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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Watch what you say or share on 'Social Media'. It will come back and bite your ass!

Lately, we often come across many celebrities and so called superstars spew coarse and filthy words or foul expressions online when responding to certain issues or events where they get so riled up and speak as if they are just another foulmouthed felon let loose on our streets or worse still here in the worldwide web. 

Yes, I understand that they are human just like us too and have feelings and emotions to unleash and share here in the social media, etcetera. But! And that's a very big 'But!'

These persons label themselves as 'Public Figures'. Little do they realize that even now in these turbulent 'End Times' ; to call or classify oneself as a 'Public Figure' there comes with it a certain criteria to justify being called as such. A 'Public Figure' must have class and mannerisms befitting that status.

You need to be a role model for the general public to emulate and follow. You need to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of that label. Your manners and decorum ought to be in a class above the average riff raff and whatever else you commonly find in the general populace.

Alas! I find it disturbing that lately every Tom, Dick or Harry who strutted his or her stuff in the minuscule so called Creative Industry that we have here in 'Mamluk al Malaisie' suddenly get bestowed with titles and awards that were once heralded as the highest levels of our society where such exclusive titles were only awarded to worthy recipients from the general public who had achieved exemplary successes in their relative fields or pursuits -that have actually benefited our society.

Yet there is a certain Sultanate in our country that seems to dish out these awards to just about every Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy who in reality have not really topped the charts in the industry or really performed so spectacularly in the creative field of a global standard what more help distinguish our nation at the international levels.

Anyway, I leave it to that particular Sultanate to ascertain whether they have gone overboard in dishing out so many awards to just about every fellow they had in their honor list to such an extent that a Sultan in the southern part f our Malay Peninsular once quipped that if he was to throw a stone into a crowd of people nowadays, it will definitely strike the head of a 'Dato' and then bounce off on a 'Tan Sri'! :P

Very wise observations indeed Sire!

Back to my main subject. That of certain individuals who classify themselves as 'stars' yet have a gutter tongue often letting loose with a cuss word or two on social media without considering that such words from their foul mouth and evidently equally rotten sorry excuse of a critical thinking brain would in actuality be the very cause of their own downfall from their perch on the rungs of society's social strata.

Reminds me of this scenario caricatured so aptly by Carissa Rochelle Marsland:

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