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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Police Corruption in India! Shocking Expose by Satyamev Jayate ~ Aamir Khan's TV Program

Bloody Hell! I thought it was just part and parcel of the Bollywood and Kollywood film tales. 

In reality, it turns out that whatever is depicted or shown as Police Corruption or Brutality in all those Hindi and Tamil movies really takes place daily over there in India.

I shudder to think that over here in Mamluk al Malaisie, the same thing could be going on without us realizing it.

Those poor, poor suffering constables! Sheesh..... :(

Friday, January 12, 2018

Tun Dr. Mahathir's Pakatan PM Candidacy and UMNO's Regressive Political Dynasties. Root Causes.

Democracy is meant to be a lively, ever changing process of leadership through concensus and not meant or intended to regress into a dynastic autocratic oppressive regime. 

The way our country's politics is concerned, it has degressed to being the latter. 

We see the top leadership in most Malaysian political parties 'not contested' and reserved for the incumbents. That violates the very foundation of such organizations. Infamous for doing this are the DAP, UMNO, PAS, PKR and for a couple of decades, the MIC.

The apple polishing grassroot members give birth to the 'false sense of infallibility' of every party President and Deputy President' and by stopping other younger and more qualified capable candidates from contesting in the respective parties Annual Convention party elections, they shoot themselves in their own feet and rob their party of a renewed, vigorous and dynamic future.

So, when 93 year old Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad whom the Opposition labeled as a tyrannic dictator over his 22 long years of being the 4th Malaysian Prime Minister and UMNO President back then was unanimously endorsed by them as their choice to be the 7th Malaysian Prime Minister IF they win this 14th Malaysian GE comes not as a surprise but exposing their serious lack of a better candidate from across their fragile Opposition Pact.

This forced endorsement sort of opens the can of rotten worms which I described in the 4th paragraph of this article above. Both the Opposition and the BN are guilty of short changing us Malaysians of promising younger, better, qualified dynamic leaders because these party leadership always deny their up and coming youth leaders the platform to showcase what they have and can deliver.

As a result, you see these full of vigor and energetic youth leaders resorting to stick like political remoras to the over 60 years old geezers who strut around like proud old peacocks and weak fisting political rethorical slogans at their annual conventions where they are shielded from being challenged for their positions of power by the glass ceiling protocols propped up by their minions.

They are forced to waste their energies and youthful capabilities by playing second fiddle to the aging despots and dictators masquerading as the 'people's champions' when in reality they are robbing the young leaders of their chance to really serve the nation as they rightfully deserve.

When 93 year old Mahathir who has had several bypass heart surgeries done is forced to step up to the plate due to his unending psychological warfare with Najib who was once his chosen golden boy to continue leading UMNO and Malaysia is the only one suitable to head the Opposition, it is a sorry sign of the rotten choices left amongst the so called Opposition Pact.

Same sad scenario from the BN's side. Same old shit from over there albeit getting glossed over and represented as the country's hope for the challenging future. Ongoing Culture of Corruption prevails in this country's political front.

Even the once promising young youth leaders are susceptible to the enticement of attractive young women, wealth, power, fame and position which has always been the root cause of each downfall of those who were once worthy of greatness. 

Click here to read about one such case. 

As I wrote earlier, we Malaysians are sort of caught between 2 Evils. Period!

Saturday, January 06, 2018

14th Malaysian GE ~ Malaysians caught between 2 Evils!

Keeping up with the ongoing 'Cold War' between our 4th Former Malaysian Premier Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and current 6th Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd.Najib Razak is like watching the endless TV Dramas where lots of twists and turns take place.

It's not contributing much to our peace of mind nowadays as rising prices and shrinking Malaysian Ringgit foreign exchange values plays havoc with our individual budgets.
The common excuse that the powers that be often give saying that our national economy couldn't be that bad seeing the crowds thronging the country's shopping malls is just ignoring the fact that nowadays we have to fork out much more Ringgits in order to get what we need to survive compared to when life was much more easier for us 20, 30 years ago with our stronger RM.

Getting less and less for our RM as each day passes by.

As common citizens we can't do much to change the political situation of our beloved homelands. We are now reduced to voting in the lesser of two evils. Both political fronts are full of crooks and criminals who call each other as untrustworthy.

Problem is that we who are the registered voters of this country are at a loss when asked to select between a crook and a robber. Both are going to leave us in a worser situation once they get elected and our purpose is over just like a used tissue paper.

Before being used, we are heralded and placed in a nice box or packet. Once used, it doesn't serve any purpose to treat us any better. Into the trash bin, we go. Sigh....

Whoever gets into power will end up screwing us the people to lavishly feather their own palatial nests. I don't see any individual politician out there from the current stable of candidates whom we can trust or depend on.

The 14th Malaysian General Elections will be taking place this year. What is in store for us? Only Allah Knows!