kita di zaman moden ini.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Sales & Marketing Screw ups ~ Why many business folks fail in building up their income earners?

Let's take the 'Marketing' bull by it's horns! Hehehehe, yes, I am cynically referring to all those 'bozos' out there who try and send out their so called marketing material through email and think that they have done their part.

First and foremost, as far as the Malaysian small, medium and even those humongous businesses out there do not take the trouble to really have their sales & marketing adverts and material proofread and checked for inaccuracies.

Don't they realize that when they fail to make sure that each and every word, each term and content that they print or publish to the worldwide web WILL HAVE AN IMPACT on their business reputation and 'integrity'?

Today, I went through my emails on one of my many email accounts and came across an email mass sent (email blast) that was sent by a digital print company based in Shah Alam.

Their so called marketing material said to be attached with the email was no where in sight. Case of the forgotten attachment!

I have an adverse distaste for such mass emailing. It shows that the sender really does not give a shit about you. They simply pressed 'Enter' and blasted off that gibberish email containing nothing but broken English goo goo gaa gaa devoid of content that was supposed to be there for us to go through.

It's like throwing a cast net at sea or any other body of water that has fish in it.

He or she doesn't really take the time to learn about you and by such mass emailing are as those cast net fishermen. Playing on the Law of Averages. SWSWSWN principle.

Don't get what that stands for? No worries. Let me help you out there. It stands for 'Some Will! Some Won't! So What? Next!' 

For example, if you go and meet 10 people whilst doing your sales & marketing pitch, most probably the 1st one will say no, so you move on to the next. He or she might refuse you too, so you keep trying your luck till you meet someone who is willing to do business with you.

Chances are just like what I have shared above.  'Some Will! Some Won't! So What? Next!' 

It's a numbers game. That is part and parcel of doing business. Not everyone is going to come running to do business with you. You want it? You have to go and get it. Nothing comes free in this world. 

I am going to stop here for a while. Will continue after this.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wau Bulan, our Malaysian Traditional Kelantanese Dikir Barat goes International!

American, The St.John's Boys Choir, Collegeville, Minnesota.

Canadian, Hamilton Children's Choir

Ikeda Junior Choir, Japan

Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs - Cantabile (Grades 4-6), Minnesota, USA

Albert Children's Choir

Don't you just swell with Malaysian patriotic pride watching their performances? 

I had tears streaming and choked up! :P

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

TM UNIFI, the most useless & undependable internet providers are at it again!

The idiots are at it again! Tried changing my password for my home Unifi Wifi account today but received this stupid message from Telekom Malaysia's 'walled garden saying that my password which was successfully authenticated and approved by the TRG Gateway at has now been disallowed by the monopolizing useless TM!

They have the audacity to label themselves as 'The Fastest Broadband Service Provider yet have times and times again proven to be so otherwise!!!


* By the way, this posting has been made possible thanks to my dependable DIGI Broadband Mobile Wifi Hotspot!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Police Corruption in India! Shocking Expose by Satyamev Jayate ~ Aamir Khan's TV Program

Bloody Hell! I thought it was just part and parcel of the Bollywood and Kollywood film tales. 

In reality, it turns out that whatever is depicted or shown as Police Corruption or Brutality in all those Hindi and Tamil movies really takes place daily over there in India.

I shudder to think that over here in Mamluk al Malaisie, the same thing could be going on without us realizing it.

Those poor, poor suffering constables! Sheesh..... :(

Friday, January 12, 2018

Tun Dr. Mahathir's Pakatan PM Candidacy and UMNO's Regressive Political Dynasties. Root Causes.

Democracy is meant to be a lively, ever changing process of leadership through concensus and not meant or intended to regress into a dynastic autocratic oppressive regime. 

The way our country's politics is concerned, it has degressed to being the latter. 

We see the top leadership in most Malaysian political parties 'not contested' and reserved for the incumbents. That violates the very foundation of such organizations. Infamous for doing this are the DAP, UMNO, PAS, PKR and for a couple of decades, the MIC.

The apple polishing grassroot members give birth to the 'false sense of infallibility' of every party President and Deputy President' and by stopping other younger and more qualified capable candidates from contesting in the respective parties Annual Convention party elections, they shoot themselves in their own feet and rob their party of a renewed, vigorous and dynamic future.

So, when 93 year old Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad whom the Opposition labeled as a tyrannic dictator over his 22 long years of being the 4th Malaysian Prime Minister and UMNO President back then was unanimously endorsed by them as their choice to be the 7th Malaysian Prime Minister IF they win this 14th Malaysian GE comes not as a surprise but exposing their serious lack of a better candidate from across their fragile Opposition Pact.

This forced endorsement sort of opens the can of rotten worms which I described in the 4th paragraph of this article above. Both the Opposition and the BN are guilty of short changing us Malaysians of promising younger, better, qualified dynamic leaders because these party leadership always deny their up and coming youth leaders the platform to showcase what they have and can deliver.

As a result, you see these full of vigor and energetic youth leaders resorting to stick like political remoras to the over 60 years old geezers who strut around like proud old peacocks and weak fisting political rethorical slogans at their annual conventions where they are shielded from being challenged for their positions of power by the glass ceiling protocols propped up by their minions.

They are forced to waste their energies and youthful capabilities by playing second fiddle to the aging despots and dictators masquerading as the 'people's champions' when in reality they are robbing the young leaders of their chance to really serve the nation as they rightfully deserve.

When 93 year old Mahathir who has had several bypass heart surgeries done is forced to step up to the plate due to his unending psychological warfare with Najib who was once his chosen golden boy to continue leading UMNO and Malaysia is the only one suitable to head the Opposition, it is a sorry sign of the rotten choices left amongst the so called Opposition Pact.

Same sad scenario from the BN's side. Same old shit from over there albeit getting glossed over and represented as the country's hope for the challenging future. Ongoing Culture of Corruption prevails in this country's political front.

Even the once promising young youth leaders are susceptible to the enticement of attractive young women, wealth, power, fame and position which has always been the root cause of each downfall of those who were once worthy of greatness. 

Click here to read about one such case. 

As I wrote earlier, we Malaysians are sort of caught between 2 Evils. Period!

Saturday, January 06, 2018

14th Malaysian GE ~ Malaysians caught between 2 Evils!

Keeping up with the ongoing 'Cold War' between our 4th Former Malaysian Premier Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and current 6th Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd.Najib Razak is like watching the endless TV Dramas where lots of twists and turns take place.

It's not contributing much to our peace of mind nowadays as rising prices and shrinking Malaysian Ringgit foreign exchange values plays havoc with our individual budgets.
The common excuse that the powers that be often give saying that our national economy couldn't be that bad seeing the crowds thronging the country's shopping malls is just ignoring the fact that nowadays we have to fork out much more Ringgits in order to get what we need to survive compared to when life was much more easier for us 20, 30 years ago with our stronger RM.

Getting less and less for our RM as each day passes by.

As common citizens we can't do much to change the political situation of our beloved homelands. We are now reduced to voting in the lesser of two evils. Both political fronts are full of crooks and criminals who call each other as untrustworthy.

Problem is that we who are the registered voters of this country are at a loss when asked to select between a crook and a robber. Both are going to leave us in a worser situation once they get elected and our purpose is over just like a used tissue paper.

Before being used, we are heralded and placed in a nice box or packet. Once used, it doesn't serve any purpose to treat us any better. Into the trash bin, we go. Sigh....

Whoever gets into power will end up screwing us the people to lavishly feather their own palatial nests. I don't see any individual politician out there from the current stable of candidates whom we can trust or depend on.

The 14th Malaysian General Elections will be taking place this year. What is in store for us? Only Allah Knows!