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Friday, February 16, 2018

Sales & Marketing Screw ups ~ Why many business folks fail in building up their income earners?

Let's take the 'Marketing' bull by it's horns! Hehehehe, yes, I am cynically referring to all those 'bozos' out there who try and send out their so called marketing material through email and think that they have done their part.

First and foremost, as far as the Malaysian small, medium and even those humongous businesses out there do not take the trouble to really have their sales & marketing adverts and material proofread and checked for inaccuracies.

Don't they realize that when they fail to make sure that each and every word, each term and content that they print or publish to the worldwide web WILL HAVE AN IMPACT on their business reputation and 'integrity'?

Today, I went through my emails on one of my many email accounts and came across an email mass sent (email blast) that was sent by a digital print company based in Shah Alam.

Their so called marketing material said to be attached with the email was no where in sight. Case of the forgotten attachment!

I have an adverse distaste for such mass emailing. It shows that the sender really does not give a shit about you. They simply pressed 'Enter' and blasted off that gibberish email containing nothing but broken English goo goo gaa gaa devoid of content that was supposed to be there for us to go through.

It's like throwing a cast net at sea or any other body of water that has fish in it.

He or she doesn't really take the time to learn about you and by such mass emailing are as those cast net fishermen. Playing on the Law of Averages. SWSWSWN principle.

Don't get what that stands for? No worries. Let me help you out there. It stands for 'Some Will! Some Won't! So What? Next!' 

For example, if you go and meet 10 people whilst doing your sales & marketing pitch, most probably the 1st one will say no, so you move on to the next. He or she might refuse you too, so you keep trying your luck till you meet someone who is willing to do business with you.

Chances are just like what I have shared above.  'Some Will! Some Won't! So What? Next!' 

It's a numbers game. That is part and parcel of doing business. Not everyone is going to come running to do business with you. You want it? You have to go and get it. Nothing comes free in this world. 

I am going to stop here for a while. Will continue after this.

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