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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tun Dr.Mahathir dah lama beri amaran tentang Najib! UMNO buat bodoh saja!

Video di atas adalah rakaman ucapan YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad tentang UMNO dan bahaya kehancuran parti tersebut serta kemusnahan Barisan Nasional angkara kerakusan dan keterlampauan politik wang yang menjadi amalan pucuk pimpinan UMNO sejak beberapa lama ini.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dah lama beri amaran tentang salahlaku Najib dan tentang bahaya2 yang boleh menggugat keselamatan negara kita tetapi pimpinan UMNO tidak mengendahkan kata kata Tun dan asyik memuji tinggi melangit akan pemimpin idola pujaan hati mereka yang berpegang pada prinsip 'Cash is King!'

Video di atas ni dari tahun 2015. Bukan rahsia tetapi adakah pimpinan tertinggi UMNO ambil peduli?

Tak ada. Maka semakin lama semakin parah lah kedudukan UMNO dan BN di mata rakyat Malaysia yang semakin sempit kewangan masing masing.

Sekarang apa yang Tun cakap tu dah menjadi hakikat, kan?

UMNO sudah jadi kebencian majoriti rakyat dan para pengundi warganegara Malaysia.

Apa tuan tuan dan puan puan fikir UMNO akan berupaya kembali memerintah kita selepas kekalahan sebesar ini di dalam PRU ke 14 pada 9hb. Mei lalu?



Kan dah kena? Jangan pandang rendah terhadap kewibawaan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. PM ke 4 dan kini kembali sebagai PM ke 7 dan paling dihormati dan disegani seantero dunia.

Jangan lupa bahawa sepandai pandai Najib dan Rosmah songlap segala kekayaan duit dari Perbendaharaan dan Khazanah Malaysia dengan pelbagai projek projek putar alam mereka seperti 1MDB dan yang sewaktu dengan nya, akhirnya kecundang jua!
Hari ni dah terbukti bahawa segala apa yang Tun Dr. Mahathir kata adalah benar belaka. Belajar lah untuk sedar diri.

Tunggu lah pelaksanaan proses perundangan negara kita di bawah pentadbiran Bapa Pembangunan Malaysia kita yang bukan sembarang pemimpin.

Hari tu bukan main Najib menghina Tun Dr. Mahathir depan ribuan ahli ahli MCA. Dia kata 'KEPALA BAPAK ENGKAU!' kat Tun!

Tan Sri Hj. Muhyiddin Hj. Yassin menyesali keceluparan si pengkhianat negara:

Hari ini jutaan warganegara Malaysia begitu bersyukur kerana telah berjaya mengundi menjatuhkan rejim paling korup di dalam sejarah politik negara kita.

Pengucap 'KEPALA BAPAK ENGKAU' sekarang sudah kalah dengan begitu teruk sekaligus menghancurkan Barisan Nasional sehingga terpaksa meletak jawatan sebagai Presiden UMNO:

Semua penyokong Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan termasuk saya menitiskan airmata kesyukuran bilamana kami menang dan menyaksikan istiadat perlantikan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang ke 7:

Malaysians need to wise up! Give Tun Mahathir time to clean up Najib Razak's rotten BN Federal Government mess!

Some Malaysians can be really stupid! I have read comments from the BN losers and certain idiots out there who post really nonsensical demands from Tun Dr. Mahathir and his yet to be appointed Pakatan Harapan [Alliance of Hope] Cabinet Ministers to start delivering their election promises right now!

Damn fools! Tun Dr. Mahathir has only been sworn into office on the 10th of May,2018; a day after the GE14 and after almost six to 7 hours from the reported swearing in ceremony at the National Palace and already these impatient and irrational jackasses are out there baying for blood

What the hell do they think changing a rotten corrupt government system left by Najib Razak is?

Something as simple like changing their used underwear?


This is not a simple walk in the park kind of task! 

Corruption, abuse of power and position, generations of 'Tidak Apa' apathetic mentality and ingrained rotten values instilled through 6 decades of thinking that 'We are the Government and We Can Do Just Whatever the Hell We Please!' mindset isn't something that one can eradicate overnight!

Those who are passing such comments are usually made up of people who are usually anonymous cowards who do not have it in them to disclose their true identities on their social media pages.

So, they post idiotic comments questioning this or that, asking why this, why that and failing to have the common sense to consider that every change that needs to be done has to carried out properly and correctly according to the procedures and due process following the laws, rules and guidelines which have been gazetted in our country.

In the meantime, it is really quite upsetting to learn of PKR's Rafizi Ramli coming out with damaging statements referring to our Most Honorable PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's recent public announcement of the appointment of Tuan Lim Guan Eng, DAP's Secretary-General as our new Finance Minister, PPBM's President Tan Sri Hj.Muhyiddin Yassin as our new Home Affairs Minister and Parti Amanah Negara President, Tuan Haji Mohammad Sabu as Malaysia's new Defence Minister as 'bulldozing' his choices without 'consulting the PKR'!

Then what the hell does he think that PKR's President Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah was doing when our 7th PM discussed the appointments of Guan Eng, Muhyiddin and Mat Sabu in the Pakatan Harapan President's Council meeting?

Just waving her paper fan and dozing off in the meeting???

Watch / Listen:
 Rafizi has a tendency to speak or say something without realizing the consequences or implications of his 'diarrhea of his lips'.

Malaysians who learned about his statement posted comments in the Comments Section of the above video condemning him for such a rushed response:

As the saying goes, some people just do not know how to appreciate the historic win over the notorious Najib Razak led BN regime!

Instead of helping Tun Dr.Mahathir in setting up the new Pakatan Harapan Federal Government and not taking into account that Tun Dr. Mahathir has kept his promise by appointing PKR President Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah as our new Deputy Prime Minister, this Rafizi fellow is creating an issue for Pakatan Harapan's fledgling Federal Government by accusing Tun Dr. Mahathir in such a manner. 😩 

The Malay's have a saying for this 'Tak sedar diri di untung' @ 'Unappreciative of one's good fortune'.

Rafizi has a serious case of the 'Foot in one's own mouth' disease:

Rafizi Ramli, you screwed yourself sir!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Mahaguru58 thanks all Malaysians who voted for the return of Tun Dr.Mahathir as our PM!

Thank you dear fellow Malaysians for making my dream come true!🤗

I went to KLCC to celebrate this historic day with my wife and met these young newlyweds who were also euphoric about our beloved Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad's getting re-elected as our country's new and most respected 7th Prime Minister!

Iffa, Haiman and Mahaguru58 celebrating at Coffee Bean KLCC
As Blogger Mahaguru58, I have been writing for the sake of sharing the Truth, Justice and Equality for all Malaysians.

We were kept divided all these years by the endless fear mongering by those who were corrupt, crooks, treacherous, kleptocrat's, rude, arrogant and desecrators of the solemn oaths that they swore on the day of their appointments to their public offices.

Our country's hard fought Independence from the British Colonial rule was destroyed by the former narcissistic traitor who sold our sovereignty to China and dismissed Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's objections as the senile grouses of a 92+ old pensioner!

The scoundrel even insulted Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad by saying 'Kepala Bapak Engkau!' 😤

The coward didn't have the gonads to face Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as a gentleman in a public forum where we all knew that he doesn't possess the intellect or wisdom of our world renowned national statesman and true Father of Progress and Development of our beloved country from being an agriculture and natural resources based 3rd world economy to be a developing industrial nation that was respected by the whole world and labelled as one of the dynamic Asian Tigers!

We all know how corrupt the local and federal government system under the Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak regime became and the latter's 'Cash is King' policy turned most of this country's lower income earning populace into dependents of a few hundred or thousands of ringgits per year giveaways whilst those in power and position embezzled billions of ringgits from the government's coffers.

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad preferred us Malaysians to earn our livelihood by honest enterprise and to be self-sufficient instead of scrounging for scraps thrown by these crooks who betrayed our nation's trust.

The various scandals and blatant thievery committed by the outgoing BN regime caused our Malaysian currency to drop in value so much that the Malaysian Ringgit was even refused by forex traders at our border with Thailand and even in neighboring Indonesia.

I can keep on listing how we were all victimized by the crooks who were in power before this but will share more in my future sharing’s, Insya Allah.

I thank each and every fellow Malaysian who made me a very grateful and happy man today from the bottom of my heart. 

You dear ladies and gentlemen are the reason why we have finally become free from the cancerous parasites who were robbing us blind.

Please ensure that they will face the music for all their crimes and see to it that not one of these criminals escape retribution for what they did to our beloved Malaysia!

To the voters in the next 15th GE, please do your part in preventing the return to power of any one of these crooks and their kind.

We were lucky that the DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng joined forces with Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, PKR President Datin Seri Dr.Wan Azizah, Amanah President Tuan Haji Mat Sabu and PPBM President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to bring down the kleptocrat BN leader Najib Razak!

Malaysia does not need these parasites. We can do better.

Justice must be done! 

May our new government under Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad with a new efficient, strong and firm team of dedicated leaders who can and will hunt down the crooks who robbed Malaysia blind all these years!

I wish to see them arrested, charged in court and when found guilty, be sentenced according to the law and be thrown into jail and have all their ill-gotten gains seized and returned to our country.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad wins GE14, back to lead Malaysia to glory! Alhamdulillah!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Syukur Alhamdulillah!

His Excellency, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, 93, who was Malaysia's longest serving 4th Prime Minister, Father of Progress and Development, has won the 14th General Elections held yesterday against all odds orchestrated against his Pakatan Harapan coalition by Barisan Nasional led by the kleptocrat infamous 6th Premier Najib Razak!

Never in our nation's history has anyone else achieved what Tun Dr.Mahathir has accomplished by defeating the most oppressive regime under the 6th PM Najib Razak who used every rotten trick or measures to deny justice to the people using unjust laws and rules which were drawn up by his administration to shut up his critics and those who sought to fight for the truth!

I am so glad to be alive today and witness this historic turning point in my country's future and get things back to what it was when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was Malaysia's best leader and who turned our once agriculture based 3rd world country into a developing industrial nation.

I was sad when Tun chose to step down after 22 years as our PM but as a common citizen, I could do nothing except cast my vote when the next GE comes around. Tun was retired and I had to make do with whoever it was standing for election in my parliamentary constituency.

The country was still divided along racial lines and BN kept us in fear of the DAP Chinese supremacists who would seize power and obliterate the position of the Malays and Islam here in Malaysia.

So when Tun Dr. Mahathir decided that enough was enough and returned to contest in the 14th GE as the leader of Pakatan Harapan which is made up of the then Opposition parties which are the PKR, DAP, Amanah and Parti Pribumi Bumiputera Malaysia, I was elated and just waited for my time to vote.

I got to do that and I voted for Dato Kamarudin Jaffar, the PKR Parliamentary candidate for P124, Bandar Tun Razak, 56000, Kuala Lumpur.

I hope that he will really work towards improving the progress and development of Bandar Tun Razak, my home area here in KL unlike the former MP Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, his predecessor who did nothing for us and just disappeared.

Back to Tun Dr.Mahathir, I wish to share with you what he advised Malaysians before:

He said that if the government oppressed the people too much by coming up with new forms of taxes, the citizens would not vote again for the BN!

It has been realized today! Never thought that I would live to see the day BN is no longer the Federal Government of Malaysia!

Malaysia had been under BN's rule all these years and after Najib Razak (photo above) took over as the 6th PM, life gradually turned harder and harder for us.

With the drop of our Malaysian Ringgit in value, we suffer in terms of the reduced buying power of our currency and we have to fork out more to buy whatever we need in our daily lives.

Now, I really look forward to a better tomorrow for our nation with the return of my favorite PM, the celebrated architect of our beloved Malaysia to lead us out of the mess that the kleptocrat Najib Razak has left Malaysia in with the largest foreign debt in our country's history.

May Allah grant Tun Dr. Mahathir good health and lengthen his life in order to be able to restore good government and a just nation here in Malaysia.


Wednesday, May 09, 2018

PRU 14 ~ Liputan Mahaguru58 yang mengundi di P124- Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, KL.

Bergambar kenangan bersama anggota anggota Polis Di Raja Malaysia yang bertugas di Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Tasik, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, 56000, KL selepas menunaikan tanggungjawab mengundi calon Ahli Parlimen P 124, Bandar Tun Razak di dalam PRU ke 14 pada pagi ini.

Saya rasa PDRM sekarang ni cenderung mengambil anggota anggota polis wanita yang ada rupa dan jelita. Yang lelaki pun tak kurang segak. Semoga sekelian mereka sentiasa selamat dan sihat sejahtera serta berjaya di dalam kerjaya masing masing. Amin Ya Allah.

Saya beratur untuk membuang undi di Saluran 1 untuk warga warga emas dan boleh tahan juga masa yang di ambil dari mula beratur sehingga sampai giliran lebih kurang 2 jam lebih walaupun ada para pengundi yang menyuruh saya potong giliran memandangkan saya bertongkat. 

Saya menolak dan berkata bahawa saya masih boleh sama sama beratur bersama mereka. 5 tahun sekali, Insya Allah boleh gagahkan lagi. 

Berikut adalah di antara gambar gambar para pengundi lain termasuk jiran jiran saya yang sempat saya rakam.

Jiran saya Encik Yaakob Yap ceria berjalan menuju ke arah isteri belia yang sedang tersenyum di dalam gambar di atas.

Seorang lagi jiran saya Saudara Rashidi Ahmad kelihatan sibuk dengan telefon bimbit beliau.

Wanita Cina yang perasan saya menghalakan lensa kamera saya ke arah nya memberikan senyuman manis meraikan rakaman gambar fotonya.

Mural wajah mantan mantan Perdana Menteri kita seperti Almarhum YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman, Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak, Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn.

Mantan Perdana Menteri ke 4, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dengan lambang2 projek kejayaan beliau seperti KLCC, Putrajaya, Litar F1, Proton, Cyberjaya, Menara KL.

Mantan Perdana Menteri ke 5, Tun Abdullah Badawi.

Mantan Perdana Menteri ke 6, Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

Ada gaya tersendiri Saudara Rashidi kawan saya ini. Macam peragawan. Hehehehehe.

Rajin ikut ayahnya pergi mengundi. Seperti kelaziman zaman sekarang, janji ada gajet telefon pintar, tak meragam lah si kecil ini.
Suasana di luar yang penuh dengan bendera parti BN memonopoli segenap pelusuk jalan raya di hadapan pusat mengundi.

Semoga kita semua sabar menanti keputusan PRU ke 14 ini di mana saya mendapat khabar bahawa sedang berlaku Tsunami Politik yang tidak terjangka jangka.

Presiden2 MCA dan MIC serta beberapa Timbalan Menteri BN kalah! Belum tahu lagi siapa yang bungkus dan tamat riwayat politik mereka.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

DAP itu Kafir Harbi atau Dhimmi? Dr.Danial Zainul Abidin menjelaskan!

Sesungguhnya kita sebagai umat Islam dan warga Tanah Melayu ini harus mengambil kira akan cara kita menghadapi isu isu semasa di dalam kehidupan kita bersama masyarakat bukan Melayu dan bukan Islam di Malaysia ini.

Kebanyakan dari kita ni berilmu pengetahuan dan celik hal ehwal duniawi serta bab agama.

Selaku Muslim dan Mukmin, se eloknya kita berlaku adil dan rasional bila mempertimbangkan setiap sesuatu. Tak ada bezanya di antara MCA, GERAKAN dan DAP dari segi keturunan dan amalan sosio-budaya mereka.

Bab persoalan RUU 355, mereka sama sahaja menentang usul menegakkan Syariah Islam dan Hukum Hudud.

Namun kita juga harus sedar bahawa para pemimpin Melayu yang Muslim turut menentang RUU 355 tersebut.

Apa bezanya pegangan Dato Seri Najib Razak dengan segala parti parti politik Cina dan yang bukan Islam di Malaysia ini?

Sama saja menentang Syariah Allah dan Hukum Hudud yang di perintahkan Allah di dalam Surah Al Ahzab ayat ke 36 :

"Dan tidaklah harus bagi orang-orang yang beriman, lelaki dan perempuan - apabila Allah dan RasulNya menetapkan keputusan mengenai sesuatu perkara - (tidaklah harus mereka) mempunyai hak memilih ketetapan sendiri mengenai urusan mereka. Dan sesiapa yang tidak taat kepada hukum Allah dan RasulNya maka sesungguhnya ia telah sesat dengan kesesatan yang jelas nyata."

Sekian lama ini kita semua memusuhi DAP sebab kita tidak mahu Tanah Melayu ini di kuasai mereka yang begitu tegar menentang segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan Alif, Ba, Ta.

Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair.

Namun, pernah kah kita berusaha berdakwah kepada puak DAP ini? Dari pengalaman hidup kita, berapa kerat kah di antara kita pernah menyampaikan ilmu dan kebenaran tentang Islam kepada mana mana pemimpin DAP ini?

Saya teringat kisah Sayyidina Umar al Khattab sebelum beliau memeluk Ad Deenul Islam. Sayyidina Umar menghunus pedang nya dan pergi mencari di mana Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam berada untuk membunuh Baginda.

Namun Takdir Allah jua yang menjadi kenyataan. Do'a Nabi Muhammad Allah kabulkan. Umar al Khattab yang di geruni penduduk Makkah menjadi salah seorang panglima Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam di samping Sayyidina Hamzah paman Nabi.

Berbalik kepada soal DAP. Kaffir Harbi atau Dhimmi?

Tonton video berikut dan buat keputusan sendiri.

Friday, May 04, 2018

How to survive the SCAREMONGERING tactics for the next few days to the 14th Malaysian GE?

Dear fellow Malaysians,

I am sure that most of you are feeling a bit stressed and trepidation right now. No worries. This is part and parcel of living in a state of 'Kiasuism' that has been brought about by more than 6 decades of indoctrination that both the politicians and the religious figures had been scaremongering us into submission all these years.

Let's take a look at how our lives have been affected by the way things have changed over the years of being under the same ruling coalition who have kept us divided along ethnic based lines.

We are more divided today than when our nation first gained Independence from the British Colonials who used the same divide and rule tactics over their various colonies since time immemorial. 

Personally, I have long come to realize that it doesn't really matter as to what race or ethnicity anyone is as long as the individual with whom we are dealing with is a righteous person whom we can trust or depend on?

Even our own siblings or blood relatives can betray our trust or make life very hard and difficult for us when the particular individual puts his or her own self interests before our own well being.

I am sure that each of us have our own stories or life experiences that might be similar or even worse. Those whom we might deem to be closest to us can turn out to be our own most vicious and brutal enemies. 

So, to me, it doesn't matter as to what ethnicity or nationality someone is as long as he or she does not endanger my life or my well being to such an extent that I have to run scared because of our apparent differences that I have to stick to my own group or community with which I align to with hope that they would come to my assistance when and if I need any such help?

In reality, there is just no such guarantee! Many a times have I experienced a severe let down and disappointment. I have come to a point where I try my very best to not depend on any such person who when push comes to shove almost always says,' I'm so sorry BUT I can't help you!'

We can only depend on our own self and no amount of scaremongering tactics by any party or person is gonna change my mindset that if it is to be, it is really up to you and me to see a better future for our country than to buy in to all the rhetoric that is being bandied about or posted on banners all over our beloved Malaysia right now.

All those money being wasted on political party flags and election campaign buntings could have been put to better use by helping those who are suffering, caught in abject poverty and lying sick on hospital beds worrying about how they are going to afford paying for their medical bills, etc.?

Believe it or not, even here in Kuala Lumpur, we still have homeless citizens who are sleeping on our city's sidewalks and 5 foot ways. These are Malaysians. Malays, Indians and Chinese as well as other ethnicities.

Each have their own stories to tell. They are out of sight in the daytime but come midnight and the wee hours of the morning, they'd be laying out their cardboard's or newspaper sheets to sleep upon out there in the open whilst these couldn't care less rhetoric spewing politicians doze off on their luxurious beds in air conditioned comfort in their palaces oblivious to the suffering poor.

May we get to elect a better, trustworthy, more reliable and efficient government that really practices what it preaches so we can all live in relative peace and harmony whilst progressing towards a successful Malaysia.


Back to my topic in this article, the answer is to take all these into consideration and evaluate how the contesting parties and individuals have delivered or failed to live up to their oaths which they took when they were sworn in to their positions before this!

Are they worthy of our vote? If yes, go ahead and cross your ballot for the candidate of your choice.

If not, then by all means proceed to elect those who are really sincere in running for office and help bring about a better tomorrow for our nation.

Happy Voting on the 9th of May, 2018. Don't forget your MyKad!

Let's enjoy a historical video of the late Dato' Zainal Alam who sang this song promoting the 1st ever general elections for our beloved nation:

Monday, April 30, 2018

Dr. Fadi Muhammad Al Batsh is given a Martyr's Burial in Gaza, Palestine, his homeland!

After the janazah of As Syahid Dr. Fadi Muhammad al Batsh, was being held up for so many days in the Forensics Unit of the Selayang Hospital after his assassination here in Kuala Lumpur, Imam Fadi's remains was received by hundreds of thousands of his fellow Palestinians in Gaza.

May Allah grant him eternal salvation in Jannahtul Firdaus as a Syaheed, a Martyr who strove to better his people's lives there in the occupied Gaza, Palestine.

Ameen ya Rahman, ya Raheem.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Palestinian Imam Dr.Fadi Muhammad Al Batsh assassinated near Surau Medan Idaman, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. Al Fatihah!

As Syaheed Imam Dr.Fadi Muhammad Al Batsh
Lecturer in Electrical Engineering UM
It is with great sadness that I am sharing about the assassination of a young Imam from Palestine, As Syaheed Dr.Fadi Muhammad al Batsh, 35, who was shot dead by two yet to be identified Caucasian looking foreigners who were on a BMW GS on road/ off road motorbike early today at about 6 am near the Surau Medan Idaman, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.

I came to know Dr. Fadi last year when he was our Imam for the Taraweeh prayers during Ramadhan at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity. I had interviewed him after the prayers to learn about the situation at Gaza, Palestine.

Dr. Fadi, aged 35, had completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Universiti Malaya in 2015 and was a Senior Lecturer teaching at Universiti Kuala Lumpur [UniKL BMI]. He leaves behind 3 children and his widow. 

From what I read from the news reports online, the Royal Malaysian Police are still investigating the murder and no further details are available at the moment.

He was said to have been shot in the head and 4 bullets had entered his body. 10 shots were said to have been fired by his assassins.

It's worrying to learn that our Palestinian brothers and sisters are not safe even within our country's borders. Their enemies are everywhere. 

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala grant As Syaheed Dr.Fadi entrance to His Paradises. Ameen.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Perbandingan Fakta di antara Bible dan Qur'an dan Hakikat tentang Pemalsuan Berita Media Barat tentang Islam dan Muslim.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Artikel ini bertujuan bagi menerangkan kepada pembaca blog Mahaguru58 yang beriman kepada Allahu Rabbul Alamin dan beriman kepada Rasul Allah, Nabi Muhammad Sayyidul Mursalin yang di utuskan Allah menjadi pembimbing kepada makhluk ciptaan Allah di seluruh alam tentang Hakikat bahawa Allah, Tuhan Maha Pencipta kita semua adalah Tuhan yang Maha Pengasih dan Maha Penyayang.

Dari sejak azali lagi, Allahu Rabbul Alamin amat sayang kepada setiap manusia yang Ia ciptakan dengan memberikan pilihan kepada manusia untuk beriman kepada Nya menggunakan akal fikiran dan ilmu pengetahuan dan tidak sekadar beriman terhadap Nya secara jahil semata mata.

Jika kita ingin mendalami Ilmu Asas tentang Kebenaran Islam dan siapa dia Allah Tuhan yang menciptakan kita, maka kita harus kembali kepada Wahyu yang pertama sekali dari Allah, Tuhan Semesta Alam yang di sampaikan kepada Nabi Muhammad, Utusan Allah yang Terakhir dan Penghulu kepada sekelian 124,000 para Nabi dan Rasul-Rasul Allah kepada kita, umat manusia keturunan dari Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam dan Siti Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha.

Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam terakam di dalam sejarah sebagai seorang yang ummiyi. Tidak pernah belajar untuk membaca dan menulis.

Surah Al Ankabut, ayat ke 48, Al Qur'an Al Karim.

Di dalam peristiwa penurunan wahyu yang pertama dari Allahu Ta'ala kepada Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam di dalam Gua Hira' melalui perantaraan Malaikat Jibril Alaihis Salam, Nabi Muhammad tidak menerima wahyu pertama tu yakni 5 ayat pertama dari Surah Al-Alaq di dalam bentuk fizikal samada di dalam rupa sekeping kertas atau apa tetapi di dalam bentuk lontaran suara.

Nabi Muhammad seorang yang ummi. Tidak pernah belajar untuk membaca atau menulis. Bilamana Malaikat Jibril bersuara menyuruh Nabi Muhammad untuk membaca 'Iqra!' ; Nabi Muhammad menjawab 'Aku tidak tahu membaca!'.

Jibril Alaihis Salam berulang menyuruh Nabi Muhammad membaca sebanyak 3 kali ; baru lah Nabi Muhammad faham bahawa baginda perlu mengulang apa yang di dengari baginda.

Wahyu pertama dan seterus nya dari Allah Tuhan Maha Pencipta melalui perantaraan Sayyidul Malaikat Jibril Alaihis Salatussalam di sampaikan di dalam bentuk lisan. 

Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam mendengar dan menghafal setiap wahyu yang di sampaikan itu dengan mengulang semula supaya di dengar Jibril yang kemudian nya mengiyakan ketepatan wahyu yang di fahami Rasulullah.

Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam kemudian menyampaikan wahyu yang baru di terima baginda itu secara lisan kepada para sahabat baginda yang tahu menulis dan membaca.

Para sahabat Rasulullah kemudian memeriksa sesama mereka dengan di pantau Nabi supaya setiap catatan wahyu dari Allah itu tepat dan ramai sahabat lain yang menghafal setiap ayat dan surah surah Al Qur'an itu.

Allahu Ta'ala sendiri menjamin akan memelihara ketulinan dan ketepatan Al Qur'an dari Nya itu sebagaimana Ia berfirman di dalam Surah Al Hijr Ayat ke 9:

Makanya sampai ke saat ini, wahyu wahyu dari Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ini terpelihara dengan tepat di dalam Kitab Al Qur'an Al Karim dan tidak tercemar dan bercanggah sepertimana apa yang di dakwa orang orang kaffir Kristian dan Yahudi dengan kitab 'Bible' dan 'Torah' mereka.

Saudara, Saudari, Ikhwanul Muslimin sekelian.

Sebagai umat Islam yang hidup sekarang ini di Akhir Zaman, kita hendak lah menggunakan segala ilmu pengetahuan yang kita sedia miliki sekarang ini untuk mengukuhkan asas pengetahuan Agama Islam, penyelamat diri kita ini dengan sebaik mungkin.

Kita sedang berinteraksi melalui perantaraan pelbagai alat perhubungan dan penyampaian maklumat di dalam cara yang tidak mungkin dapat di percayai oleh orang orang di zaman silam nan lalu.

Melalui jaringan internet secara nyata dan maya, kita mampu membaca, menaip dan mendengar serta menonton pelbagai macam paparan video dan audio dari serata pelusuk dunia ini secara langsung atau yang telah terakam berpuluh puluh tahun atau seratus tahun nan lalu melalui peranti telefon pintar, tablet iPad, monitor komputer dan televisyen serta lain lagi lagi platform perhubungan.

Zaman Nabi Muhammad tak ada semua ini. Bijak pandai di zaman Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam hanya mempunyai pena yang di celup ke dalam botol dakwat dan di tulis pada kepingan kulit atau kepingan tulang temulang serta kertas papyrus yang mahal. 

Salah sebuah naskhah Kitab Al Qur'an tertua yang di tulis di zaman pemerintahan Khalifah Uthman ibni Affan kini tersimpan di Muzium Istana Topkapi di Istanbul, Turki.

Di University of Birmingham, England terdapat satu naskhah manuskrip Al Qur'an yang di tulis dengan tangan berusia lebih dari 1400 tahun Masehi. 

Badan Penyiaran British @ BBC turut menyiarkan laporan tentang penemuan manuskrip tertua Al Qur'an ini di dalam perpustakaan University of Birmingham.

Ia nya di tulis di atas regangan kepingan kulit yang di keringkan. Di zaman itu belum ada di bawa ke Jazirah Arab, kepingan kertas yang di ciptakan oleh orang orang China.

Zaman sekarang kita semua beruntung sebab mudah mencapai segala kandungan Al Qur'an secara maya dan menyeluruh dari setiap pelusuk dunia ini melalui jaringan dan arkib internet.

Layari dan dapatkan apa sahaja ayat dan surah yang anda mahukan secara mudah. 

Untuk mengkaji dan mentelaah Hadis Sahih dari Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam, kita cuma perlu melawat dan boleh membaca dan mempelajari segala apa yang di rakam dari kata kata sahih Rasulullah sendiri. Semua maklumat ini berada di hujung jari kita sahaja.

Hendak seribu daya ; tak hendak seribu dalih!

Berbalik semula ke tajuk artikel ini. Perbandingan fakta di antara 'Bible' para Kristian dan Kesahihan Wahyu Asal di dalam al Qur'anul Karim dari Allahu Rabbi.

Kristian kerap mendakwa bahawa apa yang terdapat di dalam kitab mereka adalah dari Tuhan tetapi hakikat nya amat ketara bahawa mereka berbohong secara nyata.

Kristian sering mendakwa bahawa ajaran Islam adalah penuh dengan kebencian dan kekerasan terhadap penganut agama lain tetapi mereka lupa bahawa di dalam kitab Bible dokongan mereka ia banyak mengandungi Fitnah terhadap Tuhan Maha Esa dengan mengandungi perintah palsu dari 'Tuhan' dongengan mereka yang menyuruh mereka menghapuskan sesiapa sahaja yang tidak menyembah apa yang mereka sembah!

Contoh salah satu ayat bohong itu adalah:

Dewasa ini ada pula segelintir Muslim hanya pada nama terpengaruh dengan dakyah Kristian ini yang mengecop umat Islam sebagai pendokong terrorisma dan kejam tidak berperi kemanusiaan. 

Indoktrinasi secara hebat melalui segala lapangan medan media berhasil merubah pemikiran golongan yang jahil tentang pengetahuan asas Agama Islam mudah menerima ajaran ajaran salah dan songsang golongan pendakyah Kristian ini.

Hasilnya ada sekerat dua Melayu Muslim yang murtad dan terbawa bawa dengan gerakan halus mubaligh dari gereja gereja Katolik dan Evangelis yang bergiat aktif di dalam negara kita dengan sokongan kewangan dan moral dari gereja gereja Amerika Syarikat, UK dan lain lain negara Barat serta cawangan cawangan gereja mereka di Malaysia dan Singapura serta dari Indonesia.

Islam dan Muslim sering di tohmah sebagai pendokong terorisma melalui pemaparan imej imej seperti di bawah ini:

Sepertimana kita semua tahu bahawa di zaman sekarang penggunaan imej dan visual seperti ini amat kuat kesan dan pengaruhnya pada minda golongan yang kurang arif tentang hakikat di dunia ini.

Ada pepatah Inggeris yang berbunyi: 'A photograph is worth thousands of words!'

Sekeping gambar seperti di atas dengan mudahnya menyebabkan orang yang tak tahu keadaan sebenarnya mengandaikan bahawa setiap Muslim adalah teroris dan pengganas.

Padahal sudah terbukti selalu bahawa sebenarnya para pengganas yang mendakwa diri sebagai pejuang begitu begini sebenarnya adalah pemuka dari Israel dan Amerika serta Britain yang menyamar sebagai pejuang di Timur Tengah.

Peristiwa pengeboman Pusat Dagangan Dunia di New York pada 11hb September 2001 adalah kemuncak pelancaran perang oleh Zionis Israel dan sekutu2 Barat mereka seperti Amerika Syarikat, Britain dan lain lain terhadap dunia Islam.

Segala bukti tentang pemalsuan berita tragedi tersebut dan meng'kambing hitam'kan umat Islam sedunia terpapar di dalam laman :

Semua nya terbukti bahawa pengeboman WTC di New York ada lah satu konspirasi jahat Rejim Zionis Israel dan di sokong oleh Kerajaan Amerika Syarikat di bawah pentadbiran Presiden George W.Bush Jr.


Baca lah tentang perancangan pihak pihak yang bertanggungjawab meletupkan kedua bangunan menara WTC tersebut :

Saksikan keterangan salah seorang dari mangsa 9/11 yang mengaku mendengar letupan bom sebelum bangunan2 WTC itu runtuh:

Presiden George W.Bush Jr. sendiri hampir terlepas cakap bahawa pengeboman bangunan2 WTC pada peristiwa 9/11 tahun 2001 itu adalah suatu konspirasi jika tidak kerana jelingan tajam isteri nya semasa di temuramah oleh media:

Maka umat Islam hendaklah sedar akan fakta bahawa sekarang ini kita sedang hidup di Zaman Fitnah Akhirul Zaman di mana Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam telah bersabda bahawa umatnya akan menghadapi serangan dari musuh musuh Islam dari pelbagai sudut dan cara.

Perang yang di lancarkan oleh Amerika Syarikat dan sekutu sekutunya ke atas negara negara Arab seperti Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Yaman dan Afghanistan adalah menepati apa yang di sabda Nabi.

Satu demi satu bukti tentang pengeboman 9/11 muncul dengan pengakuan ejen ejen CIA yang mendedahkan rancangan jahat puak yang berkenaan:

Pengakuan seorang pramugari yang terlibat di dalam kejadian 9/11 :

Serangan ke atas dunia Islam ternoktah mulai 11hb September 2001 dan berterusan sampai sekarang.

Apa yang kelihatan seperti kapalterbang merempuh bangunan2 WTC di New York itu sebenarnya adalah pancaran imej holografik yang serentak dengan peletusan bahan2 letupan yang telah siap di pasang di setiap tingkat bangunan2 menara Pusat Perdagangan Dunia di New York tersebut!


Amerika Syarikat, Israel dan Britain berjaya melancarkan perang ke atas negara negara Islam melalui muslihat terjahat di sepanjang sejarah manusia di muka bumi ini.

Perang saikologi sedang di lancar melalui segala rupa media dan kaedah. Umat Islam yang ada asas agama dan tahu membezakan di antara fakta dan auta pihak pihak kuffar hendaklah menolak semua ini menggunakan apa sahaja kaedah dan kemampuan yang ada pada diri masing masing.

Jika anda mampu menulis dan menerbitkan artikel artikel bermaklumat yang berasaskan kebenaran dan bukti yang menepati, hendaklah anda berbuat demikian bagi melaksanakan tanggungjawab diri anda sebagai Muslim dan Mukmin yang sejati.

Jangan gadaikan nilai diri anda untuk segenggam wang ringgit yang tidak akan berguna di dalam Alam Barzakh dan Akhirat nanti.